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Fun Things To Do At Home Alone

Fun Things To Do At Home Alone –  Isn’t it funny how the seasons of life can sometimes change so unexpectantly? I remember not so long ago wishing for days when I could be at home alone. The house was always full and noisy. someone would be watching TV with the volume turned up so high, talking, asking questions, needing this or that, and gaming very loudly. Now things have changed due to various circumstances and I find myself at home alone A LOT!

At first, I had to get my head around my new normal. Then once I did I made a mental plan of some fun things that I could do when I found myself at home alone. The plan soon turned into a list and so here we are today. A list of fun things to do when you do find that you are at home by yourself. I hope that you find this list helpful if you are navigating your way through some changes and now find that you are home alone more often than before like I am at the moment.

1. Set The Mood

candles for fun things to do when you are at home alone

It’s winter here in Sydney and this means that it starts to get dark quite early. So I make sure that before the sun goes down fully. I go around lighting my favourite candles to make the house feel cozy. I also like to have some soft music playing or the TV on low volume.

Being home alone in a dark and quiet house is not much fun. So I make sure to set the mood so that it feels comfortable and inviting. Once the weather starts to get warmer I will be opening the windows to let the fresh air in. I will also cut some flowers from the garden to bring in some cheery colour.

2. Watch Anything You Like On TV

One of the upsides that I have found about being home alone. Is that I have full control of the TV ! This means that I can watch whatever I want. I really like watching my favourite movies on repeat as well as watching new movies. Being at home alone also gives me the luxury of flicking over from one movie or show to another without annoying anyone.

3. Go Ahead And Binge Watch

There are so many streaming services available with so many amazing shows! You are bound to find a series that you like. I sometimes have three series going at once and I will alternate depending on my mood. If you are stuck for ideas then you can check out some of the shows that I have binge-watched here and here.

4. Enjoy Some Self Care

face mask for beauty products I use post

When I know that I am going to be home alone on a Friday night then I like to go ahead and plan an evening of self-care. I will do things like listen to an audiobook while I enjoy a relaxing face mask. Or I might do my nails while watching a movie.

5. Try Some Guided Meditation Or Breathing Exercise

I am trying hard to not be a constant shallow breather! So I like to take some time when I am at home alone to practice simple guided breathing exercises or do a guided meditation.

6. Get Some Decluttering Done

It can be so much easier to get stuck into some decluttering and organising when I am at home alone. When I first start decluttering I will usually make a huge mess. But during the process of getting rid of “stuff”. Everything gradually starts to look so much neater as I start to put things back. I get such a buzz out of revisiting my drawers, cupboards, or rooms once I have organised them.

7. Listen To A Podcast

Sometimes I like to listen to podcasts when I am doing some cooking. It’s such an entertaining way to spend time in the kitchen. I can focus on whatever I am making and my mind doesn’t wander because I am enjoying a great podcast.

8. Do A Jigsaw Puzzle

jigsaw puzzle for fun things to do when you are at home alone

Jigsaw puzzles were all the rage during the pandemic probably because they are so entertaining and relaxing at the same time. I find that when I am doing a puzzle the time just passes by so fast. I don’t even notice the time because I am so immersed in joining my jigsaw pieces together.

9. Start A Blog!

If you have been thinking about starting a blog I really encourage you to just jump right in and go for it! I love blogging and it’s really the best creative outlet that I have found. Once you get through the technical side of things and work it all out. Blogging can be such a fun way to make new connections with so many lovely people from around the world. I’ve been blogging for about 15 months and it’s been a great journey so far. I recently did a post about my one year of blogging that might like to read.

10. Treat Yourself To Some Take-Away

Why not go ahead and indulge in ordering anything you want for dinner? How fun to not have to worry about cooking and just enjoy a slow relaxed meal of your choice.

11. Read A Great Book

One of the best things about being at home alone is all the uninterrupted reading time you can have. Curling up on the lounge with a nice warm drink and getting stuck into a good book makes me so happy. I like to use a Kindle because it’s so easy to download any book that I choose. I know a lot of people prefer to hold real books and I do love that too. But a kindle is just super convenient and I also really like that I don’t end up with a bunch of books that take up space.

12. Cross Stitch Or Knit

Another creative outlet that you might like to consider is to take up some cross stitching or knitting projects. If you feel really inspired then this is also a great way to make some lovely gifts to give to your friends and family.

13. Online Window Shopping

Sometimes it’s fun to look through websites and do some ‘window shopping’. Just be careful to practice good self-control and not be tempted to buy anything that you don’t need. Remember that it’s just window shopping!

14. Redecorate A Room

painting for fun things to do when you are at home alone

One of the best things that I did when I was first getting used to being at home alone was to take up some redecorating. I started painting one room and then was so inspired that I continued and painted most of the rest of the rooms in my house.

 Fun Things To Do When You Are Home Alone

I really hope that you find this list helpful. There are so many fun things and new skills as well as interests that you can explore when you are at home alone. There’s no need to be bored or melancholy about being home alone if you have a good plan for a great day!



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6 thoughts on “Fun Things To Do At Home Alone”

  1. It seems ages since I was home alone, I always seem to have one of my girls here. Roll on September when I can have some me time.
    I like having the TV to myself and lighting my candles, my family are not keen on them so when they’re out I always have them lit, especially when it’s dark out. I don’t think I have ever ordered takeaway just for myself. I think I need to try that. hehehe.

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