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Fun Friday- Favorite things for Friday


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I have a bunch of fun things to share on today’s Fun Friday-favorite things for Friday post! Let’s get started with

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I had to take my mum to a medical appointment on Monday and I was feeling a bit stressed, medical appointments are not my favorite. When I got to the doctor’s office this lovely and friendly young girl at reception took my mum’s details and then she asked me if my name was Ruth? As soon as she said this I recognized her instantly. It was Aly one of my former preschoolers from seventeen years ago! That’s right seventeen years ago!!! and we both recognized each other masks and all!

meeting Aly for fun Friday post
Great big smiles under the masks and blur!

I love Aly and often wondered how she was doing. All those years ago she had given me a beautiful little Christmas angel her mum had made. Every year I hung this little angel ornament on my tree and every time I did I would think of Aly and say a prayer for her and her family. And here she was right in front of me all grown up. I’m getting goosebumps just typing this. We squealed, we got teary, we wanted to hug but couldn’t because of Covid ugh!! So we both did a happy dance right there in front of everyone at the doctor’s office with patients all around us wondering what on earth was going on? The great thing is we have promised to keep in contact and get together once covid restrictions are lifted.


The other day I mentioned that I had not been able to buy my favorite shampoo from Aldi. I haven’t been shopping there because they don’t deliver so I’m only shopping at Woolworths. When I got to work on Tuesday morning I found the most thoughtful surprise from my work colleague and bestie. My favorite shampoo and conditioner!!  I am so grateful for her friendship, kindness, and thoughtfulness. She always has an understanding listening ear and offers the sweetest advice and words of comfort whenever I’ve been down. On top of that, she’s just so fun to be around. I love my dear sweet friend!

gift from friend for fun Friday post

shampoo gift fro fun Friday

shiny fresh hair again


These veggie Lavosh crackers were half price online from Woolworths the other day so I thought I’d give them a try. They were so good and made a perfect addition to our little cheese platter that I like to have on Friday nights. Friday cheese plates are so fun! These crackers also tasted really great with my hummus and they had a really nice flavor that was just right and not overbearing.  My husband knows that whenever I buy something new to try it’s because it must have been half price. Ha, he’s right!

lavish crackers

cheese plate


The length of my hair was really bothering me. Do you ever get like that, where you just have to get it cut/trimmed NOW!  I do!! Anyway, who knows when hairdressers will be able to reopen again. We are still in lockdown for at least one more month if not more. So I watched a few YouTube videos and went ahead and cut it myself.

I know it’s not totally straight and I need to fix it but I’m ok with it. I even like it and may just cut it myself from now on. My hairdresser always cuts the layers too short anyway and I’m trying to grow them out.

long hair

cut hair


This pork knuckle is a must-try. I got it from Woolworths, no I don’t get any commission or affiliates from mentioning Woolworths, they just sell great food! When I got home from work later than usual on Thursday because we had a staff meeting I was so happy that I had this in the fridge. All I had to do was rub the skin with oil, sprinkle some salt, and pop it in the oven for an hour. Oh my, It was divine. The crackling worked, I never have any luck when I make roast pork with crackling but I did this time.

pork knuckle

cooked pork knuckle


I served the pork knuckle with creamy mashed potatoes, green beans, spinach, and this gravy. I like to make my own gravy but on nights like Thursday night, this was never going to happen. So I always have these sachets in the pantry and I must say, you really get gravy that tastes homemade.

gravy for fun Friday post


Look at this fun bright painting one of my little preschool friends made. He was so proud and I loved it too. It was great to see some of the children at preschool this week, there was only a handful of them. But today the premier of NSW announced that kindy school children will be back to classes from 25th October, so I guess we’ll see what happens.

painting for fun Friday post

This was a really great week of fun surprises, Thank you for joining me for today’s Fun Friday post where I shared a few of this week’s favorites. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. Stay safe!

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