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Hi friends! Welcome back to this week’s fun Friday Favourites link-up with Andrea and Erika. It feels like this entire week has been on fast forward-everything happened so quickly! Looking back, it’s been an absolute blur and I have to admit that I didn’t take many photos to capture the moments. But that’s ok, some weeks are like that I guess. So I’m just rolling with it and today I am sharing a few random favourites.


I was typing away on my computer and Sam was in the lounge room. I could hear swishing and splashing water sounds. So I turned around to see where it was coming from. And I spotted Sam on the lounge with our cat Sushi.

Sam and our cat for a few random favourites

He was showing her a video of some fish swimming around on his phone. Hahaha!! she looked quite engrossed and cozy sitting next to him. He also showed her some mice (bleh) scooting around, but she liked the fish the most. Nice bonding time for them!


We had dinner with a group of friends at our local RSL club. This time I chose something other than my usual barramundi with steamed rice. And I went for chicken and cashews with fried rice. It tasted quite nice even though the whole dish looked a bit pale.

chicken and cashews for random favourites


Tuesday afternoon I went for a long walk to pick up my doctor’s referral for that dreaded appointment to see a specialist that is coming up in a couple of weeks. I saw this beautiful sunset while I was waiting to cross the busy road near my house. And it made me happy, it also helped me refocus on the moment and enjoy the beautiful sky.

sunset for random favourites


Wednesday night was a fun night at home. The three of us were home for dinner and we all got to eat together. We don’t get to eat dinner together very often because of Steve’s work hours and Sam’s work and study schedule. So I was really happy that we enjoyed one of our favourite dishes for dinner, teriyaki salmon.

teriyaki salmon for random favourites

Followed by sticky date pudding with ice cream.

dessert for random favourites


Our preschool is having a Mother’s Day raffle and a couple of the lovely mums were busy wrapping up the prizes on Thursday.

Mothers day prizes

Haven’t they done an amazing job? We had so many generous donations from our preschool families!


One of our preschoolers is very excited about the upcoming coronation and has requested a whole variety of possible craft activities. So it looks like we will be making bunting and crowns during our morning craft activities next week. She made me laugh when she said “Hey Ruth, did you know that the King is being Kinged soon.” Indeed he is!

Thank you so much for joining me for another Friday Favourites filled with random favourites. Wishing you a wonderful weekend filled with fun, relaxation and all the good vibes!

Happy Friday!

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10 thoughts on “Random Favourites”

  1. What fabulous favorites– that cat watching the phone is so cute! Nearly as cute as the “king getting kinged!”. LOL

  2. “The king is being kinged soon”–how cute! And I guess I need to show my cat some fish videos, haha. I wonder how she would react…. My friend’s cat was similarly enamored of bird videos, so to each their own, I guess! ?

  3. Aww! That did make me chuckle about Sam and your cat Sushi.
    The chicken and cashews does look a bit pale but I imagine it tasted so nice.
    It is nice to have family meals together. It has got so much harder for my family now that my eldest works.
    My youngest said the same today about the King being Kinged. lol x

  4. My cats love the fish app on the phone too, they can watch for ages. I love the comment about the King being kinged, kids say such funny things sometimes. I wouldn’t mind entering your Mother’s Day raffle, the prizes look fantastic. We’ve already had Mother’s Day here (I didn’t get anything)

  5. The bonding time with kitty photo is so sweet! Gorgeous sky. Hope your doctor’s visit goes well. Sticky pudding is one of my favourite desserts. I only make it twice per year to keep it special. It was a lovely “visit”.


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