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End Of Term

Happy Friday friends! It’s the end of term and when 3.40 pm hit today I was officially off on winter break for the next two weeks. Yay!!!! Oh my goodness I am so looking forward to staying up late, sleeping in, and not having to stick to a schedule!

Apple Watch for end of term post

I have a couple of favourites for this week’s Friday favourites post that I am excited to share with you. Thanks so much for stopping by to have a read and let’s jump into my first favourite for this week!


I went to see the movie ‘Elvis’. Now I have to tell you that I was not a huge Elvis fan. I didn’t grow up listening to his music and I only ever heard his name for the first time when I was seven years old. We were at a birthday party and my friend’s mum started crying as she must have just heard that Elvis had died. I had no clue who Elvis was and so I remember thinking that she must clearly have been very closely related to this Elvis because she was just so distressed!

Mixed Reviews

I read a couple of mixed reviews for ‘Elvis’ and then when I found out that the movie went on for about three hours! I was NOT excited to see it AT ALL. Steve and I went with another couple of friends on Tuesday night (his only night off from work)  Our lovely friends who we went with had invited us over for dinner after the movie and the only session that suited us was the 4.15 pm session. Any later than that and we would be having dinner at midnight.

So I finished work at 3.40 then raced home and had a super-fast shower. Because I always feel a bit icky after work. We made it to the cinema just in time. I planned to have a snooze during the movie because I was so sure that I wouldn’t like it. Then I thought that I would be all refreshed and ready to have fun at our friend’s place when we went there for dinner after the movie.

I Loved The Movie!

Well, I was SO wrong about the movie! It was fantastic and I loved every minute of it. I did NOT nap as I had intended to. And now I can honestly say that I really appreciate Elvis’s great talent. I was even teary at the end of the movie because I was really sad to learn so much about how Elvis was basically used and mismanaged by a very greedy man and his hangers-on. So if you haven’t seen it, please do. You will really love it. Trust me, because this is coming from someone who was so sure that the movie was going to be awful!


Dinner after the movie was so delicious and fun. My friend had lamb shanks all ready for us in her slow cooker when we got to her place. It was a cold night and there’s nothing better than a hearty meal on a cold night. With wine of course!!

food for end of term post

lamb shank dinner for end of term post

We all talked about the movie and how great it was. Then we got onto topics like “Where were you and what were you doing?” when Elvis died, September Eleven happened, and when Princess Diana was killed? We all had our stories to share and it was such an interesting night full of reminiscing. But it was so hard to get up for work on Wednesday morning!!

The Grounds Of The City

On Monday I shared with you about my fun trip with my friend to see the beautiful digital installation ‘Walking through a Songline’ at The Museum of Sydney. After the museum, we were both hungry so we decided to try a cafe called ‘The Grounds’. A while ago we both went to ‘The Grounds of Alexandria’ but we had never tried out this one in the heart of the city.

the grounds in the city for end of term post

The cafe looked quite small from the outside but we were surprised by how much bigger it was on the inside. It had a really cosy vibe with fun old-style decor. As well as music playing from the 1940s (I think).

the grounds for end of term post

the grounds end of term post

I was starving so I ordered the burger which came with a lot of fries!

burger with fries

My lovely friend had the (much smaller) eggplant and hummus. I did share my fries with her though!

hummus and eggplant

Family Dinner

We have our monthly family dinner tonight which I am so excited about and this is probably this week’s favourite! My cousin is hosting it at her place, and it’s sure to be a fun night. I really hope that you have the best weekend!

Happy Friday!

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7 thoughts on “End Of Term”

  1. That evening of movie and dinner sounds lovely. I am excited to see the Elvis movie but not because I’m a huge Elvis fan, I’m a Baz Luhrman fan!!
    On a food related note (of course), I’ve never made lamb shanks but I like the idea of doing them in the slow cooker. Will remember for (our) winter. For now, lamb burgers!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Lamb shanks are so good in winter. If you cook them just right the meat just falls off the bone!

  2. Yay! Enjoy your break. I did get into some of Elvis’ music when I was in high school but I just googled it and I was only 1 month old when he died so that’s why I don’t have any real memories of him. I have been debating about seeing the movie though. I think I’d enjoy it.

  3. Happy end of term. We still have a few weeks until our 6 week summer break.
    I fancy seeing that Elvis film even though I am not a big fan of his. It sounds a great film and like you had a fantastic evening. x

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Thanks Kim, Yes I think you’ll really love the movie. Hope you have a great rest of the week xx

  4. Those “where were you when” questions always fascinate me. You know, I’ve heard good things about the Elvis movie, though the length is definitely not appealing to me either, haha.

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