My Weekend and Thoughts on The Barbie Movie

Hi everyone! It’s time for Hello Monday with Holly and Sarah. I’m excited to share a bit about my weekend and chat about what I thought of the Barbie movie.

Friday night I did a super quick Friday favourites post which was mainly all about my favourite topic – food! Then I went to my aunt’s house for dinner. Two of my cousins were there and Sam joined us later. It was such a great way to spend a Friday night and a fun way to kick-start the weekend.


After dinner, we watched a movie based on Stephen King’s book ‘The Mist’. It’s from 2008 and some of the special effects were a bit dated. But the ending, oh my goodness what a twist!! It had one of those endings that leaves you still thinking about the movie days later. If you haven’t watched it and don’t mind a bit of horror-thriller. Then I really recommend it. I’m not much of a fan of horror but I didn’t mind this one. And interestingly, the movie starred five actors from The Walking Dead!


I had been looking forward to Saturday all week long! My lovely friend and I went into the city and we started our day with a late breakfast at The Palace Tea Room in the QVB. It has a cozy elegant vibe that really matches the QVB’s old-world charm.

The Palace tea rooms

The Palace Tea rooms

the palace tea rooms

Eggs benedict and a pot of Earl Grey tea.

eggs Benedict before going to see the Barbie movie

tea cup for my thoughts on Barbie movie

We chatted for a while and then wandered around the shops gradually making our way along George St until we got to the Cinema for the 1.30 pm session. Once we were inside the movie theatre I was so surprised with how many people there were. I don’t think that I have been in a packed movie theatre for years and it felt like pre covid times again which was great.

My Thoughts On The Barbie Movie

Barbie movie

Well, I absolutely loved Barbie and I would watch it again! Even though before I went I had heard comments such as.

  • It was too much about feminism.
  • It was boring.
  • Ken was awful.
  • The movie is not for kids.

These comments almost put me off watching the movie. But the only comment that I agree with is the last one. I really don’t think that it’s for kids. While the first part would have been very visually appealing for them. Overall I don’t think that it is appropriate for children. I mean I’m sure that all of the ‘grown-up stuff’ would probably go over their heads. I watched ‘Grease’ as a seven-year-old when it first came out at the movies. My mum loved it so much that she took me twice. It wasn’t until years later, and I mean a lot of years that I realised Greased lightning is not just about car talk! Cringe!!

Anyway back to the Barbie movie, the last part of the movie would definitely have been a bit boring for the little ones. And I think that it would have been tricky for kids to sit through a movie with so much dialogue. Unless of course, they were perfectly happy to sit there munching on a big ol’ box of popcorn

What I loved About The Barbie Movie

The Actors

Margot Robbie the amazing Aussie actress was a perfect Barbie. First of all, she has been blessed with Barbie’s DNA and she also played the part beautifully with the right mix of innocence, warmth and wit.

Ryan Gosling, well he was just the perfect Ken in my opinion. He was a bit of a ham and he owned the part like a champ. I thought that Gosling played the part so well, he brought Ken’s insecurities to life. I don’t know how you felt about Ken but I was never interested in owning a Ken. He only existed because of Barbie and I could sense Ken’s insecurities even when I was a kid, if that makes sense!

The Set

The set design of Barbie Land was amazing and I hope that they make a Barbie museum or theme park. Or better still they do Barbie Land set tours! I was completely bowled over by all of the attention to detail with the props. It was like I was watching my Barbie memorabilia come to life. And the visually appealing colours were absolutely spectacular. The set designers deserve an award for this asap.

The Wardrobe

I have no words! Other than I’m jealous of Barbie’s meticulously selected outfit for every occasion.

The Dance Numbers

They were just good fun and I want to learn the moves.

Gloria’s Monologue

I started getting teary halfway through Gloria’s speech about how hard it is to be a woman. And the way the actress America Ferrera delivered it was just spot on. It gave me little choking sobs and goosebumps and the lady sitting next to me was sobbing at this point.

It Was Deep

Yes, it was deep but just the right amount of deep for me. It wasn’t too one-sided on any subject and you could take it at face value and not get too caught up in political statements.


Overall I think that Barbie was a fun, quirky, girlie movie that men should also see. And judging by the number of guys at the movie on Saturday, a lot of men are going to the movies to watch it. I totally loved Barbie and I laughed out loud so many times. I also cried, which totally surprised me as I guess I just wasn’t expecting it to be the kind of emotionally relatable movie that it was.

Barbie Movie



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13 thoughts on “My Weekend and Thoughts on The Barbie Movie”

  1. I agree with everything you said about the movie – especially not for kids – and I must admit I was a bit bored at times toward the middle/end. I also didn’t understand what the movie was trying to do a couple of times – like pick a lane. I should probably see it again. The person I saw it with didn’t like it, so that clouded my opinion a bit.
    The colors, Margot, the clothes, the one liners, the Birkenstocks – loved all of that! I laughed out loud many times. I did not cry, though. I was the same as you and not really interested in having a Ken doll – I was all about the Barbies and doing their hair!

  2. My kids saw Barbie and they want me to see it. I can’t decide if I want to or not though. Um…never knew Greased Lightning wasn’t about only cars!

  3. It sounds like a good Friday evening and a great way to start the weekend.
    That looks like a really fancy place for a late breakfast. How lovely!
    We are going to see the Barbie movie sometime this week. My youngest had no interest in it until she saw all the TikToks saying it’s not what you think it is. x

  4. I really appreciate your review as so much hype about the movie both pro and con is kind of out there. I’d also love to take a tour of the sets and also see the wardrobe close up. Thank you! #MMBC

  5. Your late breakfast looks delicious and that tea room looks fabulous. I have zero opinions about the Barbie movie since I haven’t seen it (and don’t really plan to either) but I am loving all the pink and Barbie themed things up on everyone’s blogs.

  6. I had to laugh about your memories of Grease as a child. I was also many years older before I picked up on many things that went over my innocent head from that movie! Haha!! I loved reading about your Barbie experience. I want to see this, but I will probably wait until it’s on video. Our nearest movie theater is almost an hour away and has really gone down in the past year or so.

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Oh no! That is a long way to go for a movie. I would definitely wait too. Luckily that these days you don’t have to wait too long before a big movie comes out on a streaming service or video.

  7. Good food and a beautiful atmosphere everywhere. I am not a movie fan. But, this review is really helpful in having an idea about Barbie movie.
    Thanks for this sharing. Have a great week!

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