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Just like that, It’s bye-bye July and hello August! I can hardly believe how fast the year is going by. And here we are back for this month’s edition of Currently hosted by Jennifer from Overflowing With Thankfulness. It feels like only yesterday we were looking at what we were currently up to in July. Anyway, it’s great to be back for this fun link-up and this month we are looking at what we are currently loving, looking forward to, starting, thinking and wearing. Let’s go!


I am loving this artwork that my friend gave me recently when I visited her during the winter school holidays.

Her dad painted it a long while ago. I was so touched when she said that her sisters have his artwork and she knew he would want me to have one as well. I love the colours and I also love that every time I look at it, it reminds me of my friend and her lovely Dad.

Here I am with my friend’s dad – the artist!


Looking Forward To

Spring! I am so excited that it’s the last month of winter and we can say hello to spring in September. Now I have to admit that so far we have had one of the warmest winters that I can ever remember. So I can’t really complain. But I just love spring because it’s a time of renewal and optimism. When I see the budding flowers, vibrant colours and the weather starts to feel warmer it really lifts my spirits.

flowers for this weeks recap


I have started to go back to limiting snacks during the week. I used to wait for the weekend before I got stuck into the chocolate, bags of chips and Bundaberg ginger beer. Then gradually I started snacking on treats all week long. I don’t know what happened, maybe it was because I was off from work for four weeks. Or maybe I was so excited and relieved that I no longer had to worry about my thyroid. So I decided that I wanted to celebrate this every night by cracking open a bar of chocolate!


I am thinking that it’s crazy how the price of everything is increasing! Interest rates have gone up, groceries, electricity, and health insurance. You name it, it’s increased!


I wore my pale pink jumper on the weekend when I went to see Barbie. And it was fun seeing so many other people wearing all different shades of pink at the cinema.

currently August

Even though as I mentioned before it’s quite warm for this time of the year. I have still been layering up because the mornings and evenings are still quite cold.

currently August

currently August

currently August

I’m counting down the days to embrace warmer weather outfits!

And that’s a wrap for the August edition of Currently! Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my blog. Until next time, cherish every moment and stay fabulous!

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13 thoughts on “Currently-August 2023”

  1. Yay for spring! August is the month where everyone is getting ready for back to school here in the US. I set up my classroom today and then have two more summer days before full time work on Monday. I can relate to the snacking. I think it’s emotional eating for me sometimes!

  2. Yay for it being the last winter month of the year for you! I am glad it’s the last hot month for us here in the States…the months ending in b-e-r are my favorite and usher in the fall weather that’s my favorite. I love the outfit you had on in the nice restaurant- that off the shoulder top looks cute on you! I’m glad you joined us today for Currently!

  3. Oh yes we were just talking about the hike in prices for everything last week when my mom was saying her banking app compares her shopping and spending from previous years to this one and I remarked that I would not want to know! Everything is up. I too have been cutting back on the sweets, treats, and snacking and slowly those cravings for them are subsiding as well.

  4. What a fantastic piece of art and so special as it holds memories for you.
    I think this is the coldest and wettest summer that I can remember. It is supposed to heat up in September though. I hope it stays mild for you.
    I have noticed the price increases too, especially with shopping. What used to be £1 is now £1.25 at least.
    I already have a pink top ready for going to see the Barbie movie tomorrow. x

  5. Aw, I love your artwork, what a special gift!
    I think our summer has come and gone, it has rained none stop. Mind you, I will probably be moaning it’s too hot when the sun comes back to us hehe!
    I was saying to my hubby the other night how out of hand the cost of living has got. It’s just crazy isn’t it?!
    Have a lovely weekend Ruth. xx

  6. We’re going to see Barbie tonight and I’m already trying to figure out what pink to wear. It’s the height of summer here and I don’t own all that much pink. Yikes! Also, is it ridiculous that we’re still enjoying summer and I’m already looking forward to spring too?!?!?! 🙂

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