what's inside my shopping trolley

What’s Inside My Shopping Trolley

Hi friends, welcome to the March edition of ‘Let’s Look’ with Erika and Shay. It’s time to share what’s inside our grocery carts! I love a good sticky beak at people’s grocery carts (or shopping trolley as we commonly call them). Another thing I find interesting is seeing food products and packaging from different parts of the world that we don’t have in our supermarkets. I guess that’s why I’m so intrigued by crescent rolls and coffee creamer. We just don’t have these two fascinating products over here!

What’s Inside My Shopping Trolley

These days I mainly do my grocery shopping online. I used to pop into the shops after work and do small quick shops but these days it’s a whole lot easier to do a single online grocery order. Shopping online gives me a huge breather from the daily hustle, particularly since my days are packed with full-time work. I think this small luxury is what’s keeping me sane! Haha!

In my shopping trolley, there’s typically a mix of the usual staples such as dairy, meat or fish, fresh fruit and vegetables, cleaning products, cat food and protein items. Oh yes, and maybe a bottle of wine as well! Extra protein products are also a regular addition to my shopping trolley because my son lifts weights, and it’s all about consuming a certain quantity of protein. Hmmm.

Me, I just want to be like the people who come from the Blue Zones and live to 100! So I try and stay away from processed food and too many fatty, salty, sweet (and oh so delicious) snacks. But I’m not a sergeant major about it, so there will always be a couple of treats in my shopping trolley.

Here is what I ordered the other day.

what's inside my shopping trolley


what's inside my shopping trolley

Can I just say, the price of food these days has gotten crazy!! Anyway, that is usually what I have in my shopping trolley. Of course, it varies depending on what we have run out of and what’s on the menu for the week. What’s inside yours, I’m so curious to know!

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Let's Look graphic

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5 thoughts on “What’s Inside My Shopping Trolley”

  1. Yes, food prices are getting so crazy! We’ve had is easy here in the U.S with so many food subsidies but more and more those grocery prices are creeping right up there. I too try to eat like they do in the blue zones; the rest of my family not so much! Though I definitely can’t give up sugar entirely and enjoyed a nice little (the smallest they make!) packet of Cadbury mini eggs yesterday.

  2. I agree, I can’t believe how much groceries cost now. I’ve got to admit, we do have slightly more treaty bits (naughty but nice) on our shopping although we do eat a lot of fruit and veggies so it balances itself out. That’s my excuse anyway. xx

  3. My last shop I thought was a lot cheaper so I think prices here might be going down, or I might not have ordered so much. I think my shopping is a lot like yours, add in some biscuits because we love our biscuits.

  4. I love seeing what other people are buying especially when it comes to food.
    I love the look of everything you bought, especially all the fresh fruit and veg. Tuna!! That’s what I forgot to add to my order. Hmmf! My food shop came to a lot more this week but I did buy all the Easter eggs. hehehe

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