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The Little Things

Hi everyone welcome to the February edition of Let’s Look with Erika and Shay. This month we’re diving into the topic of ‘Little Things We Do Every Single Day.” When I read this it reminded me of the jingle from a superannuation commercial that has the catchphrase “From little things, big things grow” on repeat. I guess that is very true and there are little things we do every single day that can really matter. So I’m very happy that you are here today as I share about some of the little things that I do every day and how they impact my day, week and even my mood.

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Little Things I Do Every Day


I drink a glass of water first thing in the morning. I used to struggle to remember. But since I had my thyroid removed I have to take a thyroxine tablet every single morning and I can’t afford to forget now!

Say Thanks

Speaking of thyroids, I thank God every single day that ever since I had my thyroid removed I don’t have to worry about monitoring the cyst and nodules that worried me for years! Amen!!


I don’t like going to the gym so walking to and from work has been one of the best ‘little’ things that I do for my overall well-being. It’s great to exercise without exercising if you know what I mean. In the mornings I power walk to work because I’m usually cutting it fine to get there on time. Then in the afternoon, I walk briskly to de-stress after a noisy full-on day at preschool.


The muscles on the right side of my neck get so crazy tight! So I try and stretch throughout the day. I also try and stretch out at home on my yoga mat. It feels so good when I feel my back and neck click, crack and creak into place.

Cook A Healthy Meal

I cook a healthy dinner every day using fresh ingredients.

Cleaning Schedule

I stick to a cleaning schedule and do a little every day. I have a big goal to keep the weekends chore-free. As chore-free as possible anyway.

Kiss Goodnight

I say goodnight to everyone at home with a kiss and an I love you.

Laugh Everyday

I laugh every day – it’s something I love! At work, some of my amazing colleagues keep things fun with their humour. At home, my family and I share laughs and playful banter, whether we’re together or texting because of busy work schedules. Laughter just makes every day so much brighter!

A Cup Of Tea

I end every day sipping a nice cup of tea with a splash of milk and one sugar.


I make a conscious effort to smile every day. I like to remember to smile at a passing stranger as I walk to work. It’s nice to greet people with a smile and a good morning. Sometimes I’ll smile at myself in the mirror even though I’m not totally happy about where my cheeks are these days. I am happy that I’m alive!

That just about covers a few of the little things that I do every day. Thanks so much for being here today and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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5 thoughts on “The Little Things”

  1. It is true that the little things we do really matter!
    It’s good that having your thyroid removed has encouraged you to drink more water. I have been walking more, each day I am making a point of getting outside for a walk and I am feeling better for it. x

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