weekly recap

Weekly Recap

Hey friends! I’m so happy to be back here again for another weekly recap. Where I am sharing some of my favourite moments. I hope that you guys have had a great week! And I’m pretty sure that you must be just as excited as I am that it’s the weekend!! Thanks so much for being here today and let[‘s jump right in and take a look at this week’s first fave.

Farewell Dinner

We had an absolute blast bidding farewell to our lovely colleague over dinner! Our destination of choice was a fabulous Greek restaurant called ‘Meet The Greek’. Oh my goodness I just love Greek food so much! We started with salads, pita bread and an amazing variety of dips.

greek food for weekly recap post

For my main, I picked lamb skewers with pita bread, tzatziki and hand-cut chips. It was so good, especially those chips!

Greek food for weekly recap post

Greek restaurant

greek dessert

To finish off we had some delicious sticky sweets compliments of the restaurant!


There was live music featuring the Greek instrument called the bouzouki.

Greek music for weekly recap

Despite the fact that the restaurant was quite small without a designated dance floor. A few of us couldn’t resist the infectious beat of the Zorba music. Before we knew it we were up on our feet weaving in and out of the tightly packed tables. And we must have bumped into a few waiters but we couldn’t help it. The music made us do it!

Colourful Tomatoes

On Monday I mentioned that I went to Costco with my aunty on the weekend. There wasn’t anything that I really needed. But I can never say no to a trip to Costco and I also love hanging out with my aunty. I did buy a big tub of my favourite colourful and bright tomatoes. A big bonus is that the big tub is about the same price as what I pay for a tiny tub from my local supermarket.

tomatoes for weekly recap post

tomatoes fo weekly recap post

Bright Smoothies

This week I made myself some more smoothies. But this time I used oat milk and now oat milk smoothies are my favourite.

oat milk

smoothie for weekly recap post

I added a banana, frozen berries, dates and honey to this smoothie. So colourful, sweet and tasty!

A Mango

Look a mango!!


I don’t know how I had not spotted this one and only mango growing on our mango tree. But I saw it for the very first time on Wednesday. We have lived in our house for 22 years and I didn’t even know that the tree in our front yard was in fact a mango tree. Until about 4 years ago when about twenty mangos just suddenly started growing. Then after that, we haven’t seen any more until this one. Mango trees are a mystery!

Date Night

Steve and I went to Newtown on Wednesday night. I love Newtown because it has such a vibrant eclectic atmosphere. It has a fantastic food scene with lots of restaurants, cafes and bars. As well as a thriving nightlife. During the day the shopping is really great too. There is a range of independent boutiques and lots of interesting vintage shops.

We went to a restaurant called Pistou and the food was really delicious. The servings were on the small side but it was full of big flavours. The Pinot Grigio was divine and we enjoyed a really fun night together.


The only lowlight happened just before we went into the restaurant. I felt something prickly crawling on my face. I swiped it off and it turned out to be an ugly black beetle. UGH!! Why me?? I let out a very small composed scream and it probably helped that Steve quickly grabbed me and gave me a big cuddle. Now that I look back on the moment. I don’t think that he was just trying to comfort me. I’m sure that he was probably more intent on smothering me to stop me from screaming loudly LOL!!

Summer Continues

And the hot weather continues! Yay!

hot weather


Getting my groceries delivered is a huge favourite!

groceries for weekly recap post

Ice Cream

I ordered these KitKat ice creams to have on the weekend. I’ll let you know next week if they are a favourite because I haven’t tried them before.

ice cream

Lost Wallet

Sam had a hard day last Friday. He got stuck on a train for two hours on the way to his part-time job in the city. Apparently, some wires had come down over a train in another suburb causing massive delays. On top of that, he lost his wallet either on a train or at the station which contained all of his ID and bank cards.

I’m happy to say that there is a happy ending to all of this. He didn’t lose out on any pay as his boss said that he could make up the lost hours. And a very kind person handed his wallet in. Sam had filled out a lost property online form with City Rail. And he received an email on Wednesday saying that it had been found! He collected it yesterday and all of his contents were still in his wallet including the small amount of cash that he had. So this is a huge favourite. And thank you to the very kind and honest person who handed his wallet in. Wherever you are! It’s so nice and very encouraging to know that there are still many honest people in the world 😊.

So that brings me to the end of my weekly recap highlighting a few of my favourite moments. I hope that you have the best weekend and I look forward to being back on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Recap”

  1. That Greek restaurant sounds fabulous!! What a fun week of good food you’ve had. I am so happy to read that all worked out well for Sam and that his wallet was found and returned with everything in it! I always say they can take my cash but please do not make me have to go to the department of motor vehicles for a lost license!!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      That’s exactly right! Sam was dreading having to get all of his ID reissued, especially after he had only recently obtained it when he turned 18 .We were so relieved!

  2. I am really looking forward to the weekend. It’s Mother’s day here so I am planning on a really relaxed day. hehehe
    The food from the Greek restaurant looks amazing! It sounds like a great evening.
    How exciting to have a mango growing on your tree.
    Your weather sounds amazing! We’ve had some really warm weather here for this time of year. According to my laptop it’s 13C.
    I need to find those KitKat ice creams, the look so good.
    That is really lucky that someone handed Sam’s wallet in to lost property. It is good to know there are still honest people out there. x

  3. Hi Ruth
    We have had a mango tree for years and were surprised with 1 mango a few years ago. It was very exciting!! Dinner was fun and the highlight was your dancing and encouraging other diners to join in the fun!

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