weekend edition

Weekend Edition

Hi friends, happy Monday! Today I am joining some lovely ladies for the Not Just A Mom link-up. And the topic for March is “Day In The Life Weekend Edition’. I love reading day in the life posts because it’s so fun to catch a glimpse into someone’s day.

I Love My Weekends!

But before I jump in I’ll have to say that I didn’t do anything very exciting this weekend and I spent a lot of time at home. But after such a busy week it was exactly what I needed. I have structured weekdays and a set routine during the week with specific times for work, breaks, meals and household chores. So my weekdays are mainly all about keeping focused on fulfilling my responsibilities and meeting my obligations.

On the other hand, my weekends are much more flexible and open-ended. Sometimes I like to sleep in and other times I have fun plans to socialize with friends or family. I just love my weekends so much!! For me, they are a time to unwind and do the things that I enjoy without the pressure of a schedule or routine.

So let’s get started on what a day or two in the life weekend edition looked like for me…

A Very Early Good Morning

day in the life weekend edition

I really wanted to sleep in on Saturday but Sushi is so used to having breakfast at 6 am 😩. So I fed her and went back to bed for a bit longer. I couldn’t fall back asleep but it was nice to have a bit of extra time in my cozy bed.

A Late Breakfast

I made some scrambled eggs and bacon for a late breakfast.

scrambled eggs for weekend edition

My new Tefal non-stick pan is amazing for cooking anything. It’s such a breeze when it comes to washing off all the scrambled egg residue. Eggs are so sticky!!

tefal pan for weekend edition post

clean Tefal pan for weekend edition post

Later on Steve and I sat down to watch a couple of episodes of Blue Bloods on Binge. I love this show and I’m so happy that we are watching from season one.

watching blue bloods


Steve went to work and I put a load (or two) of washing on. Never-ending laundry hmph!

doing laundry for weekend edition post


I sat down for a bit and put together an Instagram reel. I am not great at posting on Instagram regularly but I do enjoy making reels.

Instagram reel

A Late Lunch

Then it was time for a late lunch and I just went through the fridge and heated up some leftovers in a bowl. I threw in a couple of slices of tomatoes for colour and vitamins hehe.

lunch for weekend edition post

Old YouTube Movie

While I ate my lunch I watched an old movie on YouTube. I like watching these old ‘midday movies’  that I used to watch as a teen whenever I had to stay home from school because I was sick.

movie on YouTube for weekend edition post

Turkey Burgers

Then I read some blogs and before I knew it it was time to start making dinner. I made some turkey burgers for our Saturday night dinner. And I also made some homemade wedges but forgot to take a pic.

turkey burgers

I watched an episode of ‘The Sopranos’ and called it a night. Just before I went to bed Steve texted to say that he had to stay at work extra late. Because one of the other guys he works with had some sort of family emergency. Ah, the joys of working in hospitality!


I woke up at 7.24 am on Sunday and this time I remembered to take a screenshot of my phone. Sushi slept in and didn’t come into our bedroom meowing for breakfast. Thank you Sushi!

screenshot of phone for weekend edition

Blogging Then Church

I worked on the blog for a bit while I had a coffee and then it was time to go to church which started at 10.30.

working on the blog


New Woolworths Metro

After church, I had to pick up a couple of things from the grocery shop. And I decided to go to a new Woolworths metro store that has opened recently. It’s a bit closer to where I live and I wanted to avoid having to try and find a parking spot inside the busy Westfields where they also have a Woolworths.

I parked my car in the unfamiliar car park and followed these signs to the store. There was hardly anyone around and it felt a bit strange.

store sign


The new store looked so good and because it’s a metro it was small. Which makes it great for when you just need a couple of things as I did.

new Woolworths metro for weekend edition post


No frozen chips and now we have a poultry shortage as well.

empty freezer

customer notice

Would you believe that I got lost when I went back down to the car park? It was so empty and every level looked the same.

empty carpark

I backtracked and thanked God for the signs that I had followed earlier. And I eventually found my lonely little car. Phew!!


I got home and by then Steve was awake. We had some lunch and then I went to Costco with my aunt. I didn’t really need anything but I can never say no to a trip to Costco!


My aunt stocked up on quite a few things.


They didn’t have many food-tasting stations because it was a Sunday. But they did have wheatgrass samples.

wheatgrass juice

It didn’t taste bad at all, probably because it was mixed with some very sweet apple juice.

When I got home in the late afternoon I was really craving pasta. So I made a very simple mushroom and bacon pasta dish.

pasta dish for weekend edition


Sam and I had dinner together and we talked politics. We have an election coming up soon and it looks like he’s voting one way and I’m voting another. Haha! He’s excited that he gets to vote for the first time.

I cleaned up after dinner and watched a bit of television. Have you guys watched Grand Designs? It’s a British show hosted by Kevin McCloud. He follows some very ambitious building projects from individuals with big ideas for their homes. I find Kevin’s voice very soothing and it’s the perfect show to watch before bed.

And I was in bed just before 10 pm which is early for me. But one of my goals for this year is to get more rest and sleep.

And that brings me to the end of the day in the life weekend edition. Which was really two days in the life. Thanks so much for being here today and reading along. I hope that you have a wonderful week.

Happy Monday!

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Edition”

  1. You have Costco in Australia?! I had no idea! We love Costco. We always joke that we intend to go for some bananas and end up leaving with a kayak haha. We always make a list but often end up getting some of the things that are not on the list. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for linking up with us! Your blog is always such a pleasure to read!!

  2. I just started watching Blue Bloods (I think I am on season 1 episode 4) and I am loving it!! While we don’t have a Costco nearby we do have a Bj’s and just went yesterday to stock up on all sorts of foods. I always spend way too much money there though.

  3. What a lovely weekend you had. The scrambled eggs looks so good. I really should make more of an effort with Instagram. I wouldn’t even know how to make a reel. lol
    It seems like all the world is suffering from some sort of food shortages at the moment. x

  4. My cat is not allowed upstairs but I can hear her meowing and banging the door downstairs every morning before 7am, she doesn’t care about the weekend either. I can’t believe you went shopping twice in one day! I know of Grand Designs, I’ve even been to the exhibitions they hold over here. It’s kind of strange because they assume you are building your own house and the closest I’d ever get to that is on The Sims game, lol. You do get to see some lovely home features though.

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Oh wow, it would be so fun to see the Grand Design exhibitions. The houses they build on the show are amazing but so expensive!

  5. What a great weekend. I love when we don’t have much going on during the weekends since the week feels so hectic. I used to love Blue Bloods but haven’t seen it in a few years. Thanks for linking up with us.

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