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Weekend Happenings

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and are all ready for a new week. We’re still in lockdown here in Sydney so we have just been staying home and staying safe. About the only things we’ve been up to around here are eating and watching either The Olympics or Netflix.

During this weekend the weather has been quite pleasant and we have had some very beautiful sunny winter days. I tried to sit on my verandah as often as I could during the day to soak up the nice warm sun. Sometimes my neighbours come out and we have a very socially distanced chat. Other times I wave and say hello to the people walking by. Everybody is missing their loved ones so It’s nice to reach out to people by being friendly during this difficult time.

 Weekend Happenings~


I enjoyed a really nice warm cup of lemon and honey. Being home for most of the time means I’ve been drinking more tea and coffee than usual so this was a nice refreshing change. I bought a bag of lemons at the fruit shop the other day and they have been so juicy. All I did was squeeze some into hot water and added a dash of honey (well, more than a dash if I’m being honest) it was so delicious and sweet.

hot lemon and honey for hello Monday

For dinner, I made a creamy chicken and mushroom pasta. Winter is just such a great reason to indulge in all the carbs. I love carbs and eat them all year round but carbs in winter equal less guilt. For this recipe, I used a light cream to try and keep the fat and calories down a tiny bit. I served it up with a side of broccoli and cauliflower and a generous sprinkle of parmesan cheese. It was so good and my whole family loved it.

chicken and mushroom pasta

I really miss going to cafes and eating out on weekends. I had this incredible craving for a strawberry milkshake on Saturday night! Lucky for me we had some strawberry flavoured syrup so I could satisfy this craving. I also added a couple of fresh strawberries too. Although my milkshake was very enjoyable, I am still really looking forward to when we can go out again. I will never take a milkshake at a cafe for granted ever again, that’s for sure!!

strawberry milkshake for hello Monday


Sunday morning I discovered we had run out of Weet bix and our favourite Granola. So I quickly made a nice fresh batch. This recipe is super easy and lasts for about two weeks. It can keep either in the fridge or cupboard and it’s great for breakfast or as a snack. You can find the recipe here. While I was making the Granola, I listened to our Church sermon via Zoom.


Sunday afternoon Steve went to work and I had a super late lunch while I did some work. I made myself a tuna and mayonnaise sandwich with half a leftover potato ha! I told you I love carbs!!

lunch for the weekend

Lemon cordial for the weekend

To go with my lunch I enjoyed a delicious lemon and barley cordial. I think I must be having a lemon love affair at the moment. This Bickfords cordial is my favourite. The barley is very subtle but I think it makes the cordial less tangy than when it just contains lemon. You can add as much as you like depending on your taste. I like mine on the sweet side.

Sunday night Steve got home late from work and we enjoyed a small cheese plate while he made burgers for a very late dinner. We happily stayed up late because neither of us had to go to work on Monday Yay!!

cheese plate for the weekend

My goodness, those burgers were good. I just love burgers with all the fillings. Mine had pickles, lettuce, cheese, tomato, mayonnaise, beetroot and lots of tomato sauce. Steve added pineapple and egg to his burger too. He’s braver than me.

burger for weekend happenings

Winding up a low key weekend~

In the evening we caught up on one of our favourite shows FBI and we also watched an episode of a British crime show called Vera. It was a very intense episode and one of the major characters got killed. We were not expecting that at all. I had a final cup of hot sweet tea and kept warm with my soft blanket.

sweet tea for weekend happenings

It was such a cosy night and a perfect ending to every low key weekend. Much to be thankful for!! Wishing you all a happy Monday and fantastic rest of the

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