weekend food adventures on Hello Monday

Weekend Food Adventures

Hi there friends welcome to Hello Monday. It’s time to link up with Holly and Sarah for a recap of our weekend. As I looked through my photos, I realised that all of them were snapshots of what I ate over the weekend. So I guess this post is a recap of my weekend food adventures!

I was craving pizza all day on Friday and it was seriously all I could think about! So after work on Friday, I walked up to the shops to get some pita bread, pizza sauce and shredded cheese. I already had the other ingredients at home.

I absolutely love this cheat version of a pizza because it’s just so easy to make and it tastes great. All I use is pita bread as a base and when it comes out of the oven it’s all crunchy and tastes just as good as a thin-crust style pizza, which is my favourite kind. I also think Mutti pizza sauce is hands down the best!

Then I just add any toppings I like. This time around I made salami, mushroom and capsicum pizzas.

weekend food adventures - pizza

weekend food adventures - pizza

I threw together a Caesar salad and it was a perfect Friday night dinner!

weekend food adventures - caesar salad

weekend food adventures - friday night dinner


Saturday morning meal planning and online grocery order with a coffee and ham and cheese croissant for extra motivation!

meal planning

In the evening it was time for Cousin Connect and we had a taco bar! Delicious shredded chicken and beef.


With all the delicious ingredients to make our own amazing tacos!



weekend food adventures - tacos

Then it was time for our favourite board game.

board game

The next Cousin Connect will be at my place and this year we’re changing things up a little. To make it easier we’ve decided that the host will pick a theme and then everyone will bring a dish based on that theme. This means that the host won’t have to provide the whole meal and everyone gets to contribute. The cost of food over here is just ridiculous these days!

We’re always excited for our monthly get-togethers, and honestly, it doesn’t matter if we end up munching on bread and butter.  Sure, we tend to go overboard with the food and always over-cater ( I think it’s ingrained in our DNA!). But what truly matters is keeping those connections strong. It’s all about making sure that we never ever drift apart like we did up until a couple of years ago. Losing my mum shocked us all back to the reality that family is so precious and life is way too short.

We figured that if everyone brings along a dish to share potluck style with a theme. Then that means that the cost and work of hosting won’t be so big. We are also saving for an epic Cousin Connect adventure in January 2025 and this will help us stash away more funds!


While my husband was at swim club I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for lunch on Sunday. We’re not technically blood relatives, but our family roots run deep, stretching back three generations. To us, that’s enough to make us feel like family, no doubt about it! Before I went I stopped off at this cute gourmet coffee shop near our place and I bought a packet of fancy cookies.

They were delicious and we had them with tea after a meal of ribs and sides. I was too busy chowing down my ribs and forgot to take any photos. But trust me they were amazing!


I ate so much at my aunt and uncle’s that I thought for sure I wouldn’t be hungry for dinner in the evening. But I couldn’t say no to a steak sandwich!

Weekend food adventures - making steak sandwiches

After dinner, I shared a Golden Gaytime with Steve, nibbled on some Cadbury chocolate and we sat down to watch an episode of the latest season of Survivor. I remember the intro music and then it was nighty night for me! I think I must have slipped into a food coma. It sure was a yummy weekend!

Thanks for stopping by and reading all about my weekend food adventures. I hope you have a wonderful day.

See ya!

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14 thoughts on “Weekend Food Adventures”

  1. Love the idea to have a theme and have everyone contribute. I’m sorry your food prices are so high! I am finding it hard to plan for a whole week so I think I’m going to try two small orders for pick up. Pick up is free with $35 and that is quite easy to achieve. I’m trying to save by planning and reducing food waste.
    Your pita pizza looks so good! I bought a frozen cauliflower crust but next time I will get those items. Your salad also looks delish. I always think restaurant salads are better than mine, but yours looks professional!

  2. Now I am really hungry! Love the idea of pita bread for the pizza crust and who doesn’t love a taco bar? Your diary is so pretty, I should invest in something like that and then meal planning might be more appealing. I am in such a meal planning/cooking funk. How fun that you can get together like this with your cousins, mine are spread all over. Have a great week!

  3. Those pita bread pizzas are such a great cheat. I used to ge the mini pita breads and they were perfect for lunch when my girls were little. Hooray for the Cousin Connect! It sounds like a fantastic evening. It does sound like a good idea everyone bringing a dish in future.

  4. I love that you have family nights every month with your cousins and I really look forward to your food posts. We made some guacamole this week too, ours was to go on our home made Turkey burgers. It was so funny, my son bought me some new knives and we were unsure what a santoku knife was for and then my son came in to say he’d googled it, just as I scrolled to your photo of the same knife…synchronicity at it’s finest! xx

  5. Finally getting caught up on blogs. I love seeing your yummy food, and the taco bar is such a great idea for a group. Hope you’re having a great week.

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