Friday favourites

Friday Favourites

Hi friends, it’s great to be back linking up with Andrea and Erika to share some Friday favourites! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and are super excited about the weekend. I know that I sure am!

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Just like that the weather changed and Thursday was the first day when it felt like Autumn. Even though it’s been so hot, humid and sticky, I’m not ready to give up summer because I love long hot sunny days, they’re just the best! Thursday the temperature dropped to 15ºC during the night and only got as high as 21ºC during the day. For us that’s cold so out came the puffer jackets and I had my first hot chocolate for the season. Cold weather might not be a favourite but hot chocolate sure is!

hot chocolate

As I was walking to work I spotted this beautiful tree blooming with purple flowers.

share some favourites - purple flowers on tree

You’d think it was spring! In Sydney, we don’t seem to have a lot of typical autumn-coloured trees. Instead, we have a bit of everything, from evergreen trees to deciduous trees and even trees that bloom like this one.

Wednesday night date night at Allawah Pub has become a favourite. It’s so close to home, it has a nice vibe and the food never disappoints.

share some favourites - dinner at Allawah pub

I love these Ikea baking dishes.

some Friday favourites - Ikea dish

They come with a lid and they fit perfectly inside the fridge. Having an organised fridge is a huge favourite!

Ikea baking dishes

Meals like this chicken dish where I don’t have to use more than one baking dish are a favourite.

share some favourites - chicken dish

Hot on the heels of my one-baking dish chicken meal success, I thought I would copy some food reels that I had watched on Instagram where they cook the pasta in the bolognese sauce. They don’t bother boiling the pasta separately. Uh uh, big mistake! It made the sauce all thick and gluggy because of the starch in the pasta. Something I had not considered!

share some favourites - pasta dish

I was home alone for dinner and I ate a bowl of one-pot pasta bolognese. As much as I love bolognese, this was far from great. In fact, it wasn’t even good. Bleh! So I remembered my husband’s advice whenever there is an epic kitchen fail – just add cheese and bake in the oven. I took it a step further and also added cream. It tasted like lasagna and all was well in the world again.

My biggest favourite for the week is this can of Sscat. It’s an amazing motion-activated unscented spray that keeps pets away from off-limit areas.

Sscat automated pet deterrent

See this girl here. She’s very naughty!


Mochi is not like our other cat Sushi who is calm and well-behaved. We have tried everything to deter our newish kitten Mochi from jumping on the kitchen counters and I mean everything. From covering the counters with foil, sticky tape and contact (all the things cats supposedly can’t stand). But nothing worked, what’s even more frustrating is that she clearly knew she was doing the wrong thing. Because she would jump off the counter the minute she heard any of us approaching.

So I finally had enough and I ordered the Sscat Spray Deterrent from Amazon. Yes, it’s pricey but boy it sure does work! Now I’m not constantly running in the kitchen like a crazy person every time I hear Mochi jump.

After a couple of sprays, she has finally worked out that the kitchen counter is a no-go zone. I’m so happy that now I don’t come home from work to a whole lot of little paw prints all over the glass cooktop, the chopping board and the white counters. Nothing grosses me out more than pets in food prep areas. YUCK!

Another unexpected bonus is that it’s deterring Steve from opening the fridge after he got sprayed a couple of times. It’s working wonders for his weight loss journey!

That’s a wrap for now, thanks so much for stopping by today and I look forward to being back here on Monday. I hope you all have a wonderful, restful and fun weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. I love that fix; just add cheese and bake it in the oven! LOL That’s genius! And it sounds like it worked well too. Your date night dinner looks yummy as does your hot chocolate. It’s very cold here this week too; doesn’t feel at all like the spring weather we were hoping for.

  2. I laughed at Steve being sprayed while trying to get to the fridge!!! Haha, whatever works 🙂

    I love that 15 degrees is cold enough for a puffer 🙂 I can’t wait until we get back to 15 degrees so I can take off my puffer!

    Have a nice cozy weekend.

  3. Ahh! It’s such a shame that you have had the first autumn feeling days when it’s starting to warm up here. At the moment we are classing 15C as warm during the day. lol
    What pretty flowers on that tree and the pub food looks good!
    I have baking dishes that size which I love but they don’t come with lids. I need those.
    I cooked macaroni in a sauce this week for the first time and it tasted so good but it seemed such a nightmare to wash the casserole dish, it seemed extra stuck on. x

  4. I love the pretty blooms on that tree. I wish our autumnal season was full of colours like this.
    I did laugh at Steve getting sprayed! If only they did one for dogs. Our puppy is a complete rebel. I need one for every room haha.
    Your date night dinner looks amazing. We don’t get to go out too often as finding SEN carers for my youngest is really hard. Have a lovely week. xx

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