Vacation, Trips and Adventures!

Hi there everyone it’s time for the June edition of Monthly Musings. So today I am joining Holly and Patty to talk about Vacations, Trips and Adventures. This is a fun topic and although it’s been a long time since I have been on a proper long vacation. I still have so many memories from past vacations. And after writing this post, I find that I am getting really excited about the possibility of future travel.

Vacation, Trips and Adventures


I would have to say that my favourite travel destination is Los Angeles. I’m a big chicken when it comes to flying. So I have decided that if I have to risk my life. Then the only places I want to risk my life for are Disneyland and Universal Studios.

Another favourite vacation destination is Hawaii. The weather is beautiful and everyone is so friendly and unrushed. I have been lucky enough to visit L. A and Hawaii a few times but not for many years. Who knows maybe I will make my way there again in the next couple of years. I love these travel destinations so much that I refuse to give in to my fear of flying!


I love packing cubes as they keep everything so neat and organised in your suitcase. But my best packing tip would be to roll your clothes before placing them in the packing cubes. Rolling your clothes saves space and also minimises wrinkles. The rolled garments fit neatly inside the packing cubes and you can easily locate your items without messing up the rest of your packing. I also have a whole bunch of travel tips that you might like to check out here.


I guess road trips, although it means I will always have one foot ready on my invisible brake.


Hands down it would have to be the time when my family stayed in a caravan park with my childhood friends and their families. We went to a place called Budgewoi and spent about a week there. To this day we still talk about it because we had so much fun!

We swam all day until we were ravenous and then we would go back to the caravan where our mums would be waiting for us with food. There was also some kind of electronic gaming machine in the only shop on the caravan site. My friends and I took turns getting our names up on the top score screen. Although they did have a hard time beating me. Hehe, I’m not sporty at all but give me a joystick and I’m a champ. Such fantastic memories and the best part is that I still keep in contact with my lovely friends.


I think that I like all of these choices and I don’t have a preference.


Campout for sure!


Probably a Margarita or Piña Colada but give me any fruity Summer cocktail and I’m as happy as can be.


When I was 14 I went with my mum to visit family who lived on Long Island in New York. When we boarded the plane in Sydney we discovered that our seats were in first class and my mum and I were very confused. We thought they must have made a mistake for sure!

The flight attendant assured us that they were our assigned seats. So we sat down fully expecting to be thrown out of there haha! But we weren’t, instead, it was a long luxurious flight where we got to pick our meals from a menu, we had real cutlery and we kept getting offered anything and everything. It was the best!!


Here I am with my cousin and her kids in New York!


Both as long as there is some strawberry flavour!


I don’t camp now but we did when I was a kid. My uncle had all the necessary camping equipment along with a massive army-style tent. My whole family would go to a place called Bundeena and stay during the Easter break and also in Summer. We would all sleep in this one big tent and my aunt would tell us the best ghost stories at night. They left me scared to death and unable to sleep. They’re the best kind, aren’t they?


Even though the thought of flying or enduring long car rides sends shivers down my spine. I have decided to conquer my travel fears because I don’t want to miss out on fabulous vacation opportunities and unforgettable memories. So despite my travel quirks, I am excited about researching for our next adventure. And although our big vacation is still a long while away, it’s going to be epic!

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12 thoughts on “Vacation, Trips and Adventures!”

  1. I love going on vacation but I do hate the actual travel part to get there! I don’t have a fear of flying but with all our heightened security measures in the US airports flying has become a real hassle. I’m equally happy at a mountain, lake, or ocean too. I just love exploring new places and am not all that picky on where we go. We’ve never been to Hawaii though ad that is next up on our list.

  2. Hawaii is so lovely, I agree. It is a long flight for us, about 10 hours. How long is it for you? I want to go to Japan, Australia, New Zealand someday but I’ll have to find a sedative to get me on a long flight!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Yes, it’s also about 10 hours from Sydney to Hawaii and I totally agree about taking a sedative! I hope you do get to visit us sometime soon ?

  3. I am the same when it comes to flying so if I was to go on a plane it has to be worth it, the only place worth it is Disneyland! hehehe
    What a treat being upgraded to first class. x

  4. I want to go back to Hawaii! I’m not such a happy flyer either though. We once had a trip where our assigned seats ended up in first class too, a fun surprise!

  5. LOL, the first time I traveled abroad (Paris) I was waiting to board my return flight home and heard my name called on the airport loud speaker. I was TERRIFIED that I was getting bumped and was going to have to make the return flight home by myself, so I ignored it. They kept calling it, so finally I had to go up to the airline desk and see what they wanted. Which was to upgrade me to first class because they had overbooked coach. I will NEVER ignore my name being called in the airport again!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Haha! Wow, lucky you went up to the desk. I would have been terrified too if my name was called out over the loud speaker!

  6. Ruth, I love that you join us and bring an international flavor to our link-ups. Your childhood trips sound amazing! And I am going to start rolling my clothes in the packing cubes thanks to you.


  7. If you’re going to end up in first class, an overseas flight is the way to go! And I’d love to get to Hawaii. I feel like it’s one of those places everyone I know has been and I’ve never gone. I have been to loads of other places though… And I just love flying! And we’re packing for a trip leaving tonight so you can bet I’ll be rolling my clothes!

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