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My goodness, it’s been a long time between Friday favourites for me. But I’m happy to be back again. Really hope you are all well and thanks so much for stopping by to have a read at some of this week’s favourites! As usual, I’m linking up with Andrea and Erika for today’s fun post!


Let’s kick off with favourite number one!…….. I’ve decided to paint the house!! I started off by painting what used to be my dear mum’s room. It was a grey colour with a slight blueish tint. I desperately need to keep busy to stop my mind from wandering to sad places.

My husband thinks I may be a bit nutty to want to take on this task as I already work full time. He wanted to pay for the house to be painted professionally. But after he realised how keen I was and how well the room I painted turned out, he was happy to give me the gig! Haha!!

Our house is not huge and I will take my time painting it. But I’m super pumped that I will have an ongoing project for a while. At the moment the house is painted in a colour called “Grand Piano”

wall colour for this weeks favourites post

But I’m thinking I might continue with the white. I’m a huge fan of neutral colours and you can’t get more neutral than white. But seriously who knew there could be so many shades of white!!!

shades of white


I went to visit a very dear friend who lives at Avoca beach. It’s a beautiful part of the central coast region of NSW. Luckily the weather was beautiful when I visited last Saturday, it’s been absolutely miserable lately with endless days and days of rain in Sydney.

I went by train because I’m too chicken to drive so far. But I really enjoyed the relaxing train ride and I even had a bit of a snooze on the way home. It was a two-hour train ride but as I got further and further towards the coast, the views were really quite lovely.

train ride

My friend made a delicious lunch. We enjoyed ravioli, salad and a glass or two of Pinot Noir! We then went for a walk, it was just so nice to catch up with her. I had the best day and the time just flew by so fast. My friend has invited me to stay the night next time I visit and I think I will take her up on that offer.



Have you tried this delicious Taramasalata dip?


It’s a Greek dip made of fish roe, as I type this it doesn’t sound great but trust me. It really and truly is yummy!! I was at Costco with my Aunty the other day and I picked up this large tub which lasted about five minutes at my house. It’s my son who especially can’t stop eating it and it’s most definitely a huge family favourite!

I went to have some the other day and found this in the fridge…

empty dip container

Seriously! does anybody else have a teenager who does this?! It reminded me of how my oldest son used to change the toilet paper when he was a teenager and living at home! I took this photo in 2013 because I walked into the bathroom and couldn’t believe it. Makes me laugh now but not so much back then!

toilet paper for


Speaking of Costco, I love going to Costco! This amazing superstore only came to Sydney in 2012 I think. I am not a member because our closest store is still too far from where I live. But my aunty is a member and so is my cousin. While I was off from work last term, I enjoyed a few trips to Costco with them. I picked up this huge container of peanut butter pretzels. Soooo good!!


The thing with Costco as you probably know is that everything is HUGE, and we just don’t have the pantry or fridge space in our house. So I’m careful with the number of things I buy and limit myself to things that I wouldn’t normally find in my local supermarket. These peanut butter pretzels are one of them.

I also love the hot dogs we ate after our shopping trip. Hmmm diced onions, relish and tomato sauce!! Ha! I’m sure most of the world is used to Costco and it’s not a big deal but for me, it’s a novelty and a fun day out!

Costco hotdogs


This is a favourite from last month, but I thought I would share it anyway because I haven’t posted in a while. Last year we got some tickets to see Crowded House for March of this year. When we got the tickets I couldn’t ever have imagined how my world was going to be turned upside down this year! Anyway, my husband and I went along and it was such a welcome relief to do something fun together.


The concert was amazing and we had such a great time. I loved that we knew most of the songs and I felt like an eighties teenager again for a couple of hours as we sang along.


My lovely kind sweet friend bought me this gorgeous climbing plant that flowers the most beautiful red flowers. It had been sitting in its original pot for a while. So a few weekends ago I planted it in the front garden. Looks so pretty, doesn’t it? I can’t wait until it wraps itself around the verandah and flowers more.


I’ve joined a bible study! Our church actually calls them Gospel Teams and they run a whole heap of them on Wednesday and Thursday nights in different homes. I never had the time to commit to one. I tried to in the past but always ended up having to give it up because I just had too much going on.

There are about 13 of us in the Gospel Team I have joined. I’ve been going along to our church for about ten years and I’ve met some really nice and genuinely kind people. But Gospel teams are a great opportunity to not only get to know people better but also a fantastic way to discuss how we can practically apply what we have learnt from Sunday’s sermon in our everyday life. Very encouraging!!


Well, I guess that wraps up a few Friday favourites. This weekend the weather is supposed to be quite nice. I’m so looking forward to some sunshine, I’m excited to be going to our local farmers market with Steve in the morning and then I’ll be spending most of Saturday painting. Then on Sunday, I have been invited to lunch at a friend’s house after church so that will be fun! Poor Steve will be working the night shift all weekend long and Sam is super busy with assignments as he’s down to the final few months of school and headed for the BIG HSC exams. ?

I really do hope you all have a most wonderful weekend, stay safe and spend as much time as you can with your loved ones.

Happy Friday!

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10 thoughts on “This Weeks Favourites”

  1. Good luck on getting the house painted!! It’s quite a job but I just love how paint transforms a room. Your trip sounds wonderful and relaxing and it looks like you had the perfect weather for it.

  2. Sounds like some fun stuff ! The new climbing plant is very pretty, as is your patio wall. I love Costco – I’ve been delaying a trip there and you may have motivated me to get up and go do it!

  3. I miss riding the train. I used to commute to work via train and I loved being able to catch up on reading, enjoy the scenery or nap! Definitely was a perk! Ravioli sounds delicious. I haven’t had those in awhile now I am craving some, thanks! lol I love Costco! Strolling through aisles of food is so fun and I always get my son the hot dog. He loves those and so do I! Yum. Happy Friday and wishing you a beautiful weekend ahead!

    Maureen | http://www.littlemisscasual.com

  4. It sounds like you have been busy, especially with the painting. It’s a good way to take your mind off other things. The different shades of white did make me chuckle.
    How lovely to visit your friend. The food looks so good and what a lovely journey you had there.
    Those peanut butter pretzels look amazing!
    Have a great weekend x

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Thanks so much Kim! I couldn’t believe how long I stood at the hardware store agonizing over which white to pick!

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