how I met my husband

How I Met My Husband

Hi, friends welcome to the February edition of ‘Share Our Lives’, hosted by Adrienne, Dara, Jen, Joanne and Sarah. The topic for this month is ‘How You Met Your Significant Other or Best Friend”. So I’m sharing how I met my husband, Steve. I have to admit that I had a giggle when I saw the topic. Firstly it feels like it happened a hundred years ago. Secondly, because it’s kind of a funny story.

A long time ago, at a church camp far, far away in a small town called Bundanoon, I first met Steve. Now, here’s the thing: he is six years older than me. This doesn’t seem like a massive age gap now, but it sure did when I was a teen. So, when we first met I was 14, and he was 20. There was absolutely ZERO connection or romantic interest or even a single thought about anything to do with any of that AT ALL. I’m emphasising this because when my kids found out how we first met they teased us incessantly. “‘Dad!! She was a kid!!!’ Hahaha!!”

Anyway, there I was at church camp way back in 1984. I was having dinner with about 60 other kids from the youth group. I can’t recall how it happened, but suddenly, Steve appeared and sat next to me and my friend when it was time for dessert. He was one of the youth leaders, always friendly and hilariously funny! Whatever he was saying to me had me in stitches and I couldn’t focus on my canned fruit and ice cream (when it comes to food, I don’t forget the details!)

Then, out of the blue, he said to me “You don’t want that, do you?” Β and he picked up my dessert and ate it. Looking back, I must have thought he was incredibly charming because no, I didn’t mind that he just devoured my dessert right in front of me. Now of course I’d probably pummel him to the ground if he ever dared.

So for the next few years, I vaguely remember seeing him at church and youth group. He would usually bring along one of his girlfriends who were all very nice. Except for one who was scary. My friends and I would giggle and wonder who ‘Pootie’ was dating now. That was his nickname back then but that’s another story.

Then when I was 18, by pure chance, we were paired up to go door-to-door handing out free Bibles. It was 1988, and Australia was celebrating its bicentenary. Churches distributed special bicentenary bibles to share with the local community. So we spent hours walking from door to door chatting the whole time. I felt so comfortable around him and I loved that he made me laugh a lot!

I guess it was after that, we started hanging out more whenever we were at youth group. Then a few months later he asked me to go for a drive and a picnic. I was so impressed that he packed lunch. He brought along cheese and ham on the softest bread rolls I had ever tasted and even some sparkly apple juice. See, I told you that I don’t forget details about food.

We dated for about just over a year and then we got married in January 1990. It feels like I’ve known him forever (because I have) and we’ve gone through fun times, happy times, sad times and incredibly tough times. While I know for a fact that we haven’t always made each other laugh. Now we are in that sweet spot in our marriage where the kids are all grown up and it doesn’t feel as if we’re in the trenches. We enjoy each other’s company and we like to hang out together. He still makes me laugh a lot, but I know that I’m funnier!

I don’t have any photos of us dating! We dated in the dark ages when there were no mobile phones and cameras and film was expensive. So we only really took photos on special occasions. But here is one of our engagement party and the other is at our wedding.

engagement party- How I Met My Husband post

wedding day-how I met my husband

Thanks so much for being here today! I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about how I met my husband.

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19 thoughts on “How I Met My Husband”

  1. We dated during the time of film cameras too but it was a huge hobby of mine so I have a few photos of us from back then. I too feel as if I’ve known my husband forever (because I really probably have). I love that your boys tease you about how your first met. That is so funny!

  2. I love your details about the food! Great story. Not a lot of photos in my post either. I’m still working on trying to get all my old negatives digitized.

  3. What a lovely story!
    I love how you remember the details about the food. My fella and I can’t remember the exact date we got together but can remember all the food we ate on our first dates. lol
    Fab photos and you were such a beautiful bride. x

  4. This is a sweet story and I love that you meet at church camp. I grew up going to church camp in the summer. Alas, there was no love story for me there. Have a beautiful day, and thanks for sharing your story. #MMBC

  5. Such a lovely story, especially the food details πŸ™‚ I was just turned 16 when I met my first husband and he was 21. My daughter is 16 now and I’d be horrified if she dated a 21 yr old! I think my mum was glad to get rid of me I was married at 20. You look so sweet in your engagement and wedding photos. It sounds like you have a very special relationship x

  6. Aw, I love this so much. The soft rolls on the picnic, what a detail!
    Your wedding photos are wonderful and I love what you wrote about being in this sweet spot now.

  7. How sweet! Another “meant to be” love story, and how wonderful that you are still so happy together! I love that you remember all the details about the food – that made me laugh, but also I totally understand!

  8. I loved reading this. Such a sweet story. The wedding photos are so great! My husband and I have a six year age difference too. I met him when I was 21. I was a baby! haha
    THanks for linking up with us.

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