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Hi friends it’s time for Friday favourites and I’m excited to be here today to share a few things that made the week brighter.

I know that it’s only week three but I’ve been enjoying my days at work. Of course, going back to work after the long summer break is always a bit of a shock to the system. But on the whole, everything is going well (I don’t want to jinx anything by saying this!). There have been so many improvements on so many different levels and that’s a big favourite! Last year was a challenge and I was worried about a repeat. Fingers crossed, so far so good.

I was craving a strawberry milkshake. So after work on Monday, I walked up to the food court in my local Westfields to buy one. Usually, I’m happy to make them myself at home but in honour of it being birthday month. I decided to treat myself. A big bonus was getting in about 3000 extra steps than usual for the day by adding on the extra walk to the shops.

strawberry milkshake for a few favourite things post

I finally tackled the not-so-fun task of giving my oven a good clean. It was meant to be a school holiday job but I never got around to it. While scrubbing an oven is not my favourite activity, cooking in a clean one sure is!

clean oven for a few favourite things post

Despite having a self-cleaning feature, there is still the tedious task of removing all the racks and scrubbing them, as well as the glass door. One of the good things though is that unlike the old oven we had for years and years. I don’t have to contort myself and stick half my body inside to reach every corner.

After this major effort, I’ve made a promise to myself to clean it more regularly. It’s incredibly satisfying to see it clean now, and I can finally check this task off my to-do list. Yay!

I made an apple and berry gluten-free loaf. It’s been ages since I had baked anything and I think the couple of cooler mornings we had earlier in the week must have given me some major autumn vibes.

apple and berry loaf for a few favourite things post


My fun work friend gave all of us a Lunar New Year Lottery scratchie and I won a $2.00 ticket! No further winnings though, better luck next time.

Lunar New Year scratchy


Finding this cute surprise in the fridge on Tuesday afternoon was a favourite. Haha! The anticipation of waiting a whole day to open my card and favourite chocolate bar on Valentine’s Day was a treat.

a few favourite things-Valentines surprise

This year we celebrated a lovely low-key Valentine’s Day at home. Some prawns and oysters plus a bottle of Prosecco. So good!

A few favourite things-Prawns, oysters and Prosecco.

I’m so determined to keep up with my meal planning this year and I’ve finally found a good routine that works for me. In the past, I used to meal plan on Sunday evenings. But I really disliked doing it on a Sunday because for me it was a big annoying chore planning for the week ahead. I think that Sunday evenings should be for relaxing and not even thinking about the new week!

This year I’ve switched things up. Instead of meal planning on Sunday evenings, I now do it on Saturday mornings. For extra motivation, I have my coffee in my favourite cup. I pull out my beloved diary/planner and I use some colourful glittery pens and a cute notepad. I also light a scented candle and I find it’s actually quite pleasant to plan for the week ahead on a Saturday.

Then I do an online grocery order which gets delivered on the same evening and I’m done!

a few favourite things-diary, notepad and a candle.

That wraps up a few favourite things for this week. Thank you so much for stopping by and I look forward to being back here on Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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2 thoughts on “A Few Favourite Things”

  1. I am glad work is going well!
    Good on you treating yourself to a milkshake!
    I hate cleaning the oven, ours needs doing and I keep putting it off.
    It sounds like a lovely Valentine’s Day! Those prawns look so good!
    Well done with the meal planning, you have to find what works for you. x

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