Preschool Dramatic Play-A Bakery

Preschool Dramatic Play-A Bakery

Hi All! For this week’s Preschool dramatic play, we set up a cool Bakery.

Welcome to our Bakery

Table setting for preschooldramatic play-a bakery post

I love setting up interesting dramatic play for the children. The Teacher in the classroom and I will collaborate to plan activities and experiences for the children based on their interests.

During Term Two some of the children were interested in having a Bakery set up in dramatic play.

I got the fun job of setting it all up! To me, it’s a great challenge to find resources to make the play area as inviting as possible.

Our preschool is not purpose-built at all. Originally the building was used as council chambers and over sixty years ago it became a preschool. Granted the building is full of beautiful heritage charm but unfortunately, the playrooms are still slightly awkward. As a team, we all try our very best to make it work.

table setting for preschool dramatic play- a bakery post

Cupcakes for the win!

See those cupcakes. I made them by scrunching up crepe paper and dipping it in glue mixed with some water. Like paper mache. After placing them in patty pans I let them dry for several days!

We are always pressed for time however, it was lucky that I was able to make them super fast with the help of some of my little friends.

The children have played with these cupcakes over and over, yet they remained intact! It’s impressive how durable they have turned out to be. Don’t you think?

lollipops coloured in by the children
The children used textas to colour in their own lollipops for the bakery.
sponge cakes for preschool dramatic play- a bakery
These “sponge” cakes are my absolute favourite. The children really loved them too. I need to make sure I make more of them.
cupcake box for preschool dramatic play-a bakery post
A spare cake box leftover from a Bake sale with some laminated doughnuts and cakes!
bakery counter for the customers
Paper bags for the customers.
Toy cash register for preschool dramatic play- a bakery
And the ever-popular cash register.

Thanks for stopping by. It’s always great to see some new ideas for playroom setups. Hope you enjoyed a peek into my preschool. If you would like to see my small Dinosaur world for some ideas click here

That’s it friends. Preschool dramatic play-A Bakery! Please comment and tell me what you think.

You should see the Pizza Shop we did!

I’ll show you that next time.

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