Hey, friends welcome to the November edition of ‘What’s Up Wednesday’. Wow, it’s the last Wednesday of November. Can you believe how fast the year has gone by? I’m excited to be here today linking up with Shay to share a little bit of what’s been going on for us in November. Let’s go!


It’s nearly the end of the school year and I feel as if I’m running a bit low on inspiration. So I’m keeping my meal planning simple and mainly sticking to old favourites. This is what this week’s menu looks like.

Monday – Turkey burgers and chips

Tuesday – Spinach, fetta and ricotta rolls

Wednesday – Barramundi, baby potatoes and salad

Thursday – Chicken pie, mashed potatoes and peas

Friday – Steak sandwiches

Saturday – Roast chicken, rice and salad


I can’t think of anything that I’m reminiscing about at the moment because this is my favourite time of the year. I’m too busy thinking about all the fun events that are on the horizon!


My new reading glasses!

Ha, I didn’t think that this would be something I would be loving but I sure am! When I saw the optometrist earlier this month she confirmed what I already knew – my vision had changed. I have always worn glasses for distance but when the food on my plate started to look blurry and I lost my superpower ability to read the teeniest tiniest writing. I knew something had shifted.

Now that I have been wearing my new glasses for a few weeks. I have been loving the frames that I chose because they are so light. The glasses came in a bright yellow case I will never lose because you can spot them instantly. But best of all now I can see so much better when I’m reading and working on the computer. I hadn’t even realised how almost without noticing I was getting closer and closer to the screen so I could see better. Now I can sit in a much more comfortable position without having my nose practically touch the screen. Winning!


We’ve had a great November and we’ve done quite a few fun things. First of all, in early November the weather was so good! It was sunny and the temps were on the way up. I really enjoyed seeing all the pretty gardens blooming and the Jacaranda trees on my walks.

spring flowers

I have been eating this nougat almost nonstop. But I’ve stopped now because Aldi has run out of them.

my favourite nougat

We enjoyed some nice meals out.

steak and salad

As well as many cozy evenings at home in front of the TV eating sweet treats.

I went to the city with my lovely friend and we enjoyed looking at the beautiful David Jones Christmas windows. They have done a great job this year and I think they are the most festive and colourful ones I have seen in a while. If you are in Sydney then you should definitely go and have a look. I think you’ll really like them.

David Jones Christmas windows in November

I hosted a fun Miss Universe watch party and now we have decided to make this a yearly tradition.

Miss Universe watch party in November

We visited the Danish Christmas markets and I saw my cousin perform in the NSW School Spectacular. November was a great month!

Danish Markets in November

School Spectacular in November


I’m not dreading anything and that always makes me happy!


I’m off from work tomorrow and Friday.  I have some time owing for attending after-work staff meetings and I accumulated enough hours to have two whole days off. So I’m going Christmas shopping in the city on Thursday and I’ve got a lunch date with my husband on Friday. With my two days off this week, it means that I only have twelve more work days to go until we break up for the summer holidays! Yee-ha!


Mochi was jumping all over me as I was trying to type. I got her off me as her little nails are kind of sharp so she plonked herself on top of my keyboard. I figured that the only way I was going to be able to keep typing was to turn on her automatic laser cat toy. So now I’m listening to the gentle hum of her toy and mochi pouncing around trying to catch the red laser light. Good luck with that Mochi!


I started watching part I season 6 of ‘The Crown’. I didn’t like season 5 and now I can’t say that I’m totally enjoying season 6 as it’s so sad. But I do think that it’s better than the previous season. Part II of season 6 comes out on the 12th of December.

We are up to season 12 of Blue Bloods and still loving it so much. Did you hear that season 14 will be the final season ever? I’ll miss watching the Reagans having family dinner and I’m sad that this amazing show is coming to an end.


I always forget to take pics of what I’m wearing. These are the only two photos that I took of what I wore in November. My favourite soft flared jeans with front pockets.

Jeans-November post

I have also been wearing my favourite canvas shoes that I bought when The Gap store opened up in Sydney for about 5 minutes many years ago. Sadly Gap didn’t take off over here and all their stores closed down. But at least I have these nice canvas slip-ons that are super comfortable and have lasted forever!

Canvas shoes-November post


It’s time for Cousin Connect on Saturday and I’m hosting. I always look forward to our monthly family catch-ups! Then on Sunday, we are putting our Christmas tree up. I always wait until the first weekend in December to put the tree up. We usually play some Christmas music, drink egg nog and eat panettone while we decorate. But this year I’m also making Glogg, a traditional Danish drink made with red wine, sugar, spices and dried fruit. I bought a bag of spices to make Glogg from the Danish markets last weekend. It might be an interesting-looking Christmas tree this year (hic!)

Glogg-November post


So many Christmas things at preschool!! All this week I have been helping the kids thread small beads and bells to make special bracelets to wear as a prop for their upcoming Christmas concert. Now after all that threading, I almost feel as if I’m permanently cross-eyed. We have also been busy helping the kids make Christmas cards, gifts for their parents and decorations for the classroom. It’s all about Christmas over here!!


All things Christmas! We have our work Christmas lunch on the 9th of December and a very fun Christmas party the following Friday. Then there is my husband’s swim club Christmas party. Lots of catching up with friends and family and then of course there’s our big family Christmas Eve celebrations on the 24th of December. Phew…I’m sure by then we will be all Christmased out!!

That just about wraps up November! I’ll see you back here tomorrow for Monthly Musings. Have a great Wednesday!

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3 thoughts on “November”

  1. I hope you enjoy your 2 days off! It sounds like you had such a lovely November. I am slowly making my way through Blue Bloods.. I’m on the end of season 10 so I have a few left but will definitely be sad to see it end.

  2. Those Spinach, fetta and ricotta rolls look amazing!
    That is great you can see better with your new glasses.
    It sounds like you had a great November. Have fun with your Christmas shopping and enjoy your time off work. x

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