My Fun Weekend

My Fun Weekend

Hi there friends, welcome to this week’s edition of Hello Monday! I can hardly believe we’re already heading into December.  I mean seriously. What happened to November?? I’m torn between wanting time to speed up because the summer break can’t come fast enough for me. But at the same time, I want things to slow down because there is so much to do! Anyway, I’m so glad you have stopped by today to join me as I share a bit about my fun weekend.

The Danish Christmas Markets

Saturday was just so much fun! I had been looking forward to the Danish Christmas markets for weeks and finally, Saturday was the day. My friends picked me up and we drove an hour to get there. It’s such a long way! In the car, we were talking about the possibility of next year making it a mini Christmas getaway and staying somewhere overnight. Because driving so far made us all feel like we were going on a holiday. So we thought why not make it one next year?

The weather was just so gloomy and rainy. I was a bit worried the whole event might get cancelled because it rained quite heavily overnight. But luckily the rain held off and it only drizzled very lightly. All the cheery red and white Danish flags and beautiful Christmas decorations more than made up for the grey skies.

my fun weekend at the Danish Christmas markets

The Danish Church in Australia hosted the Christmas market. I thought they did an amazing job organising this big event, considering how small the church grounds are. The whole venue was packed full when we arrived! There were people everywhere and I was so happy to be there. We missed going last year because we went to a beautiful wedding instead. Then the two years before  COVID took away all the fun Christmas events.

my fun weekend at the Danish Christmas markets

Christmas Decorations

There were so many beautiful handmade Christmas decorations. I didn’t want to buy anything as I’m being more intentional with how I spend and I really don’t need any more Christmas ornaments. But it wasn’t easy and I did give in and I bought one small decoration.

Christmas decorations -my fun weekend post

Christmas decorations-my fun weekend post

Christmas decorations-my fun weekend post

Christmas decorations-my fun weekend post

These advent candles are great. I’m sure that I have one stored away from last year. Hopefully, I’ll find it when I get my tree and Christmas decor out on the weekend.

advent candles-my fun weekend post

More cute decorations!

Christmas decorations-my fun weekend post

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

I love these simple white Christmas tree ornaments. They’d go great on a minimalist-style tree. I bought some three years ago and I liked to hang them on some decorative sticks I had in a big pot in the dining room. Except I recently changed things up a bit and I replaced the sticks with a plant. I’ll have to find a new place to hang these cute white ornaments this year.

white Christmas ornaments-my fun weekend post

A Danish Lunch

After wandering around for a bit we were all starving so we stopped at the church hall for some Danish fare. We had a choice of different types of open sandwiches.

Danish lunch

I ended up choosing the sandwich with the prawns because it came with Danish brown bread (I can’t remember the name). I figured that if I wanted the full Danish experience then I should eat the traditional bread instead of the usual white bread. The sweet almond pastry I got on the side for dessert was delicious. I could have easily eaten another of everything it was so good!

Danish lunch

I had a Danish beer even though I don’t often drink beer.

Danish beer

The real Santa came and said hello. Hehe.


It felt great to be there enjoying the tradition of going along to the Christmas markets. Now I can tick this off my mental bucket list. I haven’t written my December bucket list yet. So I better hop on it because it will be January before I know it!

2023 School Spectacular

On Saturday evening I went to the Qudos Bank Arena in Olympic Park to see my little cousin perform in the 2023 School Spectacular.

Qudos Bank Arena-my fun weekend post

I was quite literally blown away by the amazing talented kids who performed. Oh my goodness, there were so many kids!! The NSW School Spectacular is a huge annual event. It features students from various schools near and far performing dance, music and drama. Friends, it was absolutely amazing!!

The whole arena was packed once everyone was seated.

2023 School Spectacular

There were so many colourful costumes and the dance routines were amazing.

2023 School Spectacular

It was the 40th anniversary of the School Spectacular which began in 1983. To celebrate they did a whole medley of 80s songs and I wanted to jump out of my seat and dance because I think 80s music is the best! The kids wore 80s-style wigs to celebrate the decade with the most interesting and iconic hairstyles.

2023 School Spectacular-my fun weekend post

We got these light-up wristbands that we could wave around during the show.

light up wrist band

Look at all those kids!

School Spectacular

We Found Our Girl!

There was a sea of kids everywhere and while we were trying to find my cousin. We all joked that it was like playing a big game of ‘Where’s Wally’. But we managed to spot her when she came onto the stage to perform and miraculously she spotted us after she scanned the crowd. It helped that we were waving and practically jumping out of our seats like crazy. When she saw us she was in the middle of her song and dance routine. She gave us a huge smile and a little wave and then she couldn’t help herself. She paused her performance and jumped up and down waving back big time. It was just the cutest moment!

School Spectacular

After the show, we walked along with the masses to find my little cousin who was waiting at a designated spot. There were big hugs and huge congratulations on a fabulous performance. We battled the crazy traffic home and everyone came back to my place for a cup of tea. I had such a fun time and I was so proud of my little cousin. She’s eleven years old so she’s not really that little but she is the youngest in our family. I can’t wait to go and see her perform next year!


Sunday was a much more low-key day. In the morning I went to church and then in the evening, we caught up with some friends at Allawah pub for dinner. The weather was crazy again and it started bucketing down on the drive to the pub. Then when we got there and parked the car, the sun was starting got come out again. It was nuts! But I did get to see a beautiful rainbow. Whenever I see rainbows or white butterflies I always take it as a sign that my mum is saying hello from heaven.


I think that I’ll have to mark this weekend as one of my favourites for the year. It was a really fun one! I hope you had a great one too.

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11 thoughts on “My Fun Weekend”

  1. Wow, what a fabulous weekend with the market and the school spectacular, both look absolutely amazing, no wonder it was one of your favourite weekends this year. I’m hoping that we can go to our Christmas market sometime this week. I haven’t been for a while.

  2. Ohh! I do love a Christmas market! It sounds like a good idea having a night away next year. It sounds like a great event, I could easily spend a small fortune on all those lovely decorations.
    The School Spectacular looks amazing! Well done to all the kids. x

  3. It definitely sounds like you should make a real trip of it when you check out the Danish markets; they look so fun! I am impressed that all those kids seemed to think nothing of performing in front of all those people. That is such a huge arena but I am loving all the beautiful colors.

  4. Wow, you’ve had a busy few days! Love the market pictures, and I would have been jumping out of my seat for the 80’s music! Haha! I know your cousin was excited to have ya’ll there! Looks like so much fun!

  5. I love a Christmas Market, the one you attended looks great. I never did dancing and my kids don’t dance either but I am always amazed by those dance shows. Kids are so talented, and it’s so much work for them, teachers and parents. It must have been so fun!

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