David Jones Christmas windows

David Jones Christmas Windows

You know it’s Christmas when David Jones decorates their windows with festive displays. David Jones is an Australian department store that has been around since the 1800s. It’s very much an iconic place in Sydney. There you can find fashion, home decor, beauty products and anything else that you would expect to find in any big department store anywhere in the world.

David Jones

I love going to David Jones any time of the year! But during Christmas time it’s an extra special place to visit. From late November through December, David Jones transforms its storefront windows into magical displays. They become like big storybook scenes with moving characters and colourful decorations.

David Jones Christmas Windows 2023

Every year they have a new theme and the inspiration for the 2023 David Jones Christmas windows comes from the children’s book ‘The Twelve Dogs Of Christmas’. This happy, colourful book was written by Alison Ritchie and illustrated by Marisa Morea.

David Jones Christmas windows

I think this book is the ideal source! It’s full of happy, bright and colourful pictures, just like the cheerful Christmas windows at David Jones this year. They both radiate that same childlike joy. Come and join me to take a closer look!

David Jones Christmas windows

David Jones Christmas windows

David jones Christmas windows

David Jones Christmas windows

Twelve Dogs of Christmas display

David Jones Christmas windows

Christmas windows

Christmas display

Rediscovering the Magic of Christmas Windows

I absolutely love the whole festive vibe the Christmas windows create during the holiday season. For me visiting these windows is a nostalgic experience because I used to take my kids to see them when they were younger. The beautifully decorated windows were always a perfect background for some fantastic photo opportunities. I have some really treasured photos of my kids standing in front of the Christmas windows.

Another reason I love visiting the Christmas windows is because I’m pretty much always impressed by the creativity of the displays. However, I have to admit that last year’s Christmas windows were not a crowd favourite. And let’s not mention the disaster of 2015 when the windows were so underwhelming that it left everyone totally disappointed!

I believe David Jones has once again reignited its Christmas spark. The window displays were spot on with the right amount of vibrant colour, and captivating moving elements. David Jones did more than decorate their windows this year. They also created an experience and brought back the Christmas spirit that transported me back to the excitement of feeling like a kid again!

The Enchanting Essence of Christmas

There’s just something about Christmas that brings back that innocent excitement from our childhood. From the freshly decorated surroundings to the traditional festive food and music, every little detail radiates the magic of the holiday season. It’s a time when we remember eagerly awaiting Santa Claus, the twinkling lights hung with care, and the joyous moments spent with loved ones.

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