Christmas tree decorating

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Hey there festive friends! It’s the most wonderful time of the year again and Christmas is just around the corner! So that means it’s time to get decorating! Whether you are ahead of the game and already have your tree up or, like me, prefer to wait until the first week of December. It’s finally time to sprinkle some Christmas cheer and bring those decorations out. Let’s dive into the world of Christmas tree decorating, explore some amazing styles and find some inspiration to make our trees sparkle! Let’s go!

Classic Elegance

Timeless classic Christmas decor is all about rich reds and deep greens with shimmering gold or silver accents. Classic never goes out of style and is a perfect choice for a traditional holiday feel.

Winter Wonderland

If you want to turn your living space into a magical winter wonderland. Then go for a cool colour palette of whites, icy blues and silver. Decorate your Christmas tree with big white frosted ornaments and silver and blue ribbons.

Boho Bliss

Let your Christmas tree reflect your carefree spirit of boho chic and decorate your tree your way! Mix and match vibrant non-traditional colours and decorate with unique and quirky ornaments. This style of Christmas tree decorating allows you to express your personality big time!

Minimalist Rustic Charm

Create warmth and coziness using a minimalist rustic style. Use natural elements such as burlap, wood and pinecones. Earthy tones and soft lights bring a calm cabin feel. For a fun nostalgic touch, you can add some plaid ribbon. This is a simple, minimal, cozy and clutter-free Christmas tree look.

Candyland Delight

ginger bread men ornaments

Christmas tree decorating

Christmas is all about enjoying sweet seasonal treats such as gingerbread and candy canes. The Candyland delight theme is a mix of classic elegance with sugary sweetness. To achieve this fun look for your Christmas tree, decorate with traditional reds, rich greens and gold. Then add some whimsical candies and playful decorations to turn your tree into a scrumptious feast for the eyes.

DIY Extravaganza

If you are a sentimental soul with a creative touch then now is your time to sparkle! Craft personalised ornaments, and string popcorn garlands. Add one-of-a-kind touches to your tree that reflect your personality and tell your story. Decorate with hand-painted ornaments, handmade beaded treasures, family photos in festive frames, and those adorable decorations your kids made in primary school. The DIY Christmas tree is a canvas for your precious memories.

Christmas tree decorating

Christmas tree decorating

christmas tree decorating

christmas ornament-Christmas tree decorating

christmas favourites-Christmas tree

Christmas angel-Christmas tree decorating

When it comes to Christmas tree decorating, there are no strict rules. Only endless possibilities waiting to be explored! Each style brings its own magic turning your tree into a fun holiday masterpiece.

Happy Christmas tree decorating!

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6 thoughts on “Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas”

  1. I can’t wait to decorate for Christmas. I love these looks but when we do our tree it’s a mish mash of different things we’ve collected over the years. I love that gingerbread one, how cute. x

  2. These are beautiful ideas! I had always leaned towards the more rustic or natural feel for Christmas tree decorations, but last year I switched it up for the kids. We decorated in bright reds, greens and blues. They absolutely loved it! I think we will keep the bright colors going for a while, especially since my house is very neutral, it stands out so much! I love the warmth of the classic elegance. #MMBC

  3. What lovely ideas, I think I’ve tried them all over the years! I wasn’t going to put my tree up this year…bah humbug! The kids didn’t seem too bothered, but my eldest son has taken over and he said he’s going to do it. (He really thinks it’s because I’m fed up of doing it all myself.) Anyway, if he does, my current decoration involves tons of decorations that I have collected over the years and have special meaning for me. I use a fake tree, I bought a new one a couple of years ago and the last one lasted 20 years, so I’m not too worried about the environmental factor.

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