January fun-What's Up Wednesday

January Fun! – What’s Up Wednesday

Hello friends and welcome to the first ‘What’s Up Wednesday’ for 2024! I have to keep reminding myself to write 2024 instead of 2023. The other day I nearly wrote 1993. I must be really losing it!! Anyway, I am so glad you are here and today I’m sharing some of my January fun!

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Up until this week, we were in complete holiday mode so I hadn’t worried about doing any meal planning. It was back to work for me yesterday so now I’m back on the meal-planning train again.

Monday – Chicken and snowpeas

Tuesday – Steak sandwiches


Wednesday –  Fish in lemon and garlic butter with homemade wedges and salad.

Thursday- Chicken casserole and rice

Friday – Turkey burgers

Saturday – Nachos


I guess I’m reminiscing about how fast time flies! It feels like a minute ago we were all so excited about the end of the preschool year. We wrapped up the year with the children’s Christmas concerts and parties. Then did a whole lot of cleaning and packing away the classrooms etc. and just about ran out of the preschool gates like the kid on Home Alone.

We had an amazing Christmas and a nice low-key New Year’s Eve. As well as a fantastic time over the five-week school holiday break doing relaxing and fun things with friends and family. Now we are back at work and the holidays almost feel like a distant memory. My director even commented today how it didn’t feel like we had a break. My sentiments exactly!


I have been loving the whole month of January! No schedules, no timetables, no work and no rush rush rush to go anywhere!! It’s been the best!


The weekday morning alarm going off again.


February means another month of summer! Yay!!


A whole lot of January fun! We kicked off the first week of 2024 with a delicious Italian lunch in the city with my cousin and her family.

Italian lunch-January fun post

pasta- January fun post

Followed by a basketball game a few days later with some of our Cousin Connect crew.

Basketball-January fun post

I also hosted our first Cousin Connect for 2024 and we had a big Italian feast in our little courtyard.

eating dinner in the courtyard

I tackled some cleaning and decluttering as well as a closet cleanout.

sorting my wardrobe-

My husband’s swim club started back again for the remainder of the season. As a social and non-swimming member of the club, I went along to watch the races and enjoy the BBQ on the second Sunday in January.

sunny day at swim club-January post

BBQ lunch- quick recap

I visited The Powerhouse Museum with my lovely friend.

Powerhouse Museum entrance

We also spent a Saturday exploring Paddington in Sydney.

Paddington Markets

Steve and I celebrated our anniversary at the Opera Bar.

celebrating anniversary

The last week of the school holidays, I caught up with some friends for a good chat over brunch.

brunch-January fun

Last weekend I went to see Wicked The Musical with my lovely friend.

wicked the musical

I finished off the summer school holidays with a fantastic trip to my favourite vintage warehouse where I found my dream bedside table.

Kartell bedside table

It sure has been a great January!


I’ve been on a roll watching foreign movies and series. I really love listening to the different languages and don’t mind reading the subtitles. A couple of weeks ago I shared that I watched a wonderful French comedy/drama called ‘Rumba Therapy’. This movie is so sweet that I think it’s a definite must-see! Then shortly after, we watched ‘Berlin’, the ‘Money Heist’ prequel.

I also watched a Dutch movie called ‘Faithfully Yours’. It’s about two friends who use each other as alibis to go off on sneaky weekends away to have extramarital affairs. But there is a crime and a big twist at the end which I thought saved the movie. While I didn’t love this movie, I still found it intriguing enough to watch until the end.


I have to admit that I often struggle with sticking to a quiet time routine and reading the Bible. There are times when I’ll be reading a passage and my mind will wander to silly things like ‘Hmm what should I cook?” or I’ll read a sentence only to realise that I need to reread it because I missed the meaning. I know, I know…not good!

Well, I recently discovered this amazing app called Dwell, have you heard of it? In the app, you get to pick from over twenty voices to read you the Bible. I am currently doing ‘The Straight Thru Plan- Bible in A Year’. I chose a smooth, warm and playful voice from a lady called Kylie with a North American accent. She reads from the English Standard Version and I just love listening to her read the Bible to me! I find that I’m so captured by her soothing voice that my mind stays on the text and doesn’t wander away.

Another great feature is that you can choose the type of music you prefer and it will play gently in the background, I chose ambient. Dwell also offers devotionals, stories and listening plans. If you would like to give it a free trial or sign up for the plan you can find all the details here. I honestly can’t recommend it enough.


It’s been so hot and humid this summer! I’ve heard that the temps in the Northern Hemisphere have been ridiculously cold. Over here we’re dealing with the opposite, hitting temperatures as high as 39ºC. So I have been wearing my usual basic colours for my summer outfits. But, I did get a new sleeveless top recently that’s a bit more colourful than what I usually go for.

summer clothes

sleeveless tops-January fun post

summer dress

sleeveless tops-January fun


I have no plans at this stage but after such a busy January, a weekend at home sounds pretty good!

That wraps up my January fun! Wishing you an amazing Wednesday, and I’m excited to be back here tomorrow to explore some health resolutions for a happy and healthy life!

See ya!

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  1. I wrote 2004 the other day. I think I am losing it too. lol
    Great meal plan! It sounds like January was a fantastic month for you! I am longing for some sunshine and warmer days. x

  2. It sounds like you had a really wonderful break! I am loving that brightly printed top on you; it looks very summery.

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