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Quick Weekend Recap

Hi there friends I hope you all had an amazing weekend. It sure was a very hot and humid weekend over on this side of the world! I’m happy to be back today joining Holly and Sarah for a quick weekend recap on today’s Hello Monday link-up.


The Ramsgate Food market opened for the first time this year after a short break over the Christmas and New Year period. My husband Steve and I spent the morning there catching up with a friend for a coffee. We also wandered around and bought a couple of things before we headed home.

Ramsgate Farmers market-quick recap

We always park the car a bit further away from the market and walk through a beautiful park with a pretty stream. It beats fighting for a parking spot in the car park which is right outside the market. Plus we get to admire the pretty view as we walk along. Oops sorry about the blurry pic.

trees and stream

I feel as if all I have done for the past few weeks is eat!! It’s been wonderful but now I am trying to eat simple and smaller portions when I am at home. So for lunch Saturday, I just had a turkey burger pattie with sliced tomato and avocado.


Then I worked on the blog for a bit before I sat down to watch ‘Wife Swap UK’. Haha! Have you seen this series from about ten years ago? I used to watch the American version but I had never seen the UK version. It’s a very addictive show!!


Sunday I went along to my husband’s swim club.The morning started so sunny and hot then as it got closer to lunchtime it got cloudier and cloudier.

sunny day

cloudy day-quick recap

It was still hot but while we were enjoying a delicious BBQ lunch it started pouring rain.

raining=weekend recap

BBQ lunch- quick recap

Luckily we were eating under shelter so it wasn’t much of a problem. That is until the wind picked up and blew the rain in toward where we were sitting. All part of the fun I guess!

Steve and I had plans to go into the city in the late afternoon to celebrate our wedding anniversary. The weather was so bad we switched plans and agreed to go to Allawah Pub for dinner and then go to the city next weekend. Then we scrapped all the plans and decided to stay home and camp out on the sofa in our dry living room instead. It turned out to be the best decision because the weather was just awful and neither one of us could be bothered getting dressed to go anywhere.

We had a fantastic date night at home watching movies and we even ate dinner in front of the TV.

eating dinner in front of th TV-weekend recap

After we ate I picked a French movie called ‘Rumba Therapy’ to watch.

French movie=quick recap

I loved this movie so much! It’s a comedy/drama about a father who tries to reconnect with his daughter. I won’t spoil it because I really hope you watch it! It had such a beautiful ending I couldn’t help but cry! Do you cry in movies? I do and I refuse to watch any movies with dogs because they always make me cry the most!

After ‘Rumba Therapy’ Steve wanted to watch Novak Djokovic play in the Australian Open.

Australian Open

We watched for a little while and then it looked as if the match was going to go on forever so we decided to finish watching ‘Berlin’ on Netflix. It was another foreign pick since this series is in Spanish.

Spanish series- quick recap

Even though I’m fluent in Spanish I still have to read the subtitles because they speak so fast! In addition, the Spanish they speak is from Spain not from South America so there are a lot of th th th sounds that I’m not totally used to. I do get a great refresher course in current Spanish swear words though!! LOL!

Well, ‘Berlin’ is just such a fantastic limited series and it’s a prequel to ‘Money Heist’ which we were completely hooked on. It was so good that I didn’t want it to end and the plot twists and turns are so clever! We don’t mind watching movies with subtitles because the dubbed versions always seem to sound so weird. My son Sam also prefers the original language version of TV shows and when we watch Japanese anime together we always watch it in Japanese and read the subtitles.

That’s about all we got up to over the weekend! How was yours I hope it was a good one! Thanks so much for being here today for a quick weekend recap. I’ll be back on Wednesday for Let’s Look. Originally I thought the Let’s Look link-up was last Wednesday. But then at the last minute, I realised that it got switched over to this week. The topic is ‘How We Keep Our Closets Tidy’ so it’s going to be a good one with lots of tips to share. I hope you will join me!

Happy Monday!

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14 thoughts on “Quick Weekend Recap”

  1. I am more comfortable with Spanish from Spain but I often like to put the subtitles on in Spanish since I’m a visual learner and like to see and hear the words! I will have to check that out. Both of my kids speak pretty well, but they always say they want to practice. It’s our dream to take them to Spain for college graduation present!
    Sorry about the bad weather, but you definitely made lemonade out of lemons!

  2. I am so jealous of the hot weather you’ve been having, it’s freezing here.
    The food market looks fantastic and a lovely place to spend some time.
    Oh wow! Wife Swap is a blast from the past, it used to be such a big show years ago over here. It is very addictive.
    Happy anniversary to you and Steve. It sounds like you had a lovely time despite your change of plans. x

  3. Belated Happy Anniversary, it sounds like a night in front of the tv together was a good idea, better than getting soaked anyway. At least you did manage to get out the weekend.

  4. Happy Anniversary! Loved the date night ideas. Strange to see photos of people in shorts and swimsuits when it’s 20 degrees here. Enjoy your summer!

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