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Iconic TV Series:My All-Time Favourites

Hello everyone! As we wrap up the year, ย it’s time for the final Not Just A Mom link-up for 2023. Today’s theme revolves around sharing our favourite books or TV series. I’m going to concentrate on my favourite TV series because truth be told, I’m not much of a bookworm these days. Gasp!! I never thought that I would say that!! I used to read every spare minute I had. Anyway, let’s explore some of my favourite and iconic TV series that have spanned the last few decades. These shows have been incredibly entertaining and have also made a lasting impression on TV history.

Iconic TV series

Iconic TV Series

Let’s start at the very beginning for me- The good old 70s when most of you were probably not even born!

The Brady Bunch (1969-1974)

Here’s the story – In Sydney we had four TV channels during the 70s and a lot of popular TV series took forever to make it to our screens. Luckily for me, The Brady Bunch was one of the shows. I grew up watching this iconic TV series and it has a special place in my heart. A few years ago I bought the DVDs and I still enjoy watching them to this day!

Charlie’s Angels (1976-1981)

I loved watching the lip-glossed angels with their platform shoes and flick-style 70s hair fight crime….and win!

The Six Million Dollar Man (1974-1978)

This show about a former astronaut who becomes a secret agent with bionic implants was also one of my favourites. I was always in awe watching the superhuman strength Steve Austin possessed. Haha, and I still remember the start of the show which featured the backstory and the line ” Gentlemen we can rebuild him”. Classic!!

The Bionic Woman (1976-1978)

When a female version of the six-million-dollar man hit our screens I just about lost my mind! I loved loved loved this show. As kids, my friends and I would get together at the park and take turns pretending to be the bionic woman. We would run down hills in the classic slow motion that was featured on the show. Complete with sound effects too…. “dadadadadadadada”. If you have no clue what I’m talking about here’s a YouTube clip. Be warned you may be hooked after watching it!

The Love Boat (1977-1987)

My mum and I would watch this show all about love on the high seas. So corny…so good!

Dallas (1978-1991)

I wasn’t allowed to go to sleepovers when I was a kid but I was allowed to stay up late and watch Dallas. Haha!

My Favourite Iconic TV Series From The 80s

Family Ties (1983-1989)

This wholesome sitcom based on the lovable Keaton family was one of my favourite TV series when I was a teen. There is so much to love about this very funny show. Even the closing credits are iconic with the unforgettable ‘Sit Ubu sit, good dog’ sign-off.

Knight Rider (1982-1986)

A crime-fighting duo where one-half of the duo was a talking car. Brilliant!

Dynasty (1981-1989)

I loved watching the wealthy Carrington family and their endless drama not to mention their amazing 80s fashions and hairstyles.

MacGyver (1985-1992)

This fun show was all about a very resourceful secret agent who could turn things like a paper clip and a shoelace into a bomb. Then explode his way out of any life-threatening situation.

Thirtysomething (1987-1991)

Do you remember this short-lived TV series about a group of friends in their thirties? It was one of my favourite TV series and I loved tuning in to watch all about their everyday lives, relationships and the challenges of balancing family and careers.

My Favourite Iconic Series From The 90s

The 90s also had some very iconic TV series and here are some of my all-time favourites.

Seinfeld (1989-1998)

I think this comedy series about Jerry Seinfeld and his quirky group of friends is hilarious. I still watch an episode almost every night. The show is full of classic quotes that I often find myself using in everyday life. It’s been a tough few weeks at work trying to get all the things done before the end of the school year….” serenity now!!!”

ER (1994-2009)

Ha! I don’t enjoy medical shows now but back in the 90s, I loved all the medical drama. Now if I watch a TV series about anything medical related I start to self-diagnose. Yikes!

Beverly Hills 90210 (1990-2000)

I never watched this teen drama from the very beginning. But when I started watching from about season 3 I was gripped for quite a while. However, my obsession shifted when ‘Melrose Place’, a spinoff of Beverly Hills 90210 took the spotlight

Melrose Place (1992-1999)

This drama about a young group of stunning-looking young adults had me completely hooked. I remember one night in the good old 90s when we were living in a small apartment. It was Melrose Place night and a few hours before it was due to start, the power went out! I called the electricity company practically begging them to hurry up and fix the issue because I couldn’t miss an episode. Back then there were no streaming services or catch-up channels. Once you missed it, you missed it!

Moving on now from the year 2000 to the present with some more of my favourite iconic TV series

2000 To Present

Gilmore Girls (2000-2007)

This wonderful feel-good TV series full of the funniest fast-talking dialogue is one of my favourite TV series from the early 2000s. All the characters (even the grumpy ones) were totally likeable. Gilmore Girls is a show that I can watch on repeat and never get tired of.

24 (2001-2010)

This TV series which happened in ‘real’ time always left me hanging for more because every episode ended with a total cliffhanger. Keifer Sutherland who played Jack Bauer looked pretty amazing too!

Lost (2004-2010)

Oh, my goodness the show almost had my head spinning trying to piece together all the clues as to what happened after that plane crash. I was obsessed! Then the series ended in the most unsatisfying way (for me anyway).

Breaking Bad (2008-2013)

I think this drama about a regular high school chemistry teacher who becomes a methamphetamine manufacturer stands out as an iconic TV series for me. It has the right amount of drama, excellent storylines, unexpected twists and no plot holes. To top it off the ending was also brilliant.

Cobra Kai (2018-present)

The movie ‘The Karate Kid’ holds a special place in my heart. I was totally captivated when the Cobra Kai series came out as a continuation of the Karate Kid story complete with some of the original cast members!

Stranger Things (2016-present)

I don’t love horror movies. But this particular sci-fi horror series centred around a group of friends who encounter supernatural events is exceptional. Set in the 80s which happens to be my favourite decade, it has a very unique storyline. Its distinctive plot combined with a nostalgic setting makes it a huge winner for me!


As I look back on these iconic TV series, I remember the incredible impact that they’ve had, not just on me, but also on the entertainment industry. From thrilling dramas to comedies. Each of these shows created lasting memories and characters I know for sure that I’ll never forget.

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12 thoughts on “Iconic TV Series:My All-Time Favourites”

  1. Oh I see so many of my favorites on here too! I loved The Brady Bunch and the Love Boat as well as Family Ties and Knight Rider. I can remember trying to set out VCR to tape things for us if we weren’t going to be home; especially with Beverly Hills or Melrose Place.

  2. I enjoyed your trip down memory lane and recognized nearly all the shows. I’m not familiar with stranger things – I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for your fun thoughts. #MMBC

  3. Ohh! I never thought about doing TV series. I went with a movie series. hehehe
    I was born in the late 70’s and have seen a lot of those that you have mentioned. I loved Knight Rider from the 80’s and ER from the 90’s.
    I was obsessed with Lost too! It was such a rubbish ending, I still don’t understand it despite rewatching it a few times. lol Breaking Bad and Stranger Things are in my top 10 favourite TV shows ever!

  4. Oh that was a fun trip down memory lane!! I loved all those shows from the 70s and 80s – the only one from those decades that I didn’t regularly watch was thirtysomething. My TV watching really dropped off in the 90s but I’m a devoted Seinfeld fan and I loved loved loved Stranger Things!

  5. OH! I’ve loved quite a few of these series through the year…especially ER and Melrose Place. My daughter is currently watching Gilmore Girls.

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