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Comforts In Life- My Top Eight

Hey, there friends welcome to the last edition of ‘Let’s Look’ for 2023! Today we are sharing our top comforts in life. When I think of comforts I think of cozy things that will instantly lift my mood and make an ordinary day feel so much better. Comforts inject that much-needed element of happiness into everyday life. Comforts are very personal, based on what each of us loves. Thanks so much for being here! I’ve got eight things to share that bring that burst of joy and comfort to my everyday routine.

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Top Comforts In Life

Rest Silvercool Sheets

Have you heard of the amazing Silvercool Sheets from Rest Duvet? They are made using Silvercool yarn and they are so soft and cool. I honestly could not live without them. It’s summer over here and the nights have been so muggy and incredibly hot and uncomfortable. These sheets have helped to keep me cool all night long.

silvercool performance sheets

They have also been a lifesaver now that I am going through the old menopause routine. One minute I’m okay then the next I’m about to self-combust. I find that the Rest Duvet Silvercool sheets help to keep my body temp regulated. Amen!!

Comfort Food

I love comfort food. Give me all the carbs any day! During the week I try and make sure that I eat lots of veggies and some fresh fruit. But I always look forward to Friday nights because that’s when I like to treat myself to some incredibly satisfying comfort food and treats!


After working at preschool all day long I feel kind of gross by the time I get home. So I just love stepping into the shower because it relaxes me and having a shower makes me feel as if I’m washing the stresses of the day away. Bliss!

Ugg Slippers

I love these super comfortable and cozy Ugg slippers. I wear them during winter and they keep my feet so warm. They have a non-slip rubber sole and they are the ideal house shoes!

moccasins for a few fun faves and comforts in life

My Favourite Work Mug

This is my favourite work mug for a couple of reasons. Firstly it was a thoughtful gift from some of my favourite people and secondly, every time I drink out of it it just makes me happy because I think of them!

coffee mug-comforts in life

Family and Friends

I have an amazing family and we are very close. I never take this for granted because I know that this is not always the case in many families. We catch up every month and we always have such a fantastic time!

I also have wonderful friends and this year I have been lucky enough to work with two of them! My circle of friends isn’t huge but I can wholeheartedly say that they are my people and I know I can rely on them and they can rely on me. When life has thrown ‘stuff’ at us we have stuck together and this has cemented our friendship.

My Home

I am such a homebody! I love to go out and I enjoy socialising but I think I’m more of an introvert. This means that I am completely happy to spend my days at home whenever I can.


I find so much comfort in feeling warm. There’s nothing better than sitting in the sunshine and soaking up the happy rays. Or being warm and cozy under a soft blanket in the cooler months.

There we have it friends! Eight things that give me comfort and keep me going through the everyday grind. What are your top comforts?

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4 thoughts on “Comforts In Life- My Top Eight”

  1. Sitting in a sunbeam, my favourite! I must have been a cat in another life.

    I like being clean after a shower, but I don’t really like getting in the shower and then being all wet when I’m done. (haha, maybe like a cat, see above!)

  2. Those sheets sound amazing! I think I could do with them in the summer.
    We have just got a shower put in and I love it. It’s so quick to have one and it is a great way to wash away the day! x

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