A Few Festive Favourites

Hello there friends, I hope you all had an amazing week and now it’s time for a few quick festive favourites.

We met our friends at the local RSL club for our monthly dinner. This time I was a little more adventurous with my food choices and picked something different from the menu. Normally I order the steamed barramundi. But this time I went for chicken with cashews and fried rice. It was so delicious that I devoured this plate in no time at all! Now, I’ll probably be ordering this dish every time we get together for the next year!

Chicken and cashews-festive favourites

That night at dinner one of our friends was telling us about a spectacularly lit house that was nearby. So on the way home, we all stopped to have a look and admire.

Christmas lights-festive favourites

I’m always in awe of the effort that it must take to put this beautiful festive display together. I would truly love to know how they don’t get all the lights tangled up! We have a few solar lights for the front of our house and I always get them tangled even when I store them carefully. Argh!!

I must have taken a thousand photos that night, here are a few more.

Christmas lights-festive favourites

Christmas lights-festive favourites

Christmas lights-festive favourites

festive lights

festive lights

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Our preschool families are so generous. Here are some of the delicious presents we have been given this week.

food hamper-festive favourites

ginger bread house

jar of biscuits-festive favourites

It’s been so hot! Today we reached 30ºC and tomorrow it will be 40ºC! I always wish that Christmas would happen for us in the winter. That’s why we celebrated Christmas in July this year but it’s not quite the same. As much as I love summer, celebrating Christmas in the heat isn’t my favourite.

The other night after watching yet another Hallmark movie where everything was cold and snowy. I decided that I wanted the same cozy feeling so I put a YouTube video of a fireplace with Christmas music. I loved the atmosphere but after looking at the fire for about five minutes, I felt even hotter!

Christmas tree

My lovely friend organised for us to go to Ikea on Thursday night for a Swedish festive feast! It was so much fun and we both had the best time. We hope Ikea hold this event again next year because if they do we’re both in!

Ikea festive dinner

We had three courses and it was all so delicious!

Ikea festive dinner

As far as I’m concerned there is no such thing as too much gravy!

Ikea dinner

The real Swedish Santa dressed in a blue suit and yellow trim was there too!


After our Swedish feast, we walked around Ikea and it was so quiet! I have never been there when there is hardly anyone around. Normally I go on the weekend when it’s so busy.

I think it’s almost impossible to walk out of Ikea without buying something. But this time I didn’t get carried away and just stocked up on white candles, lint remover, serviettes and zip-lock bags. I also found some cute red pots for my poinsettias that I bought the other day.

Ikea shopping

I’m so happy with how the red pots look on the entrance table. Once Christmas is over I will replant them again into proper pots with drainage holes. Then wouldn’t it be a miracle if they lived until next Christmas! I’m going to try hard to look after them. It will be a challenge for me but I’m up for it!

potted poinsettias

Oh my goodness I’m so excited that it’s the weekend! I’m going to jump off the computer, have a cool shower and watch a Christmas movie while I eat dinner. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to being back here on Monday!

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4 thoughts on “A Few Festive Favourites”

  1. That house does look fabulous! I am in awe of people that put up massive outdoor displays (plus up here we do often have cold, ice, or even snow to contend with). I think it’s rather funny that all the Christmas movies are always winter and snow themed when so many people live and celebrate where there is no snow. Where are the warm weather movies?

  2. The food at the RSL club looks amazing and wow at that decorated house! It is beautiful!
    Aww! It looks like you are being spoilt at work with all of the tasty goodies. How kind of the preschool families.
    I will happily swap you, you can have the cold weather we have here and I will have some of your heat. hehehe I am so over winter already and it’s not even started yet.

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