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A Hot And Sunny Weekend

Hi everyone it’s so great to be back today on this very hot and sunny Monday. I am excited to be linking up with Holly and Sarah for today’s ‘Hello Monday’.

Oh wow, it was such a hot and sunny weekend with temps reaching 29°C.  But I’m not complaining at all because I love the heat. And also because I spend the whole of winter wishing for days like the ones we are having at the moment.


I spent most of Saturday shopping! In the morning my aunt and I went to Costco. I love going to Costco, it’s such a huge novelty for me. Our closest Costco is about thirty minutes by car. And I don’t have a membership but my aunt does. So she kindly takes me along for a trip usually every school holiday.

I tried to hold back and not go nuts and buy too much. But I did stock up on things that we were running low on at home. We shared a trolley and in the end, it was quite packed!

shopping on a hot and sunny weekend

I also bought meat because prices at the local supermarket and butcher have just gone up so much in the last few months. And the prices at Costco were about $3.00 a kilo cheaper for some cuts. I like to make sure that I incorporate chicken and fish into our diet so we don’t eat a whole lot of red meat. So it should last us for a good while.

My son was excited when I came home with his favourite BBQ sauce!

BBQ Sauce

These bottles are huge compared to the ones I can get from the local supermarket. And they work out to be about half the price too. We go through a fair amount of this sauce because my son loves it so much. I’m surprised he doesn’t just stick a straw in the bottle and drink it!

I had been looking for some casual shorts and T-shirts when I went to the city the other day. But I couldn’t find any I liked. I wanted to replace the ones that I own because they are all starting to look a bit tatty. So I was super happy to find these.

shorts and t-shirts for a hit and sunny weekend

More Shopping

In the afternoon my aunt dropped me off at home with all of my goodies from Costco. I had a quick bite to eat and then I walked to our local Westfields to shop some more!

It’s about a good 25-minute brisk walk and it was so hot and sunny. By the time I got to Westfields, I was all sweaty and quite glad to be inside in the cool.

I had a quick look inside Kmart and I bought another soy candle just like the one I showed you on Friday.

shopping for candles for a hot and sunny weekend

I also had a look in the stationery section and saw these.



But I was very strong and put them back on the shelf. Because I don’t think that I need any more planners for this year. I have to admit that it was tough letting go. “Hi, I’m Ruth and I’m addicted to stationery and planners!!”

I got a really nice oil diffuser from Tk Maxx with a Christmas gift card that I received from one of my lovely friends. It changes into so many different pretty colours.

oil diffuser

I also bought this facial massager. It’s supposed to be good for temporarily getting rid of fine lines and puffiness. I would prefer permanent but I’ll take temporary!

face roller for a hit and sunny weekend post


Saturday night my husband got off work early because it wasn’t busy. Yay! So he brought home a pizza and we watched ‘Father Stu’ with Mark Wahlberg.


It’s based on a true story and while it was very inspiring it was also sad.


A good friend of ours came over for lunch and I made enough chicken schnitzel for days.

chicken schnitzel on a to and sunny weekend

I figured that if I was going to go to all the trouble of crumbing etc I might as well make a big batch. We had the schnitzel with salad and cheesy potato bake.

My sweet cousin popped over too. And I was so happy to see her! She had some lunch with us and then we sat down to watch the Miss Universe pageant live on YouTube. The boys didn’t need much convincing to join us haha!

watching Miss Universe

My cousin and I have great memories of watching the pageant with my mum. She was a huge Miss Universe fan!

In the evening after everyone had gone home and Steve went to work. I treated myself to a bath with some bath salts from my friend’s online shop called Aroma Of Earth. She makes and sells a range of really lovely sustainable beauty products. It felt so good to have a good soak!

a bath

I spent the rest of the night reading some blogs and sipping tea. I made myself a pot of tea and drank it out of my favourite cup and saucer.


And that was just about all that I got up to on this hot and sunny weekend. How was yours? I hope you had a good one and are all ready for a brand-new week. Thanks so much for stopping by to have a read.

Happy Monday!

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13 thoughts on “A Hot And Sunny Weekend”

  1. Ruth I still crack up when I see you write “hot and sunny” right now when we are in our darkest and coldest moths here- oh I wish I was there- ha! It is so funny that our weather is so opposite 🙂 Sounds like the perfect little weekend!

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Haha! Yes it’s so strange for me too when I see all of you guys enjoying summer and I’m so cold. 😂

  2. Oh wow! I am so jealous of your weather. It’s about 2°C here today and it’s forecast snow and wintry showers. lol
    It sounds like a good shopping day. Costco is brilliant! I go about once a year with my dad, it is always such a fun shopping trip.
    What a lovely weekend you had. x

  3. This sounds like a lovely weekend! I am trying to not buy extra things this month, so I have been saying a few times to myself to not buy something as well. Enjoy your day!

  4. Prices at a warehouse store can save you money. Your cart looks like it’s filled with lots of goodies. I hope you have many sunny and warm days. #MMBC

  5. We had a cold and sunny weekend here. The sun was welcome as we were going on quite the stretch of dreary days. I love that you watched the pageant and thought of your dear mum.

  6. That’s our favorite BBQ sauce too! I also use the big box stores like that to stock up on meat (we have a Bj’s but not a Costco nearish to us– it’s a good 30 minutes away but then again everything is). We enjoyed Father Stu too and I was really amazed that it was based on a true story.

  7. Hi Ruth, It seems like you had a great weekend with happiness around. I like stationary and the findings are so nice. The face massager is nice. I bought one recently and love the effects though it is not permanent.
    Have a great week!

  8. What a great weekend you had! Your chicken schnitzel looks amazing…I’ve never had that before, but judging by the picture, I know I would love it. We’ve had some very mild weather here, even though this is usually a cold and dreary month for us. Today’s high is near 70 and will be sunny. It’ll be great to see the sun! It rained yesterday. I hope you have a great day today, Ruth!

  9. Snow here today! The weekend was pretty chilly too. I think you are very strong to put the planners back, it’s hard isn’t it. I always end up with four or five journals each year! Enjoy your sunny weather, and I’ll look forward to ours in a few months time. x

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