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Summer Holiday Favourites

Hi friends wow I can hardly believe that it’s Friday already! And I think that I must say this a lot but I’ll say it again…..this week has sure gone by way too fast! As usual, I am linking up with Andrea and Erika and today I will be sharing with you some of my summer holiday favourites.

Well, my summer holidays are quickly coming to an end and this week has been my last full week of school holidays. I honestly cannot believe how fast the last four weeks have flown by. And it feels like only yesterday that my colleagues and I were all excitedly wishing each other a Merry Christmas and happy holidays. After locking up the preschool on the last day of the term.

I start back at work on Friday next week which is going to feel really odd! And it means that I will still be confused about what day it is. Because it’s just totally weird starting work on a Friday. Don’t you agree? But that’s just the way the school calendar worked out this year. Hmph!!

Anyway, we have a pupil-free day on Friday and then come Monday it will be all hands on deck as we welcome back the children. And I’m sure that they will be all ready and excited for a brand new year of preschool.

But before all the back-to-work madness begins. It’s fun to look back and be grateful for a wonderful break from work and take a look at some of my summer holiday favourites!

Summer Holiday Favourites

Being At Home!

I am the biggest homebody. I just love being at home with no pressure of having to be anywhere at any particular time. Some days I was in my pyjamas until midday!

I Watched A Lot Of Shows

Because I didn’t have to worry about getting to work in the morning. I stayed up super late watching shows that I have been really wanting to watch for a while.

More Time For Blogging

I love blogging but because I work full-time. It just means that I don’t have as much time to devote to it as I would like. But during the holidays I blogged more often and I also had time to read more of my favourite blogs as well. Yay!

Cooking Was Fun

I have to admit that after being at work all day. Coming home to cook can be a bit of a drag. Especially on the weeks when my meal planning has gone out the window (oops!). So being on holiday and having time meant that I really enjoyed my time in the kitchen. I even had time to bake some goodies like peanut butter M&M cookies.

peanut butter m&m cookies

Banana bread

banana bread

I also felt like a total hero when I made creme caramel the other day!

creme caramel for holiday favourites

Shopping Days

It was great going out with my lovely friend to enjoy some fun shopping trips. We got to hang out, shop, chat and eat lunch together.

Time For Decluttering

As much as I like to organise and declutter consistently. Things just tend to pile up, especially after Christmas. So it was really great that I had the time to go through drawers and cupboards. Sort things out, and donate, recycle or throw ‘stuff’ out.

Here’s the pile I got rid of!

decluttering for holiday favourites post

Family Time

We are at that stage in our family life where work and other commitments get in the way of us being able to sit down to have dinner together. But for the last few weeks, we have been eating lunch together as a family on most days. This is because Sam has also been on holiday after finishing school and my husband doesn’t start work until late afternoon. Eating together has certainly been one of my biggest summer holiday favourites!

Self Care

Another one of my summer holiday favourites was having time for self-care. I loved painting my fingernails while I listened to music. It was also great to try out some face masks and hair masks. And soaking in a warm bath with bath salts was an absolute treat!

a bath for holiday favourites post

I was pretty bad at remembering to drink water though. It’s easier to remember to drink water while I’m at work because we all remind each other. Thank you work friends!

Sleeping In

I think that at the top of my list of summer holiday favourites is the luxury of being able to sleep in. I’m pretty sure that I have caught up on all of my lost hours of sleep from the past year. And I may even have one less eye bag. Winning!!

Telephone Chats

It’s interesting how I have become used to just shooting off a quick text to friends and family. But during these summer holidays, I was actually able to have proper telephone conversations! Is it just me or are they a thing of the past? It seems that these days it’s all about quick texts. Which is totally ok because I get it. We are all busy! But it was really nice to spend time chatting on the phone without feeling rushed.


It has been wonderful having time to unwind and enjoy the simple luxury of just being at home. I have had a really fantastic summer break and even though I haven’t gone away anywhere. I have relished every second of being at home.

I am feeling really positive about 2023 and looking forward to what the rest of the year will bring our way. I hope that you all have a great weekend and thank you so much for stopping by.

Happy Friday!

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6 thoughts on “Summer Holiday Favourites”

  1. Oh wow! Your summer holidays have flown over. It is really strange going back to work on a Friday but the school calendars are really strange. It sounds like you had a great summer with lots of nice things. The extra time to do things and spend with your family really is great. x

  2. You really did watch some great shows! We thought it was so odd that my son’s college started on a Friday this semester too. What a weird “start.”

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely summer break. So nice to have family time as well as more time for blogging. Getting to do some decluttering and having lie-ins is good too! Those peanut butter M&M cookies look delicious and I’m very impressed by the creme caramel. #MMBC

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