hello Monday link up

Hello Monday Link Up

Hey there friends! Welcome to the Hello Monday link-up with Holly and Sarah. I hope you all had an amazing weekend (seriously, why do weekends pass in the blink of an eye?). Can you believe it’s already the first week of October? Time just keeps zipping by! Thanks so much for hanging out with me as I chat about my weekend. Let’s get into it!


My husband made an omelette for brunch and we had half each.

omelettes for Hello Monday link up

omelette for hello Monday link up

I love his omelettes! He uses anything that is in the fridge that looks omelette-worthy, adds a bit of cheese and voilà! This time he added ham and leftover salad ingredients from Friday night’s dinner, such as tomato, red onion, baby spinach and avocado. Yum!

Blue Bloods-Season 9 Finale

Before my husband went to work we watched an episode of Blue Bloods and (spoiler alert!!) it was the episode where Eddie and Jamie get married. Aww it was such a great episode and I got teary watching those two favourite characters finally say I do.

Except that we didn’t get to see them say I do. All we got to see was the bride enter the church and then it ended. I was all like….noooooo!!! I wanted to see the whole ceremony AND the reception! So I had to do what I usually do when I don’t get an ending that I’m happy with. I make up my own in my head, ha! Do you do that?

watching Blue Bloods


Steve went to work and I got busy painting the sanded back doorways and skirting boards. I can’t say that I was feeling overly motivated to paint. But while I was in the garage/office looking for the paint brushes etc. I hit the jackpot by finding a bag of Chupa Chups from last year’s Halloween. I figured a sugar hit would help!

chupa chups fro hello Monday link up

Having Virgin River playing on the iPad also kept me semi-entertained, and I managed to paint two coats of undercoat.

painting-hello Monday link up

Here is the before and after.

painting the doorway

painting undercoat for hello Monday link up

You can still see some of the wood through the undercoat, where I got carried away with the electric sander! But I think that when I apply two coats of water-based enamel paint. Then it should cover it up (I hope). Our hallway is small which makes the painting process more manageable and bearable. Anyway, I’m aiming to get the final coats on either tonight or tomorrow and I can’t wait to see the results. Sanding and undercoating aren’t much fun!


Swim Club

Sunday we were back for the new swim club season. While my husband has been swimming with Oatley Amateur Swimming Club for years, I only joined as a social member last year. I really enjoy going along to their social events but I don’t compete because I don’t know how to swim very well. Plus I don’t think I have a single competitive bone in my body when it comes to sport. But I do eat like a champ and Oatley Swimming Club always puts on a delicious monthly BBQ.

BBQ lunch

Another reason why I love going along to the swim club is because they swim in the river and not a pool. When I’m there it’s so relaxing and it feels like a mini getaway even though we are only about 15 minutes away from home.

swim club

swim club

Pink gin and soda by the river…yes, please!

pink gin


Late Sunday afternoon I got my online grocery order and I put that all away. I also sliced up the chicken breasts I ordered, pounded them and froze them ready for when I make chicken schnitzels. A couple of times I was lazy and bought the sliced chicken breasts. But at $22 a kilo compared to $9.50 a kilo when I slice the breasts myself. I think it’s worth the effort!

chicken schnitzel prep

It was such a hot Sunday! The temps got as high as 37ºC so when I hung out my washing at around 4 pm, it dried super fast. Then thanks to daylight saving it was still sunny at 6.30 pm when I went to get the washing off the line all crispy and dry.


Football Grand Final

We were still full from our BBQ lunch so we had a small bowl of vegetable pasta while we watched the NRL grand final. Well, I didn’t really watch, instead I played ‘Words With Friends’. But I oohed and ahhed when I was supposed to while my husband yelled and whooped after every goal…oops, I mean a try. In NRL football a goal is called a try.


Well, that’s it for the weekend friends! It was a fantastic hot and sunny weekend, but as always, it went by way too fast! How about you? What did you get up to?

I look forward to being back here on Wednesday.

Have a great day!

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8 thoughts on “Hello Monday Link Up”

  1. Weekends do seem to go over so quickly.
    That omelette looks so good.
    hahaha! If I don’t get the ending I want to a film or tv show I make it up in my own head too.
    Ohh! What a treat finding a bag of Chupa Chups was. I have started watching Virgin River, it seems such an Autumn show.
    The food at the swim club looks so good. It does look like such a relaxing spot to spend some time. x

  2. The swim club sounds wonderful and I would only be in it for the social things, too! It was hot here, too! I think this week will be the last of our 80s. We have 85 degrees most days until Thursday. I am ready for it to be a little cooler, but I also know that soon enough it will be cold. I bought mums and pumpkins this weekend and the leaves are really starting to fall!

  3. Haha, you’re a good sport to sit and cheer at the right spots during the game.
    How nice you have somewhere to hang your wash outside. I’ve always wanted to put up a clothesline but we have never gotten around to it.

  4. I KNEW those 2 had to get married at some point; I’m only on season 7 so far. But no worries; I couldn’t care less about spoilers– in fact my husband grumbles that I am so quick to Google what’s going to happen next that I spoil all the surprises for myself. We often buy the full breasts and pound and cut them ourselves too. It really is such a cost saver.

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