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Hello Monday!

Hi friends, and welcome to the Hello Monday link-up with Holly and Sarah. Thanks so much for reading along as I share a bit about what I got up to over the weekend.


It’s so good to start Saturday morning with a cup of coffee. I used the grinder I bought on Amazon to grind some coffee beans my lovely friends bought me a little while ago. I only grind coffee on the weekends because it takes time and it also gives me a good arm workout. It’s a nice treat too!

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It was a wet, windy, and miserable Saturday morning. Steve and I, being a couple of nosey Parkers, went to a house auction. The house was in a suburb a 10-minute drive from our place. We don’t have any plans to move, but the house up for auction was in Steve’s dream location (near the water). He drives past it every day on his way to work, so he was curious to see how much it would sell for.

We bundled up and watched the bidding war between two very keen buyers. Just before the auctioneer called “sold,” another buyer swooped in with a bigger offer and bought the house. It sold for an eye-watering four and a half million dollars! I couldn’t believe it, especially considering the condition the house was in. I took a photo of one of the rooms, but I wish I had taken more so you could see how it was a total mess, with mould in all the rooms. I’m sure it will be knocked down and rebuilt, but I just wanted to show you what property prices are like in some suburbs of Sydney! And Steve’s dream location will remain just that—a dream!

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Later in the afternoon, my groceries arrived. Can you spy some of my favourite weekend treats (hello salt and vinegar chips!)

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My big boy Luke came over, and we had nachos, corn salad, rice, and guacamole for dinner.

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Then we watched “Everything Everywhere All At Once.” I didn’t love it, as it was very all over the place and I was baffled throughout most of the movie. But later on, Luke explained that the main character has undiagnosed ADHD and that the film’s director, Daniel Kwan, was diagnosed with ADHD while writing the script. Interestingly, all his research led him to his diagnosis. I wish I had known this before watching the movie because, thinking back on it now, it makes more sense. I have a very close family member with a recent diagnosis, and it’s quite a journey.

Saturday night, it was freezing, so we warmed up with some hot chocolate and Christmas cookies that were still in date. Haha!

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Sunday afternoon Steve and I went into the city. It felt like it had been ages since we had been anywhere and we had such a lovely evening! We had a drink in an old-style pub and watched some people having fun dancing to a live band.

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On the way to dinner, we stopped and listened to a guy play some well-known songs on his saxophone. I could have listened for hours, he was so talented!

saxophone player

We had dinner in a little Japanese restaurant.

Japanese restaurant

Japanese rice bowl

Then we jumped on the train and went home for dessert and an episode of ‘Vera’.


It was a lovely weekend, and I enjoyed spending time with my family. However, I have to admit that the whole time, I couldn’t shake a nervous, uneasy feeling in my stomach. I couldn’t stop thinking about the upcoming week. This week is not my favourite because I have an assessor coming to observe me at work for four hours tomorrow. It’s part of my course; she will watch how I interact with the children and families etc. Ugh! I can’t wait for tomorrow to be over, and I just hope I can act normal. I really do not like being ‘observed’!

And I wish I could say that I will be relieved once tomorrow is over, but no, there’s more. Steve is having a knee replacement on Friday. Hopefully, on Saturday, I can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Please send prayers and good vibes my way. I would really appreciate them!

Take care, and I hope to be back on Friday to share some favourites. There have to be some favourites about this week, right?

Thanks for being here!

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8 thoughts on “Hello Monday!”

  1. Ruth your weekend sounds so lovely with your family and some yummy treats too!!
    Be yourself at work, you are already an amazing educator!
    Sending you lots of positive vibes and prayers for this week xx

  2. I pray Steve’s surgery goes well. I had my knee replaced 2 weeks ago and the healing and therapy process is slow going. He will be fine. And I’m sure you’ll be an excellent caregiver. Just have him ice his knee when he’s sitting.

  3. The house auction sounds like a fun trip out. 4.5 million dollars, in that state! Eek! It must have been in a really amazing location.
    Ahh! Hot chocolate and Christmas cookies look like a lovely treat, perfect for a chilly evening.
    It sounds like you and Steve had a fab time on Sunday. Your food looks so good.
    I hope work goes well, I am sure you’ll do great! I hope Steve’s surgery goes well too. Sending love and hugs. x

  4. I hope all goes well with your accessor tomorrow! That is so nerve wracking. I have been telling everyone all day about your house selling story (though admittedly housing prices near the shore/ocean are the same here in the states too). It bogles my mind that people spend so much money on something only to tear it down and build something completely different, but I know that happens ALL the time!

  5. Four million is an awful lot to pay for a knockdown, but people do crazy things to get the location they want. I hope your review went well, I never liked observation days either. Also, hoping that knee replacement goes well. Your Japanese dinner looks yummy! Glad you had a fun night out before a stressful week.

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