Hello Monday!

Hi friends, welcome to this week’s edition of Hello Monday where we link up with Holly and Sarah to share some of our weekend highlights. My weekend was a nice mix of a fun and busy Saturday followed by a very relaxed and lazy Sunday. Then as usual it all went too fast and here we are again ready to begin a new week.


Saturday morning I wrapped up a few household chores left over from a busy week. I’m relieved that I don’t have to do mountains of chores on the weekend. I try so hard to make sure I get on top of everything during the week. But of course, there’s always something to do. Ugh!

I’m excited that I’ve kept up a nice routine of meal planning and ordering groceries online every Saturday morning. Then I schedule them to be delivered in the afternoon. Same-day delivery is the best!

After all the household stuff I went out and caught up with some friends for morning tea at 11. We had so much to chat about so it felt as if the morning flew by in a flash! I ended up leaving my friend’s house just after 2 because I had to get the car back for Steve to go to work at 2.30.

In the afternoon, my grocery order came and after I packed everything away. It was time to head to another friend’s house for dinner and games night. We had gazpacho as an entree. I had heard of it before and knew that it was a cold soup made with blended tomatoes, cucumbers onions and garlic. But it was the first time I had ever tried it.

fun busy weekend - gazpacho

Then it was Greek-style roast chicken, vegetables and salad as mains. So good!

fun busy weekend - roast chicken and vegetables for dinner

To finish off my friend made a spectacular-looking mango cheesecake. When she brought it out we were all oohing aahing. It tasted amazing too!

fun busy weekend - mango cheesecake

Then it was time for some games. We played Taboo first and then moved on to Cranium. Games nights are so much fun and there was the usual funny yelling and laughing till our sides hurt. It was a fun night with our group of friends.

fun busy weekend - Cranium game


I needed a Sunday like the one I just had where I did next to nothing. Apart from going to church in the morning I just camped out on the sofa and watched TV with Steve for most of the day. We watched a few episodes of Grand Designs then we moved on to two movies. One was American Underdog and the other was Ford Vs Ferrari. I stayed awake for the whole of the first movie. But after a glass of wine with dinner it was lights out for me and I slept through most of the second.

And that was my weekend, some fun times and a good dose of downtime. How was yours, I hope it was a good one! My friend is looking into the issue with my website. As I shared with you on Friday, some comments are not going through and coming up with either a blank page or a weird message that says ‘Error 403’ or something frightening like that. Fingers crossed that everything will be working as it should very soon. Tech woes always do my head in!

I hope you have a great week and I look forward to being back here on Wednesday.

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9 thoughts on “Hello Monday!”

  1. It sounds like you had a great weekend.
    Well done with the meal planning. I would love same day deliveries for the groceries. You can get it in the UK but you pay extra and as we live out of town they don’t deliver. Hmmf.
    That food looks so good, especially that cheesecake.
    Lazy Sunday’s are the best.
    I think my comments are going through, there’s no blank pages or errors so far for me. x

  2. You always have the best food and fun with friends and family. I’m glad you had a peaceful day on Sunday, I tend to fall asleep while watching television, we were watching a show the other day (Would I Lie to You) and one of the contestants said he held a tambourine in his hand so it would wake him up if he nodded off while watching tv. It turned out to be a lie, but my daughter wants to get me a tambourine, lol.

  3. I love weekends that are a mix of fun, productive, & relaxing! Saturday night sounds like a lot of fun, & you’re right, that cheesecake looks so good!

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