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Friday Favourites

Hello, friends! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week, and I’m sure you’re just as thrilled as I am that the weekend is finally here! Now it’s time to share some birthday favourites as well as some other favourites that brightened my week, let’s go!

On Monday, I shared some of the birthday fun I had over the weekend. Today I’m excited to share some sweet and thoughtful gifts I received.

I have been wanting a Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag for ages and my cousin surprised me with one on Saturday night at our cousin connect.

birthday favourites-a Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

I adore this belt bag because it has enough space and compartments to keep all of my essentials and a fantastic adjustable strap. Meaning I can keep my hands free while I go about my day. So functional and stylish! I also love love love the colour that my cousin chose for me as it’s neutral (my favourite) and goes with everything. These bags come in so many different colours and I know how indecisive I can be so I’m glad my cousin chose it for me.

My bestie gave me a gift bag with some of my favourites. Dark chocolate, more gingerbread men for my Christmas tree, stickers for my diary and wooden spoons. ( I have a thing about wooden spoons, they make me happy!)

birthday favourites

I love how she knows me so well and knows what I love. Probably because I’m always telling her whenever we are out shopping together. Haha!! She also very generously gave me a Lululemon gift voucher and I have my eyes set on a cute lightweight jacket, but now I have to decide which one! Decisions, decisions.

My work buddy whose birthday is the day after mine gave me a pretty sun catcher.

birthday favourites-sun catcher

I love what she wrote on the box because she’s only 29 years old. But hey, age is just a number right, so we can totally be birthday twins.

birthday favourites-a birthday message

This cute birthday card from another friend made me laugh.

birthday favourites-a card

So many kind and unexpected birthday presents!

Moving onto some other non-birthday related favourites. I bought this coconut and lime multi-purpose cleaner that I use for the kitchen from Aldi. And guess what? It smells just like the delicious frozen coconut margarita that I had last Sunday when we went out for lunch! Now if that’s not an incentive to clean the kitchen, then I don’t know what is!!

some favourites-Aldi all-purpose cleaner

Another favourite for the week was this bag of avocados that I got from Woolworths.

some favourites-avocados

See how they are all different shapes and sizes. Well, Woolworths sells a line of produce called ‘The Odd Bunch’ that doesn’t look perfect or pretty but is still totally tasty and healthy. A big bonus is that it’s also cheaper!

I unboxed my beautiful candle and glass cloche that one of my cousins gave me for Christmas.

candle and cloche

It looks so good on my coffee table and every time I lift the cloche, I can smell the gorgeous scent. I will light the candle eventually, but not just yet.

I thought I’d give these Pantene miracle shots a try. I’ve got dry ends that are making me crazy! I used one shot and it did make my hair feel less crispy. So I’m going to keep using them and hopefully, they will work miracles. Fingers crossed!

Pantene miracle shots

My husband brought me home this beautiful rose earlier in the week, isn’t it pretty? I put it on my kitchen window sill and it’s still going strong.

birthday favourites-a red rose

That wraps up some favourites for the week. Boy oh boy, I sure am feeling exhausted! I thought last week was tiring, but this one feels just as draining.

I’m looking forward to some downtime this weekend. Relaxing isn’t my strong suit, so I’ll likely have to remind myself to take it easy.

Anyway, thanks so much for stopping by today, I really appreciate you guys reading and your comments always make my heart sing. Unfortunately, something is going on with some comments not going through. Lovely Joanne from Slices of Life very kindly sent me an email to let me know. It’s another technical issue that I’ve tried to work out but can’t so I’ll need to ask my friend the web genius to fix it for me.

In the meantime, can you do me a favour? If you’re experiencing any issues with comments not going through and you get a weird message popping up, could you please shoot me an email to let me know? Any feedback you have would be super helpful while I tackle this. Thanks so much for your support!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend


Hooray for Friday!!

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6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. What a perfect rose! I love your new belt bag – might be the same color as mine. It’s really too small for me! I need it a little bit bigger. I love that your cleaner smells like margarita! It was National Margarita Day yesterday!

  2. What lovely gifts you received. That suncatcher is so pretty.
    I love the sound of that cleaner. I always feel more inclined to clean if the things I am using smell nice.
    Have a lovely weekend with plenty of relaxing. x

  3. Since my comment on today’s post went through, I wanted to come back here and tell you that I loved how your friends gave you such thoughtful gifts!

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