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Friday Favorites


Hooray for Friday and I hope everyone finds themselves well! I am linking up today with Andrea and Erika for a look at some of this week’s favourites!!


Look at our favourite girl, she looks so small. Soon our Sushi will be turning ten and we just love her so much. I honestly think she would have to be the friendliest cat ever. She loves to have a ‘chat’ and If you say “Hi Sushi” she will always answer back with a meow.

cat for Friday favouritesHa! look at my work shoes, they are not the fanciest but definitely the most comfortable for running around preschool all day.

Sushi cat for Friday favourites

Every evening around 10 pm Sushi will come over to where we are sitting on the lounge watching TV, she will hi-five Steve and stay for a nice long pat. Isn’t she clever? This has become a favourite evening tradition!


I thought this year it would be fun to celebrate Christmas in July. Some years when I am feeling exceptionally festive, I will put up little trees in everyone’s bedroom. This year I used one of the little trees as a table decoration for our impromptu Christmas in July celebrations, I just added battery-operated fairy lights and they gave off a really nice glow.

I set the table with Christmas linen and even found some old crackers that hadn’t been used. We had Christmas music playing softly in the background and feasted on a delicious roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings.

Christmas in July for Friday favourites

Presents for everyone! Nothing expensive or fancy. I just wrapped up a couple of favourites for each family member. Sam got a big jar of Mayvers Peanut Butter and a bag of chocolates. Steve got liquorice and a car air freshener. And I got my mum a new notepad and her favourite chocolates, Ferrero Rocher.

presents for Christmas in July


Lockdown means everything is so quiet as hardly anyone is out and about, consequently the days just seem so long. This week, I worked three days at preschool and I found myself joining in going around and around the obstacle course with my little friends.

preschool for Friday favourites

We had three children come to preschool on the days I worked. Usually, we are run off our feet trying to keep up with all the things and there is always a constant bubble of noise and excitement until the last child goes home.

Until lockdown ends the pace is most definitely going to be much slower. I’m really looking forward to the day when things are back to ‘normal’. But I will admit, not having to rush around is definitely a huge favourite.


We ventured out to the front garden and the children watered the plants.

watering the garden for Friday favourites

watering the garden

We’ve got some Bok Choi and Silverbeet growing. The children love tending to the garden and they get such a kick out of watching everything grow and once the vegetables are ready we pick them and use them in our cooking experiences.

In the past, we have cooked noodles with the bok choi and added some soy and honey sauce. This is always such a hit and a great way for the children to appreciate how food grows. In addition, another big bonus is that it also tempts the fussier eaters to try vegetables they normally wouldn’t.

Bok choi

silverbeet for Friday favorites

I looked up and noticed that our wattle tree was blooming. I love this as I see it as a sign that spring is on its way.

wattle tree for Friday favorites

Later that day we received a delivery of some new toys for our lightbox. I love new toys as they are so shiny but not for long when busy little hands get to work building and playing.

construction toys for Friday favorites

Lightbox toys for Friday favorites

lightbox toys for Friday favorites


On Tuesday evening after work, when dinner was all done and the household chores were under control, I treated myself to a nice hot cup of tea in my favourite teacup!

Quite a few years ago I received this beautiful teacup and saucer as a gift from one of the preschool mums whose last child was finishing up with us. So of course, every time I use it I think of her and her lovely boys, who are now teenagers

tea for Friday favorites


To go with my tea, Steve and I shared an almond croissant. What an absolute treat!

almond croissant for Friday favorites


Olympics, Olympics, Olympics! When we are home, we have the television on all day and night watching the Olympics!

australia wins a gold medal a Friday favourite


On Thursday while I was at the local fruit shop picking up some things we needed as well as ingredients for my homemade hummus. I spotted this almond nougat at the checkout. Apparently, I must have an almond obsession.

I couldn’t resist and now I understand the battle the poor little children have with all those tempting lollies and treats that are always found at the checkout.

nougat for Friday favorites


Another favourite this week has been avocados as they have just been so incredibly cheap. I’ve added them to sandwiches and salads plus we’ve made some good old guac!

avocados for Friday favourites


I fried up a couple of eggs and look. They randomly came out like the shape of Australia! How funny, must be because of all that Olympic spirit we’ve got going on around here!!

fried eggs for Friday favorites

That wraps up Friday Favourites for me this week. Thank you so much for stopping by and I truly hope you all have a great weekend.


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