porridge for hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Happy Monday friends,  hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Here I am linking up with My Glittery Heart and The Other Side of the Road for a quick look at my very very low-key weekend.


As I was not rostered to go in to work on Friday, I had the luxury of a slow and lazy day.  I had stayed up late on Thursday catching up on a few episodes of FBI I had recorded and we ended up going to bed late. Friday morning I got out of bed much later than I normally would. I’m not complaining as it was certainly a real treat not to have to rush out the door!


I enjoyed some hot steamy porridge with a splash of honey for breakfast. Recently I discovered very creamy organic Rolled Oats made by an Australian company called Red Tractor. It is just so delicious, especially on those cold mornings and it takes no time to make.

porridge for hello Monday

I’ve worked out that all I need to do is mix about three tablespoons of oats with lite milk into a deep cereal bowl. If I pop it into the microwave for three minutes It will cook beautifully without boiling over. Goodness knows I haven’t always done this successfully. I used to make my porridge in a regular saucepan but it stuck to the bottom and cleaning it was no fun.

The only non-stick cookware I have is a skillet. So for a short while, I was cooking my porridge in it. The clean-up wasn’t as terrible as it was with the saucepan.  However, as I was only making small quantities it was hardly worth the big effort to pull out a big skillet every time.

Then I worked out I could use the microwave successfully if I cooked it for three minutes. Any longer and I found that the whole thing would boil over. Porridge would just be oozing down all over the microwave plate. Such a bad way to start the day and it never put me in a great mood having to clean all that up. UGH! I’ve got a really great Granola recipe, but for winter months you can’t beat a creamy porridge. I like to alternate between both granola and porridge yum and yum.


Omelet for lunch!

For lunch, Steve made me an omelet. I love his omelets! For this one, he added some tasty cheese, ham, tomato, and mushrooms. We ended up sharing it as it was quite big and with all those ingredients it was very filling too.

Omelet for Hello Monday


I was busy for the rest of Friday doing housework, cooking, and half-listening to movies on my iPad. I usually have an old favourite going while I do my chores. Does anybody else do that?


I woke up on Saturday thinking it was Sunday. I got up and went to our front door to look for the Sunday newspaper we get delivered. When I discovered it wasn’t there I just assumed the delivery must be running late. It was at this point Steve realized my confusion and reminded me it was Saturday. For a good few seconds, I honestly did NOT believe him.

I really had to stop and think hard. Then of course I couldn’t stop laughing. I really don’t think this has ever happened to me before. Sure I’ve woken up on some mornings and very briefly had to remember what day of the week it was. But this was different, I honestly and truly thought it was Sunday! Ha, how crazy!! I can only blame the lockdown and the change in my work routine.

I caught up on more laundry, always laundry!! and spent most of the day watching the Olympics. More gold medals from the pool. Our ladies are doing incredible!! Sam was craving subway and he convinced us this would be a perfect lunch idea. We really didn’t need much convincing! We left it up to him to order for us and we were very happy with what he chose. I don’t usually eat subway so it was a nice treat.

Meatball Subways

Sam ordered Meatball subways with mozzarella cheese, carrot, onion, and ranch sauce. We all love a lot of sauce. It was delicious, he also recommended that we needed a cookie. He ordered a double choc chip for himself and I picked the macadamia cookie, which I shared with Steve.

macadamia cookie
I just managed to snap a picture before I devoured my cookie!

It was fun to have lunch while we watched yet more Olympics. Sam is right into the weightlifting. I find myself cringing a bit thinking about how many knee and hip replacements the athletes might need after their weightlifting career is over.


Steve went to work in the afternoon then got home at around 11 pm so we watched a movie together. I agree with what you are probably thinking, That is super late to start a movie! Anyway, we watched Poms with the lovely Diane Keaton. It was thoroughly enjoyable.

movie poms

The movie is about an older lady called Martha, who moves to a retirement village and befriends a group of ladies and they form a cheerleading squad. It made me laugh, and it made me cry. When it was finished as I usually do I googled it. Turns out that it was based on a true story! That made it even better. I really recommend this lovely movie!!


Sunday morning was another lazy start. We had a late breakfast together and then listened to the online church Sermon. We usually go to our local Anglican Church, but with lockdown, It will probably be a while before we meet together in person.

Later that afternoon I indulged myself with a face mask. I use one that I picked up from Aldi a while ago, it felt very refreshing! I put in my earbuds and listened to some music. It was a super nice way to finish off the weekend.

face mask

Thank you so much for joining me for this week’s Hello Monday! Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week.name



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