iceceam for a few favourites from the week

Favourites From The Week

Favourites From The Week

Hi everyone! I’m back here today sharing some favourites from the week. But firstly I can’t tell you how happy I am to welcome back the weekend! It has just been such a busy week. I’m not really surprised though because the first week back at preschool is always so full on. And I think that maybe the best way to describe it is that it’s a bit like childbirth! You forget how hard it is until you go through it again!! Haha….maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration! But friends it’s been a bit of a wild week!

Anyway, it’s great to be back again on this sunny Friday to share some of my favourites from the week. Thank you so much for being here today.


My first favourite for this week was meeting my cousin’s new puppy Zilla. She is absolutely the cutest and I am so excited that I get to see her again tomorrow.

puppy for a few favourites from the week


I have loved drinking refreshing iced coffee with hazelnut syrup. Perfect for those hot summer days. The temps have been around 30°C for most of this week and it’s just the way I like it!

iced coffee for favourites from this week


Priceline was having a major sale so I stocked up on a few things.

Priceline items for favourites from the week post

I picked up the argan hair moisturising treatment for $13.80 instead of $23.00 so that was a nice saving.


nail polish for favourites from the week post

I also bought this Sally Hansen nail polish which looks very similar to the one that I nearly bought last weekend. And it was only a fraction of the price!


My lovely friends went to San Francisco to visit their family over the Christmas holidays and they brought me back some beautiful surprises. They are so sweet to think of me and I will be tucking into some of these goodies tonight. Because it’s Friday night treat night!

souvenirs for favourites from the week post

Look at this cute baby Yoda. They know what a big Star Wars fan I am.

baby yoda key ring


Steve and I went out for our usual seafood dinner on Wednesday night and this time we shared some ice cream for dessert. It was such a hot and humid night and the ice cream tasted so refreshing. We had Turkish delight, pistachio and mango. Yum, yum and yum!

iceceam for a few favourites from the week


We have all been really enjoying some refreshing summer fruit this week. I ordered some grapes when I did my online food shop and I was surprised by how big the bunches were. We had two of these containers full of sweet grapes and everyone at home has been tucking into them. It’s a good thing that I have another grocery order coming today with more refreshing grapes.



I’m not sure if I have shared this mayonnaise with you guys before. But this is everyone’s favourite mayonnaise here at home. It’s so creamy and delicious! It’s perfect for potato salad and tuna sandwiches as well as just about everything.



I’m back to eating healthy salads at work. No daytime snacking anymore until the next holidays.

work lunch for a few favourites from the week


One of my favourite things about working with kids is hearing the funniest things they come out with! I overheard a few things this week that made me chuckle.

  • Two little girls who had only just started preschool were painting at the easel and they hadn’t met before or even acknowledged each other’s presence. When one turned to the other and said” Hey do you want to be my best friend”. The other little girl replied, “yeah ok”. Ah, life and relationships can be so uncomplicated when you’re four years old.
  • Rest and relaxation time is not everyone’s favourite and we often have a few wiggle worms. So we keep it short and sweet for them. On Thursday I said to the kids “only two more minutes before we finish rest time”. One of my funny little friends asked “and how many seconds?” I burst out laughing!
  • One of our new preschoolers has been having the best time. When his mum said goodbye to him one morning. He replied,” bye mum, see you tomorrow”. Ha!

And there we have ten favourites from the week. I sure am glad to get week one back at work out of the way. And now it’s only ten more weeks until the end of term. But who’s counting? ?

I hope that you all had a fantastic week and are just as excited as I am that it’s the weekend! Once I jump off the computer. I’m going to wrap up a few chores around the house. And then hang out on the couch with some snacks and watch lots of something. I haven’t decided what to watch yet. But I just hope that I can keep my eyes open.

Happy Friday!

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10 thoughts on “Favourites From The Week”

  1. OH so cute to read those adorable kid-isms! I looks like you had a delicious week and you have some very sweet friends to spoil you with those cute gifts. Those are my favorite Ghirardelli chocolates.

  2. It sounds like you are really ready for the weekend, I hope you have a good one.
    Aww! That puppy is adorable, she’s so tiny.
    I do love iced coffee when it’s warm out. At the moment I am drinking more hot chocolate that cold drinks. x

  3. That salad looks so yummy! I remember the first day back at teaching (although I taught first grade so not quite as tough as preschool). Kids really do say the funniest things. My daughter found her best friend at recess because the little girl had a dress that my daughter had too.

  4. Babies of all species are so adorable. Cute little one you held. First a puppy and then the ice cream got my attention. You can tell where my thoughts go. Have a wonderful weekend!

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