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Cleaning, Organising And A Dash Of Fun

Hey Monday, you sure came around quick! Hope you all find yourselves well and had a great weekend. I spent a lot of my weekend cleaning and organising. It sure feels great to purge, donate and throw out all the things that we no longer use and have been taking up space at home.

Friday night before I went to bed I made plans in my head to do some much-needed cleaning and organising on Saturday.  That’s how usually like to start. I will visualise what I want to get done and then I give myself a pep talk.

I’m not a big list writer, although I should probably try and make this a good habit. It might make life easier as far as not forgetting things. Also, it must be very satisfying to see the things crossed off the list once they are finished. Yes, I should really work on writing out some lists.

Fun things first

Saturday mid-morning Steve suggested we go and have a browse around our local farmers market. Get a coffee and have something to eat. So we did just that! I also wanted to pick up some fruit. They have such a lovely variety of fresh fruit and vegetables at the market. As well as so many yummy food stalls. It was such a beautiful sunny Saturday.

Normally I like to finish all my chores before I have a fun outing but that wasn’t going to work because Steve started work in the afternoon/evening. So we headed out and had a fun morning together.

fruit stalls at the farmers market for cleaning, organising and a dash of fun

fruit stall at farmers market for cleaning,organising and a dash of fun post

food stalls at the farmers market

lunch at the farmers market

We shared a lamb, mashed potato, vegetables, and gravy lunch. Yum, so good!

Time To Get Stuck Into It!

When we got home I was feeling a little too relaxed. I had to dig really deep to find my motivation again. I could have easily plonked myself on the sofa and camped out there for the rest of the day. See why I like to get my chores done first!!!

Council Clean Up

Four times a year our local council offers a free clean-up service to all the council residents. This means we can put almost anything out front of our homes that we want to get rid of. Things like old furniture, mattresses, green waste, carpet, and white goods.

Council gives us the dates for collection and then we can place all our unwanted things out on the kerb 48 hours before the collection date. It’s such a great service and we are really lucky that our council does this as not all of them do. Some councils require households to book times and dates for individual collections.

Getting Rid Of Stuff

The past few clean-ups I hadn’t needed to get rid of too many things. But this time around I had accumulated quite a pile. I even threw out my ironing board. I haven’t ironed on an ironing board in forever. When my iron stopped working early last year I didn’t bother replacing it. Instead, I just got in the habit of using a handheld steamer. So much easier! Plus I try to fold all my laundry as soon as it comes off the line. So far I can’t say that I have missed not having an iron.

pile of rubbish for cleaning, organising and a dash of fun post

Doesn’t look like a whole lot there but I had already taken three garbage bags full of clothes and shoes to the charity bin.

I had been piling up all this stuff in my little office. So it was so nice to get my floor space back and have everything looking neat and tidy again.


I managed to get most of my cleaning and organising done on Saturday, I only had a bit more to do on Sunday. So I was really happy about that. I had a nice slow morning and then around midday I made spinach pie. It’s a big favourite around here! Full of cheesy goodness and lots of spinach!!

cooking spinach for cleaning, organising and a dash of fun post

spinach pie for cleaning, organising and a dash of fun post

In the late afternoon, I made a trip to Bunnings. I had to return a fan that made a weird noise when I turned it on.

a fan

Then I went to Kmart to return a pot plant and a wooden tray that I had bought but didn’t end up needing.

New Things For My Little Cat

While I was at Kmart I spotted a new kitty litter box which is very similar to my cat’s old one. Her current box is ten years old and cracked so I bought her this new one.

kitty litter box

Cats are such creatures of habit, fingers crossed that she will get used to her new box. I did put her old litter in so she could smell it (ugh!). I gently placed her inside the new litter box and she used it. Hope she does this on her own without any problems.

cat eating

I also got her some new bowls for her food and water to replace her old plastic ones.  She was perfectly happy to eat out of them.

This new laser toy I bought for her kept her very entertained for a while. She was a spoilt cat this weekend!

laser cat toy

In the evening I worked on my blog and then Sushi (that’s my kitty’s name) came to say hi.

My cat


my cat

It certainly was a weekend of cleaning and organising. I was happy we were able to squeeze in some fun too!

Happy Monday friends!!

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11 thoughts on “Cleaning, Organising And A Dash Of Fun”

  1. The trip to the farmer’s market sounds fun. It looks like you had a good clear out! I am not good at getting rid of stuff but I recently purged my wardrobe. It’s so nice to be able to find stuff in there once again and, guess what? I don’t miss any of the 3 bags of stuff I got rid of.

  2. That farmer’s market trip sounds fabulous! I too try to get my chores done first and early before I lose all my ambition in the day.

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time at the farmer’s market. It is hard to find the motivation to do chores when you come home after being out and about – I always struggle with that too. I love that your council offers a free clean-up service, what a great idea. Always nice to have that feeling of a bit more space after a declutter. Hope your cat gets used to her new litter box soon. #MMBC

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Thanks! Yes, thankfully my little cat did get used to her new litter box. I was worried because last year during lockdown I couldn’t find her usual kitty litter at the shops. I ended up getting something different and things didn’t go well.

  4. Doesn’t it feel so good to clean things out? You did a good purge! I love that you have dates that your council will pick things up! Way to make the best of it. Thanks for linking up!

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