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Hi friends it’s lovely to be back today linking up with Andrea and Erika. I thought that it would be fun to chat about a few of this week’s Christmas favourites. This is always such a fun time of the year! But if you guys have been reading along. You will probably know that I’ve really struggled to get into the Christmas spirit this year. But I ploughed on and this week I put up my tree, decorated the house (a bit), listened to Christmas music and watched a couple of old favourite movies and shows. And I think that this helped me enormously.

Christmas Tree

On Wednesday night when the three of us were home. We all pitched in and put up the tree. Well nearly all three of us pitched in. Sam mainly lay on the lounge! But it was really nice to be all together.

Christmas favourites

I ended up finding more of the cute gingerbread men decorations at another Bed Bath N’ Table store in the city on the weekend. This time I didn’t hesitate and I snapped them up. I think they look cute on the tree.

ginger bread men ornaments

I bought these nice non-blinking white string lights years ago from Ikea and they are my favourite.

christmas lights

My Favourite Christmas Show

While we decorated the tree on Wednesday night. We watched The Vicar Of Dibley-Christmas Lunch Incident on Amazon Prime. I know that I went on and on about this last year. But I can’t help it. It’s my absolute favourite episode. The funny thing is. I haven’t ever really watched many of the other Vicar Of Dibley episodes. But watching this Christmas episode is a must in our family.

Beautiful Ornaments

As I was decorating I took a trip down memory lane. Looking at some of the beautiful ornaments that the children from preschool have given me as presents over the years.

Christmas ornaments

I like to date them and write the name of my little student on the back with a permanent marker.

christmas favourites

Here is an ornament that Sam made for me when he was at preschool……..sigh!

christmas ornament

Christmas angel

This gorgeous handmade angel was given to me by a little girl called Amy. Amy is now in her early 20s and I was lucky enough to catch up with her and her lovely mum earlier this year!

Egg Nog

egg nog

Another of this week’s Christmas favourites is this delicious egg nog. I’m determined to make my own this year because it’s on my December bucket list!! But this egg nog was very good and we all enjoyed a nice glass with some Walkers shortbread biscuits after we finished decorating the tree.

Christmas Treats!

I am always so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of our lovely preschool parents. Earlier this week we received a huge box of decorated doughnuts.

Another lovely parent also gave us some Christmas biscuits.

christmas cookies

We also received some chocolates, a box of cannolis and another box of pastries. I forgot to take any pics of these because I was too busy eating!

A Lindt Chocolate Advent Calender

Lindt Chocolate Advent calendar

I usually buy a simple Aldi advent calendar. But this year I splurged on a Lindt Chocolate Advent calendar (because it was half-price). I have banned Sam from eating them all in one day!!

Community Christmas Events

I’m sure that I took for granted all these fun Christmas community events in the past. But after two years of everything being cancelled, it’s so great that now they’re back! So last Saturday some friends and I went to the Carss Bush Park Magic Of Christmas Event.

Carrs Park Christmas event

We had some food from the food trucks. Then we just hung around on a picnic blanket and had fun chatting and catching up. I was really happy to be with my lovely friends but sad that poor Steve missed out because he was at work.


Christmas Candles

Christmas candles

I have loved burning lovely Christmas-scented candles like this one. It has honestly been so cold (here I go again with the weather report). I can’t remember summer ever being this cold and we are still wearing jumpers and jackets!!

On the upside, it’s been really nice and cozy to have candles burning at this time of the year. Normally we are all sweltering in the unbearable Australian summer heat.

So there we have it, eight Christmas favourites for this week! I’m excited that it’s the weekend because we have our staff Christmas lunch tomorrow. Then on Sunday, it’s Steve’s swim club Christmas BBQ. And Sunday afternoon I’m going Christmas shopping with my bestie. Another busy weekend and I’m totally up for it!

I hope that you guys have the best weekend. We are really on a countdown now aren’t we!! Thanks so much for reading along. I’ll be back here on Monday.

Take care friends and happy Friday!name graphic

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5 thoughts on “Christmas favourites”

  1. Aww! Your tree looks very pretty. I’m glad you found some more of those gingerbread men. They are adorable.
    Ahh! I love the Vicar of Dibley and just thinking about the Christmas lunch incident did make me chuckle.
    I have never tried egg nogg, each year I keep meaning to but never get around to it, maybe this is the year.
    It is nice having the Christmas events back on. Yours look so different to ours, we’re all in thick coats, hats and scarves, not t-shirts. hehehe x

  2. Your tree looks fabulous; those gingerbread men are adorable. I love those snowflake lights! My whole tree is decorated with snowflakes.

  3. Lovely Christmas favourites Ruth.
    I love your tree it is so pretty! I’m glad that you feel more festive now, sending big hugs.
    The community Christmas event sounds fun. I bet it was nice to have a catch-up with friends.
    It’s interesting that you’re still in your coats over there, as I know you guys get very hot weather in the summer. It is absolutely freezing here!
    Have a lovely week Ruth. xx

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