brunch on a low-key weekend

A Low-Key Weekend

Hey everyone it’s good to be back today linking up with Holly and Sarah for this week’s Hello Monday. I hope that you all had an amazing weekend and are all ready for a brand-new week. I’m happy to report that after a very low-key weekend I am feeling better.

On Friday I shared with you guys that covid finally got me in a big way. Thankfully I feel that I am getting better each day. Even though I still have an annoying cough and my energy levels are still pretty low I’m slowly getting back to normal. But I guess it’s just going to take a bit of time before I feel one hundred per cent.


I’m excited that next Saturday we are going to our friend’s son’s wedding. I decided that it would be a great idea to get a manicure and pedicure this Saturday because I knew that I wouldn’t get a chance to get one during the week. I’m planning to wear strappy silver heels so I really needed to get my toenails looking decent.

I chose a very neutral colour with a bit of shimmer in a shellac finish which should last longer without chipping or peeling. Neutral colours are always my go-to. I considered something a bit more colourful but I’m always drawn to neutrals! I just can’t help myself!!

neutral nail polish for a low-key weekend post

After my mani/pedi, Steve and I went out for brunch. I had smoked salmon, smashed avocado, tomatoes, edamame, and fetta sprinkled with sweet potato crisps. It looked like a spring garden on a plate and it was very delicious too! I nearly finished it all but I left a bit because my appetite is still not quite there yet.

brunch on a low-key weekend

Steve had a burger and fries and he commented that he should have ordered what I did. He always says that!!

burger and fries

In the evening Sam was out with his lovely girlfriend and Steve was at work. I wasn’t feeling very hungry so I just made myself some chicken nuggets with tomatoes and cucumber for dinner.

easy dinner for a ow key weekend post

Then I had a fruit smoothie for dessert while I watched one of my favourite movies ‘Parenthood’ with Steve Martin.

smoothie for a low key weekend


I went to church in the morning and even though I had lovely conversations with some of my church friends I was feeling pretty down on the way home. I’ve been feeling really emotional lately especially more so since I got sick. And as we are heading closer to the Christmas season it’s getting harder and harder to face the fact that my lovely mum will not be with us this year.

Sunday afternoon my friend texted me this beautiful photo that she found while she was sorting through some things at her home. It’s a photo of my mum (in the middle) and my friend’s mum (on the left) with another family friend (on the right).

These three were very best friends and they loved hanging out together. I have the most amazing childhood memories of the three of them chatting and laughing together constantly. They always had so much fun and their friendship was just so special. I can honestly say that they were the best example of what it means to truly be a good friend.

Because while they enjoyed all the good fun times. The three of them also went through some tough and dark times in their personal lives over the many years of their friendship. But they were always there for each other both emotionally and in practical helpful ways too. They supported each other through things like life-threatening illnesses of their loved ones, separations and divorce. Always showing each other so much love and respect with never a cross word spoken between them.

Sadly they have all passed away now. My friend texted me the photo along with these words…” Just came across these beautiful girls who now look out for us from up above”. Sigh……I miss them so much. I loved getting the photo but it also sent me into a flood of tears. I ended up calling my friend and we had a great chat. Good uplifting conversation is so wonderful for the soul.

In the evening I was still feeling a bit fragile so I took it easy and spent a lot of time resting. I also treated myself to a face mask as my skin has been feeling so dry! Not sure if it’s a combination of the weather or my crying that is making my skin feel so dry. Probably both!!

face mask for a low key weekend

I also had a coffee and a doughnut with delicious pink icing and sprinkles to cheer myself up.

coffee and doughnut

Before I went to bed I spent time reading some of my favourite blogs. It’s so lovely to read about people decorating their homes and about some of their Christmas traditions. It helped to make me feel a tiny bit more Christmasy.

I won’t be putting my tree up until the first weekend of December. And this year I’m really going to miss my mum saying what she said every single year “Ruthie…the tree looks lovely but it needs more tinsel” haha… far as my mum was concerned there was never enough tinsel in the world!

I hope you guys have a great Monday!

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10 thoughts on “A Low-Key Weekend”

  1. I’m so sorry you will be spending your first Christmas without your Mum, it’s really hard. I’ll have been without my Mum for 14 years this year, and I still miss her. I have my own little ‘rituals’ to make her part of Christmas and to help me get through. I’m sure you’ll find your own way of coping. Your brunch looks absolutely amazing, I’d choose that over a burger any day. I hope you are feeling better real soon and enjoy your wedding party.

    1. Ruth(playworkeatrepeat)

      Thank you so much, Anne. I love the idea of having a ritual to make your mum part of Christmas. I hadn’t thought of that but it does sound like a lovely way to honour her memory. I’ll have to try and think of doing something like that too xxx

  2. I’m glad you’re feeling better. Your choice for lunch looks amazing – I love the mix of fresh veggies with bread, avocado, etc. Have a great week! #MMBC

  3. Your nails look great! I am so sorry to hear you’re struggling with missing your mom this holiday season; those feelings of grief really can swamp us at any time can’t they? I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I don’t.. just know that I’m thinking of you and you’re not alone.

  4. I am glad you are on the road to recovery.
    Your nails look so pretty and that brunch looks amazing!!
    Sending love and hugs to you. It must be extra hard with it coming up to Christmas and your mum not being with you. x

  5. I’ll be thinking of you as you go forward through the holiday season without your dear mum. I’m glad you were able to call your friend and share that time with her.
    On a lighter note, you made the right choice with your meal!!

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