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A Few Fun Facts-Eight Things About Me

Hi Friends I thought it might be fun to do a post related to a few fun facts about me. I’ve made a list of eight things about me so you might get to know me a bit more. So here we go!


I was born in Lima Peru. When I was 8 months old my family moved to Australia. Although I have never lived in Peru I did go for a visit when I was ten years old (a very long time ago) and stayed with family for about three months.

photo of me and my mum for eight things about me post
This photo of my mum and me. It must have been taken when we first arrived in Sydney


I grew up only speaking Spanish at home so when I started kindergarten I couldn’t speak any English! I don’t remember this being a big problem for me so I must have learnt English pretty fast. The great thing is that now I am fluent in both English and Spanish.


I don’t have any brothers or sisters. I always wished I did though, especially now that I am caring for my mum. It’s a bit hard not having a sibling to be able to share life with. But I have a couple of close friends who are like sisters so that’s a big blessing!

my mum and I for a few fun facts about me post
Ha, my mum and I are twinning here!


I was 19 when I got married. My husband was a bit older, he was 25. Gosh, that seems so young now!! I had my first son when I was 23. Time went so fast and life threw some crazy curveballs at us so we ended up having our second son 11 years later.

Having children so far apart in age has its pros and cons. It was easier not having to care for two little kids but the age gap was just so huge. Now that they are older the age gap is not such a big deal. Even though they don’t see each other every day they get along really well, they also share similar interests (hello Pokemon) and are very close.

my boys for a few fun facts about me post


I always wanted to work with children and even had plans to be a child psychologist. Although I graduated with a major in Psychology I didn’t pursue any further study. The funny thing is I kind of fell into working in early childhood while I was at uni.

A friend of mine was working as a cook at a daycare centre where they needed casuals. She recommended me and that was it. I totally loved it and couldn’t believe I was getting paid for doing something I loved so much! Back then I probably would have worked for free. Haha!

A few years later I applied for the most perfect job at a local preschool. I have been working there for  24 years and it’s a fantastic place. The staff and families are lovely and it’s within walking distance from where I live. We run the same as schools in that we have four preschool terms and break up for the school holidays. This has meant that I have always been able to enjoy the school holidays with my boys. So good!!


I am terrified of flying! The thought of it makes me feel nauseous. I have flown many times before but each time the fear gets worse and worse. The last time I got on a plane was in 2007 to go to New Zealand for my cousin’s wedding.

I was gripping the armrests so hard that my fingers were going numb. I was sitting next to my chatty mum and she wouldn’t stop talking to me which was making me feel worse. She just couldn’t see that I needed to concentrate with the pilot so that we could all land safely. Haha!


I am a huge Star Wars fan and have been since the first movie was released. I was seven years old and I went into the city with my parents to watch it at the Hoyts movie theatre on George St. The minute I heard that opening music and saw the Star Wars introduction on the screen I was completely and utterly hooked. I’m getting goosebumps now just reliving that moment.

Then of course I proceeded to fall in love with Luke Skywalker. I grew up with pictures of Mark Hamill, the actor who brought Luke to life all over my walls and in my school books and folders. It’s no coincidence that I was more than happy to name our first son Luke!

Star Wars storm trooper and me for a few fun facts about me post
At a Star Wars exhibition a few years ago held at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum


I’m a Christian and growing up my mum would always read me stories from the bible. I attended Sunday school and later joined the youth group. When I was little I went to a Methodist church, now I’m happily part of our local Anglican church. Even though I grew up going to church. The true meaning of being a Christian didn’t click for me until my late teens.

I came to understand that it’s not about simply attending church services or trying to be morally good. Instead, it’s about embracing faith and trusting in Jesus. It was then that I realised that my salvation comes from grace, not from my efforts to be a morally upright person.

Moreover, being a Christian doesn’t mean that life’s going to be a breeze. But it does mean I can trust a loving and caring God. For someone like me who struggles with the need for control, learning to let go and trust is a real journey!

So I guess that’s about it, for now. A few fun facts about me!

Happy Monday Friends!


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