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Hi there friends it’s time for the December edition of Currently with Jennifer. Today we are looking at what we are currently – loving, gifting, wrapping, hoping and attending this month. Thanks so much for stopping by!


This is my favourite time of the year and I love everything about it so I think it’s probably easier if I write a list of everything I am currently loving!

  • The festive cheer
  • Christmas music everywhere
  • The excitement and anticipation as we get closer to Christmas
  • Planning outfits for upcoming Christmas parties
  • Beautiful decorations in the shops
  • Summer clothes because it’s summer over here
  • Watching Hallmark Christmas movies
  • Seeing homes with twinkly lights and decorations while driving at night
  •  Christmas markets
  • Practicing for our preschool Christmas concerts which are on next week (Yikes!)
  • Counting down until the summer school holidays – 9 days to go!
  • Mangos and cherries. It’s time for summer fruits and I’m here for it!!
  • Planning the games we are going to play with my family on Christmas Eve
  • Feeling motivated to decorate after putting up the Christmas tree last Sunday
  • Celebrating the season with friends and family


I visited my aunt and uncle on the weekend and I gifted them a very cute Christmas snow dome. Sometimes it’s hard to know what gifts to buy. But you can’t go wrong with a pretty Christmas ornament like this one.

snow globe-December currently

I have also been on the lookout for a Secret Santa for my lovely work friend. Luckily I found something at the Danish Christmas markets and I hope she loves it as much as I do.


Except for my aunt and uncle’s gift, I haven’t wrapped a single present yet! This year our whole family decided that we would do a Secret Santa gift exchange and it has made all of our lives easier. My cousin organised this by using an online Secret Santa generator where we all entered our names. The generator then randomly assigned each of us a Secret Santa recipient.Easy peasy!

We agreed on a budget and the generator even allowed us to create our wish list. This way whoever got our names knows exactly what to buy. The best part is that the Secret Santa generator is linked directly to Amazon, making shopping so convenient! I bought my Secret Santa gift for my cousin the minute I got an email saying that he had created his wish list. I’ll be wrapping up his present very soon.

Although we are using a Secret Santa generator for our extended family. I will also be buying some presents for my immediate family. I just need to get to the shops ASAP!!


I am hoping to stay focused on the reason for the season. I know that I get carried away with all the festive fun such as parties, gift-giving, delicious food and family celebrations. But I want to stay grounded in the true meaning behind the festivities – the birth of our Saviour, Jesus.

Jesus is the reason for the season graphic-December currently


I have two Christmas events that I am very excited to be attending in the next couple of weeks. Firstly, this Saturday our preschool staff is having Christmas lunch at Nola’s, a restaurant in Barangaroo. I am looking forward to spending the day with some work besties!

Then the following Friday, Steve and I received an invitation to the Mayor’s Christmas party which was a lovely surprise! I am so excited to attend this function as I get to dress up in a festive cocktail dress and enjoy a fun night out. I can’t wait!!

Thanks for stopping by to read my blog and I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! I look forward to being back on Friday to share some favourites.

See ya!

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8 thoughts on “December Currently”

  1. Now that the craziness of Nutcracker is over, I’m looking forward to getting to church and just soaking up the miracle of Christmas, rather than the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

  2. We were just having a family friend explain that online secret Santa too, with the random assignments and the wish lists, I thought that sounded perfect! I hope you have the best time at the Mayor’s party.

  3. Our family did a secret Santa type gift exchange the last couple of years and I loved it, but this year the kids wanted a break from it. And I’m the one having a tough time deciding what to gift everyone and getting my own wish list updated for their benefit. :sigh: That ornament is gorgeous – a perfect gift!! Happy Holidays!

  4. Oh, I really like that snow dome…or snow globe:) I know several who would enjoy receiving that as a gift. Hmmm – and I’m headed to a Christmas market tomorrow. I hope I can find some fun, unique gifts there as well. I’m always hoping to find something “unique” but tend to make shopping harder than it should be – ha!

  5. I am loving December too with all the festive cheer. 6 more days for my youngest at college and then she’s done for the year! Hooray!
    Aww! That snow globe is very pretty.
    I need to start wrapping the presents, I hate wrapping so will rope the kids into helping. The secret santa exchange sounds like a good idea. x

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