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A Day In The Life

Happy Monday, friends! I think that my favourite kind of posts to read on other people’s blogs are usually “A Day In The Life “ones. Probably because it’s a sneak peek into someone’s ordinary day. We’re getting back into the swing of things pretty fast around here now that lockdown is over. I’ve started full-time hours again at work and life is going back to some kind of normal. So even though I think my days are really not that exciting, I thought I might record a day in our lives and share it with you today.

A Day In The Life-Wednesday 20th October 2021

My alarm went off at 6 am like it usually does but I didn’t get up until 6.30 and then I remembered to take a screenshot at 6.41. Oh my goodness, getting out of my nice cosy bed is such a huge struggle. I always wish I was one of those jump out of bed people but unfortunately I’m not.

phone screen shot for day in the life

The first one to get up after me is always my little cat Sushi. Isn’t she so cute? She sleeps in Sam’s room but as soon as she hears me get up she’s out like a shot and ready for her breakfast.

cat for day in the life post

Here she is looking at me because she knows she’s getting her favourite cat food. Felix jellies selection. We’ve tried other varieties but she likes this one the best. During the lockdown, it was sometimes hard to find this at our supermarket. Sushi wasn’t happy on those days.

A Cloudy Morning

I rolled up the kitchen blind and was greeted with a cloudy day. I checked the forecast and it predicted showers and a chilly kind of day. Sigh!

cloudy morning for a day in the life post

I made sure to have a glass of water first thing. If I don’t then I find that I forget with the rush of the morning and then it’s about 10 am before I remember I haven’t drunk any water. We need to stay hydrated friends!!

water for a day in the life post

Daily Cleaning Routine

I went to the laundry and grabbed my cleaning caddy where I keep my cleaning supplies and headed over to clean the main bathroom and ensuite. I have this cleaning routine where I clean the bathrooms every day and then take the weekends off from this chore.

cleaning caddy for a day in the life post

This works well for me because I am no longer frustrated at the bathrooms not being fresh and clean. It also means they never get really dirty and I especially love not having to do them on the weekends. It’s kind of like my big reward.

It doesn’t take long to do the bathrooms at all and after I finished I put my cleaning caddy back in the laundry and took out a load of washing from the machine. I had preset the timer the night before to start this load about an hour before I got up. The weather looked so dodgy that I thought it was best to hang it up inside to dry.

washing for a day in the life post

I then put another load on for Steve to hang out later. He worked until 2 am so he wasn’t going to be up for a while. I took my face masks off the pegs to wear at work. They were nice and dry after being washed the night before. I like wearing cloth masks because they smell so nice from the fabric softener that I use. The disposable ones we have at work don’t smell that great.


I headed up to the kitchen to unpack the dishwasher. Can you believe that before we had our kitchen renovated earlier this year we didn’t have a dishwasher? When I was growing up we did own one but we must have only used it a handful of times. My mum preferred to hand wash and she used the dishwasher to store her plastic containers WHAT??? I didn’t think that this was strange at all back then. Ha! I do now.

dishwasher for a day in the life post

So now that we do have a dishwasher I wonder how I ever survived handwashing everything. I guess it’s because we all took turns and didn’t know any better. I certainly could never live without one anymore!!

Getting Ready To Run Out The Door

While I was in the kitchen I quickly got breakfast ready. I made porridge in the microwave. The trick is 3 tablespoons of instant oats in some milk and then cook on high for 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The porridge cooks perfectly without spilling over. 3 is the magic number for sure!

porridge for a day in the life post

Sam likes to take a thermos with leftovers for lunch to school. I did the old trick of heating up the thermos with boiling water first before putting the food in. This works so well and keeps everything nice and hot right up until lunchtime. I got the rest of the lunches packed and ready to go.

thermos for a day in the life post

I raced off to get dressed and was happy my hair wasn’t frizzy especially since it looked like it was going to rain. It was a different story about an hour later when I was at work. The frizz set in. Sigh!

frizzy hair

A Busy Preschool Day

I got to work and then it was full-on from then. The children spent the morning enjoying being back at preschool. It was painting, playdough, building, stories, singing, running, digging, climbing, and all the fun things that preschool is all about.



I had a salad for lunch which was very nice but I felt like I had overdone it with the salads on Monday and Tuesday.

salad for a few fun moments

The rest of the day raced by and then it was home time for the kids. After a flurry of packing away and setting up again for the next day, it was home time for the teachers.

I picked up some mangos, berries, and raisin bread on the way home. We were running a bit low on fruit and my home delivery wasn’t scheduled until Friday. Oh yes, and I needed sour cream for my beef stroganoff that I had planned to make for dinner.

fruit for a day in the life post

Finally Home Again

I was feeling really tired when I got home and if I had sat down I probably would have fallen asleep. So instead I had a cup of coffee, this is something I don’t normally do but it helped to revive me and keep going.


I made the Stroganoff and put the rice cooker on. In between all that I managed to do a bit of blogging and then I went to tackle one box of clutter. I have an Ikea unit with boxes in the garage/office. They desperately needed decluttering. I have decided to do one box a day until it’s done.



While I was doing this chore that I did NOT feel like doing I caught up on half an episode of “The Block” on my iPad. This made the decluttering task much more bearable. It didn’t really take me very long at all thankfully.

the blockOnce I heard the rice cooker ding I had finished two boxes so I was really happy with that effort. Sam and I then had dinner together (Steve was at work). Sam then helped me clear the table and pack the dishwasher.

rice cooker

I went to the laundry and set the timer for my washing to be ready for the next morning. I had a much-needed shower, put on my pyjamas, and jumped into bed. Well, I didn’t actually jump into bed, by then it was more of a crawl! It was such a great feeling to be in bed wrapped up in my nice crisp white sheets. I love white sheets, they make me feel like I’m in a hotel.

I finished my episode of “The Block” that I had started earlier. Ronnie and Georgia’s house is my favourite followed by Kirsty and Jesses. It’ll be interesting to see who wins! Then it was lights out much later than it should have been. Going to bed early is not one of my superpowers.

And that’s it A Day In The Life last Wednesday. I hope you enjoyed following along an ordinary day in my life. Have a fantastic rest of the week and see you back here tomorrow where I will be looking at 10 essential wardrobe items every woman needs.

Bye For Now!



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