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10 Fun Things

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Hi friends, thanks so much for stopping by to have a look at 10 fun things for this week’s Friday Favorites post. I really hope you have had a great week and are excited about the weekend like I am. Weekends always make me happy but it’s kind of weird because lockdown has me so confused ALL THE TIME, I’m never quite sure what day it is! I know you guys must know what I mean from your own lockdown experiences.

The only reason I sort of know what day I’m up to is because of my work roster. If I wasn’t still physically going into work at preschool a couple of times a week I would be in an even worse state of confusion. Having said that, I still love the weekends because I know I can stay up super late guilt-free.

Let’s get started on 10 fun things I have to share with you today, starting with-


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Money Heist–  Oh my goodness!! Are you guys watching this? If you aren’t you totally should!! Season 5 came out on Netflix this week and we finished it in two nights. I could have done it in one but my husband said I should sleep.

Anyway, it is SO good, and just when you think it can’t get any more exciting and you find yourself gasping it does. Sometimes I have to pause the episode we’re watching to literally calm down before I can keep going. I totally recommend this Netflix series, I would say it’s my favorite ever along with Breaking Bad.


Forgive me if you are not a meat eater but I was craving a big juicy steak for ages and so on Monday night we had this.

steak dinner for 10 fun things post

My husband cooked this steak medium-rare to perfection and we had it with the creamiest mashed potatoes ever. I’ll have to share my secret for easy creamy mashed potatoes in the future. Stay tuned!!


Fathers day

We celebrated Father’s day on Sunday. I forgot to take photos but we did enjoy a really delicious lunch from a charcoal chicken place called El Jannah before Steve had to go to work. Working in hospitality mean he has to work even on fun days.


Fruit for 10 fun things post

Summer Fruit!! The warmer weather means all the yummy summer fruit! We have been eating heaps of blueberries because we have been inundated with very cheap blueberries at the supermarket lately.

Apparently, there is a surplus of blueberries because the restaurants and cafes are not needing them due to being closed during the lockdown. This means we get to buy them much cheaper. Sometimes they can cost up to $5-$6 a punnet. They’ve only been $1.50-$2.00 a punnet lately.


Hearts of Hope

At preschool this week we started “Hearts of Hope”. Currently, we only have about 4 children attending regularly because of lockdown, so we haven’t seen most of the children at all this term. Our director sent out these cute heart outlines for the children to print off at home and decorate. They then had the option of returning it in person if they were out walking past the preschool or sending them via email.

Hearts of hope

They look so good hanging off our front fence. The children have done lovely drawings and some have written nice messages of hope and encouragement. What a cool project!


tea for 10 fun things post

I thought I might give this chai tea a try. Normally I like the Tetley Chai Latte sachets but I haven’t been able to get them lately. I have a weakness for sweet tea. I can do coffee with just milk and no sugar but I just love sugar in my tea. Anyway, this tea was quite nice once I added the sweetness and milk.



My neighbor popped around and gave me these lovely flowers from her garden. She likes to arrange flowers and she is really into gardening. She regularly surprises me with a nice arrangement. I then wash and return the vase. I really love this particular vase, it reminds me of those retro ones my mum had when I was a kid. Not sure what happened to the ones my mum had but I wish we had kept them.


cadbury hazelnut chocolate for 10 fun things

I love Cadbury chocolate especially the hazelnut Cadbury block, don’t worry I didn’t eat the whole lot. I spread the joy out over a few nights. Normally I don’t like to buy whole blocks of chocolate as it can be hard to stop at just a small piece. I usually get the bags of smaller chocolates and limit myself to one a night. But hazelnut chocolate doesn’t come in small fun sizes so I’m forced to buy the block. ha!



My friend dropped off these bananas. Her husband (another keen gardener) has a banana tree in their garden. They have a very small garden but somehow keep a great big banana-producing tree….amazing!! I’ll have to make more banana bread. I posted a recipe for a super easy and delicious banana bread just the other day. You can find it here.


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Finishing off my 10 fun things, I’m super excited about tonight because my little cousin, who is a year older than my oldest son has organized us to have a virtual Jackbox games night. Have you heard of Jackbox? My son and his fiancee introduced us to this a couple of years ago. The games are so much fun and we usually laugh so hard we can barely breathe.

Jackbox Games offers heaps of super fun game packages that you can play on different platforms. We have played it using our TV with our phones as controllers. All I have to do is download an app called Discord??? I’ll let you know how we go but I’m sure it’s going to be great. I’ll leave all the technical setup to my 16-year-old.

I love how my cousins and my own two boys include me (the old girl) in their games. They know I’m an old-school gamer geek and love all that kind of stuff. Steve works till really late on Friday nights and I usually watch TV by myself. So this will be a fun thing to do tonight.

Have a Great Weekend!

Thanks so much for letting me share 10 fun things that happened during my week. It’s Friday 5 pm here in Sydney and I’m off to get ready for games night. Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend. I’ll see you back here on Monday where I will have another fashion styling post. Bye for now!


As usual, I am linking up with Andrea and Erika for today’s Friday Favorites Post

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