What’s Up Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! This is my very first link up and I’m linking up with Sheaffer and  Shay

I’m excited to share a mixture of things from what I’ve been eating, What I’ve been reminiscing about lately and what I’ve been watching etc. So here goes….

What I’m eating…

All the soups and comfort food. Yes sir! It’s winter here and SO cold! I’m not a huge fan of the cold weather but I do love the casseroles, soups, and all the carbs! Yum!


winter food
Pumpkin Soup
Winter food
Chicken and Vegetable soup
winter food
Chicken, Feta and Olive Casserole

What I’m reminiscing about…

Up until a few weeks ago, we had zero COVID cases here in Sydney Australia. Everything felt “Normal” again. We were mask-free, going about our day-to-day, eating out at restaurants, and having family gatherings.

Of course, we still maintained hand sanitizing, QR check-in, and other safe COVID practices. But then we had one COVID case which then rapidly grew to many many more and once again we are in lockdown for two weeks until 9th July.

I know we have been incredibly fortunate to have been so safe here and I know that most of the rest of the world has had a terrible time and continues to do so. But it was a huge wake-up call to every single one of us.

Just a week before COVID hit us all over again, my Aunty had a party to celebrate her 60th. We ate and danced so much! It was a really fun time.

My Aunt’s 60th Birthday Party


Then two weeks before this we were able to celebrate our beautiful Niece’s Engagement party!


Look at this amazing Grazing Table. That was just the sweets, there was a whole other end. It was full of delicious cheeses and other savoury delicacies I didn’t photograph. It was huge!

What I’m dreading…

I’m not really dreading anything thankfully. I’m on two weeks end of term break. My friend from work and I had a list of fun things we wanted to do in the holidays. But instead, because of lockdown we’ve been playing Words With Friends and chatting on Messenger a lot.

What I’m working on…

This Blog! I’ve only just started and after three months of navigating the whole setup process, I think I might just be getting the hang of it. Whoever said “you can make a blog in three minutes” was clearly deluded. It’s been fun though and something I’ve wanted to do for years. I’m still learning and it’s definitely a work in progress.

What I’m excited about

I’m excited about being on holiday. (even though we can’t go anywhere) I love not having to rush, make school/work lunches, do the housework at 6 am so I can be free on the weekends. It’s pyjamas till 11 am around here at the moment.

What I’m watching…

Years ago I started watching the show “Parenthood” and I loved it. I wanted to be part of the Braverman Family, it was such a relatable show. I got to the end of season 4 and for some reason, the network that showed it at the time decided to ruin my life and changed the time slot. I completely lost track of the episodes and gave up. This was before catch_up TV etc. Now that it’s online I have been binge-watching it from the beginning and I’ve just finished the end of season 4 again today. So I am excited to finish the last two seasons (I’ll be sad when it’s over). It’s just been the best show!

What I’m listening to…

Hmmmmm nothing in particular other than the radio. I like listening to Jonesy and Amanda in the morning on 2WSFM they always make me laugh. Other than that I’ve just been listening to Chill Out on Spotify. My husband can’t stand Chill Out, It stresses him hahaha! He’s into Midnight Oil and Neil Diamond. What a combination!

What I’m wearing…

PYJAMAS at the moment and tracksuit pants! but before this, I was enjoying getting a bit dressed up.

I love this dress. It’s from Reiss.


This jumper is so cute and soft. I got it from the store “Witchery” the other day. I’ve just realised that if I’m going to take photos I need to polish this mirror. Please excuse the dust!

What I’m looking forward to…

It’s the middle of winter but I’m already looking forward to summer or spring at least!

That’s about all I think. It’s definitely, the longest post I’ve done so far. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you have a great week xxx…

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  1. Your soups look so good. I’m sorry you’re in lockdown again. Here in Ontario we just got out of a three month lockdown (although I don’t think ours are as strict as Australia’s have been) and we’re still waiting for all the things to open up. Hang in there.

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