The ultimate guide to stocking stuffers

The Ultimate Guide To Stocking Stuffers

Hi there friends. Wow, can you believe that we are talking about Christmas? The year seems to have flown past so fast and now it’s the November edition of Let’s Look hosted by Erika and Shay. The topic for this month is Our Stocking Stuffers. I’m excited to share some ideas for stocking stuffers that have been a big hit with my favourite people over the years.

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Ideas For Stocking Stuffers

Retro Toys

My kids are now grown-up men. But they sure do still get a kick out of finding a small token from their childhood. In the past, I have included things like this

Voice-changer toy.

Touchable mini bubbles


Squishy stress balls


Mario Bros Candy

Lego Super Mario Figures


I know it sounds a bit odd to include toys in your grown-up kids’ stockings. But they add the special magic touch that transports them (and me) back to the magical moments of childhood Christmases. Plus I also love hearing them say ” Oh wow! I remember this when I was a kid!”.

Favourite Sweet Treats

No stocking is complete without adding a special sweet treat. My husband loves liquorice so I always add a bag of Darrel Lea liquorice to his stocking. Sam loves Flakes and Luke enjoys Warheads. My favourite Christmas sweet is Nougat (hint hint)

Pocket Sized Gadgets

A super cool stocking stuffer idea is to include a pocket-sized gadget of some kind. A couple of years ago I got my husband and sons the Victorinox Swiss Army Swiss Card and they just about lost their minds with excitement. I haven’t found a gadget to top this one yet!

Unique Key Chains

Key chains featuring your loved one’s favourite movie or TV character make for fantastic stocking stuffer ideas. For us it’s a no-brainer – we all love Star Wars, which means that at some point everyone has discovered a Star Wars keychain in their Christmas stocking.

Brain Teasers


Brain teasers are fun stocking stuffers that will provide hours of entertainment!

Gifts Cards

A small gift card to a favourite coffee shop, juice bar, bookshop or online retailer makes for wonderful stocking stuffers. They are always very much appreciated!

Festive Ornament

Infuse some extra holiday cheer into your loved ones Christmas tree with a one-of-a-kind ornament. It could be a personalised decoration with their name or something that captures a special memory. I once put a photo ornament ball in my mum’s stocking with pictures of her grandkids when they were little and she absolutely loved it.


Fashion and Beauty Products

Beauty products such as lip balm, hand cream or nail polish are great stocking stuffers that will be useful all year round.


Another amazing stocking stuffer that is a guaranteed winner is one of my favourite products ever – the Hollywood Fashion Secrets fashion tape. I seriously tell everyone about it and I could never live without it! I don’t have a lot going on in my chest area so that means that when I bend over my top will gape and it is no bueno!

Hollywood Fashion Secrets fashion tape always comes to the rescue! It’s my go-to solution for preventing any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.


Cozy, colourful or novelty socks make great stocking stuffers and there are so many fun designs to choose from. Or you could just go for the ordinary practical socks that can be worn at any time. My family prefer low ankle socks so I usually include a packet of those in their Christmas stockings. These are the ones I bought last year.

These are a few of my all-time favourite stocking stuffers that I love to surprise my family with. Stocking stuffers – they’re like small packages of happiness. Each year I try to pack my family’s stockings with thoughtful little treasures and surprises that I know they’ll appreciate and include ones that are bound to spark a good laugh!



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  1. Loads of fab ideas here! Love the Mario candy and the quirky key chains. I always pop in little fidget toys and things like Playmobil figures or small Lego kits. Xx

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