summer favourites

Summer Favourites

Hey friends! Can you believe how quickly the week has flown by? I’m happy to be back on this scorching Australia Day – 39ºC and counting! Thank goodness for air-conditioning and the joy of staying at home on this public holiday! Now it’s time to share some summer favourites!

My First favourite has to be this beautiful silver nameplate necklace I rediscovered during a recent cleaning and organising session. That’s the upside of doing this chore, you sometimes find little forgotten treasures. I’ve had this gem since 1982, a thoughtful gift from my cousin. It’s engraved with our names and the year she gave it to me – how special. I have been wearing it a lot to make up for lost time!

silver necklace

I bought contouring and highlighting sticks from Mecca.

contouring sticks-summer favourites post

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with different types of makeup and watching some YouTube videos to catch ideas. Makeup has never been a big part of my routine, until a couple of years ago, I rarely bothered with it unless it was for a special occasion. Nowadays, I like to add a bit of natural-looking colour and highlights to my face. It not only makes me look more put together but also ensures that I don’t appear like I’ve been haunting houses. So, that’s a win!

Sheet masks are my favourite especially when they are on sale at half price! They are such a relaxing treat and my face feels so hydrated afterwards.

sheet maks - summer favourites post

These wax strips are amazing and I’ve got the quick-rip-it-off-your-face-and-don’t-think-about-it technique down pat! I once went to a beautician who got carried away and ripped the hair and skin off my upper lip…ouch!

wax strips-summer favourites

bronze nail polish-summer favourites

I picked a shimmery bronze for my toes when I got a pedicure the other day. It seems that quite a few of this week’s favourites revolve around treating myself to some serious pampering! Long summer holidays are perfect for this. Sadly, the reality of returning to work next week means blissful moments like these are going to be super scarce. Shhh…let’s not talk about that.

I got another jar of Speedy Spaghetti Spice from Gerwürzhaus when I went shopping in the city the other day and it’s the best. Spaghetti is my favourite but not my family’s. When I make it with this spice they all agree it tastes great. But they still don’t love spaghetti- I don’t get it, what’s wrong with them?

spaghetti spice-summer favourites

I bought a couple of double-wall thermo latte glasses on the same shopping trip and I love them. There’s something about sipping from them that makes me feel a bit fancy Haha! It took me ages to decide if I should buy them because I’m being extra mindful of what I buy. Trying to avoid impulse purchases in 2024-not a resolution, just a goal.

double wall coffee glasses

My hands got ridiculously dry recently. Not sure if it was the weather, hormones or just that I had been careless and not wearing gloves when I was cleaning. Probably a combination of all of these. Back in the day, I used to battle with terrible dermatitis, and I definitely didn’t want a repeat of that!

So during my recent doctor’s visit to get a new script for thyroid meds, I showed him my hands and he wrote me a script for some cortisone cream. Now I know that cortisone is powerful and it clears up dermatitis in a flash but the downside is that it also thins your skin. So I used it for a couple of days and then continued with this CeraVe cream diligently.

Cera Ve- summer favourites post

In the past, I have used heaps of other moisturisers. But either the perfume scent is too overpowering and makes my hands even itchier. Or they leave a residue that drives me nuts. CeraVe does neither of those and I’m so glad! Dry hands are not a favourite but smooth hydrated hands sure are!

Time for some food favourites!

Yum! These cheese crackers are just so deliciously cheesy.

Arnotts cheese crackers-summer favourites

It’s summer but I still love comforting carbs so I made a lasagna with chips and balanced the heaviness with a light refreshing side salad. That’s acceptable, right?

lasagna, chips and salad

I had a great time in Marrickville with my friend. We spent the morning shopping for fresh produce at the fruit and veg shops. Then we got some tasty Vietnamese pork rolls from a famous local place.

Marrickville Pork Rolls

Pork roll-summer favourites

It was another hot and humid day so the ‘summer delight’ juice I got from a juice bar really hit the spot.

juice bar in Marrickville

Summer fruits are my favourite!

summer fruits

I sliced the mango I got from a Marrickville fruit shop and oh my goodness, it’s the sweetest juiciest mango I’ve tasted in ages! Supermarket mangos just don’t compare and now I want to go back to the same place and buy some more.

This coffee from Aldi is my favourite and no it’s not just because it’s from Peru hehe. It has a rich, bold flavour and aroma and I enjoy every single sip!

Aldi coffee

That’s it for this week’s summer favourites, friends. A huge thank you for being here and reading along and I hope you have an amazing weekend.

Happy Australia Day to all you Aussies out there!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Favourites”

  1. This post has me dreaming of summer, and yet we have the first of winter still ahead of us here…The double walled latte cups are so cute! Love them.

  2. Some of my family gets the dry hand problem. I think I have some of that cream too! I also have some facial sheet masks which I should really use!

  3. So many fun summer favourites, I love fresh seasonal fruit too!
    I am going to Peru in March for a work trip, I’ll have to remember to pick up some coffee while I’m there.

  4. Oh wow! 39C is classed as a heatwave over here. lol It’s 8C here at the moment. Ugh.
    That necklace is so cute and I love make up but I’m useless at applying it. My youngest has been trying to teach me how to contour but it never works out well. lol
    I love the sound of that Spaghetti spice and that latte glass does look so fancy.
    I think lasagne is a great meal in the summer, especially with lots of salad and I can’t wait for the summer fruits here, the prices always go up at this time of year, especially for strawberries. x

  5. My mother in law found me some hand masks that I can’t wait to use on my itchy, dry, winter skin. I tend to use so much lotion this time of year with all the extra hand washing but I do like ones with scents as long as they aren’t overpowering; I tend to go for the ones that smell like coconuts and remind me of the beach. Those fruits look amazing!

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