some Friday Favourites

Some Friday Favourites

Hey there friends it’s time for some Friday Favourites. Let’s go!


My big boy Luke, turned 30 on Monday! Wow, how did the years go by so fast?? He’s a bit taken aback about entering a new decade and getting older. Ha! I’m the one who’s shocked because I have a 30-year-old!! He came over on Monday night with his girlfriend for dinner; it was a fantastic way to start the week.

Instead of a birthday cake, I bought some mini cupcakes. We enjoyed them right alongside some delicious chocolate-dipped strawberries.

cupcakes for some Friday favourites

chocolate dipped strawberries for some Friday favourites

Luke and Bec met our new family member Mochi. She was a bit shy at first but she soon got comfortable and was happy to have new people to play with and cuddle up to.

my son playing with our kitten for some Friday favourites.


Cold weather in spring is not a favourite. However, this super warm jacket with a hood sure is. The hood came in handy as I didn’t have an umbrella and it started to sprinkle when I walked home from work on Tuesday afternoon.

jacket with hood for some Friday favourites


chai latte

These chai latte sachets are a big favourite and I can’t get them from Woolworths when I do my online shopping order. I went to the shops after work on Wednesday as I had the car that day. Of course, I walked out with half a trolley load even though I went in just to buy the chai latte!


frozen mini yoghurts

These mini frozen yoghurts taste great, are a nice sweet treat and best of all are low in calories. My husband is doing well on his weight loss journey and has lost 5 kilos. Go him! I’m helping him by not buying snacks that are less than healthy and high in calories.

It’s all about smart snacking over here these days. I wrote a post all about some scrumptious snack ideas that are not only delicious but also helpful if you are keen to lose weight. The reason why my husband is on a major weight loss mission is because he’s been dealing with excruciating osteoarthritis for years, Now there’s a high possibility that he needs to have a bone fusion procedure in his right foot…shudder! Losing weight will be good for his overall health and help him to recover from surgery better. We will know more next Thursday when we see the specialist.


Oops, I digress, back to some more favourites. I found my old Ray-Bans that I bought a really long time ago when I was at uni.

Raybans for some Friday favourites

They have prescription lenses for distance and even though my close-up vision has gotten worse, my distance vision hasn’t changed much since then. Hooray for small wins when it comes to ageing!


school magazine

My school magazine arrived in the mail yesterday and I’m looking forward to reading it tonight. I love finding out all the latest news on the school as it has grown so much since I was there. It’s also a real trip down memory lane and it’s hard to believe how long it’s been since I finished school!


My Peter Alexander pyjamas are a big favourite as they are so incredibly comfy. Right now, I have two sets stashed under my pillow – one for those freezing nights and another for the warm to hot ones.


This week was a rollercoaster in terms of weather. On Tuesday, it felt like winter all over again. So I snuggled up in my winter PJs, bed socks, and an extra blanket.

Then last night it was a completely different story and I had to play the covers-on, covers-off game all night. It wasn’t even because I was in the hot flash zone thanks to ” The Change”. Nope, this time it was all about the wild swings in spring temps.


kitten for some Friday favourites

This crazy is a big favourite even though she’s being mean to our girl Sushi. We are still working on them getting used to each other and still not much progress but I guess it’s only been a week. She pops up everywhere! She gave me such a fright a minute ago when she jumped up onto my desk. Peekaboo!

I guess that just about wraps up some Friday favourites for this week. Thanks so much for stopping by and having a read ?. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to being back here on Monday.

Happy Friday and Hooray for the weekend!

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6 thoughts on “Some Friday Favourites”

  1. Our way in Ohio has been back and forth too. One day we are in shorts and flip slops the next back to wearing coats and real shoes. Nights are back and forth too.

  2. Ohh! Happy birthday to Luke! Those cupcakes look so good. It sounds like a lovely celebration.
    I love the sound of the chai lattes and well done to your husband with his weight loss.
    It’s starting to feel like winter here, we’ve had the heating on and an awful storm here today. It’s rained non-stop!

  3. Sounds like a wonderful week! I have been dealing with the same thing in terms of weather where I live! (In South Carolina) the weather has been all over the place. It’s very annoying at night when I’m trying to sleep and have to keep pulling the covers on and off! Anyways, your kitten sure is cute! Mochi is such a fun name! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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