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Friday Favourites

Hello friends and hello December! I think it might be time to hit the panic button because Christmas is only 24 days away. But if you’re like our family, celebrating on Christmas Eve, then we only have 23 days !! Today I have some favourites to share from my two days off from work and as always, I’m so happy you’re here. Thank you!

This week felt extra short because I only worked three days and that sure is a huge favourite. I had yesterday and today off, and I think this little break might just help to get me over the finish line. Twelve days left of the school term friends…only 12 more morning alarms. I can do it!

City Shopping

Well, Thursday was just a fun carefree day and I felt like I was jigging school. Do we even still say jigging these days? That’s what we said when I was a teen. I went to the city with a friend and we were supposed to do Christmas shopping. But we didn’t buy anything for anybody. Instead, we spent the whole time looking at clothes, shoes and accessories for ourselves! I tried on a couple of tops and my friend bought some really gorgeous sneakers with just the right amount of height and bling.

When I saw these shoes I had to laugh because back in the day when I first started working at preschool. I would actually wear shoes like this to work!

platform shoes for some favourites post

It was the time when the Spice Girls were huge and platform shoes like these were all the rage. It’s funny how fashion trends always come back around. I would rock up in my cute jeans and platform shoes. Then spend the day running around with children and go home with no sprained ankles, crushed toes or broken legs. Amazing!

My footwear for work looks more like this nowadays. Boring but safe!

We spotted more of these funny bags that I saw the last time I was in David Jones. Haha! I want one!

shopping bag-for some favourites post

We stopped to chat with the nice sales assistant who was at the room spray counter. They had all sorts of room sprays that would make any home smell amazing. They also smelled good enough to wear!

room sprays-for some favourites post

I spotted the pretty Christmas decorations at the QVB. Now I’m keen to go into the city at night and see all the beautiful festive lights.

QVB-some favourites post

We then had a late lunch at The Grounds in the City. When we sat down the lovely waitress served us a small glass of water each. At this point, I was so thirsty I was hoping for a whole jug of water that I could chug down myself! We ordered burgers and fries because we were both starving and wanted carbs aplenty!!

burgers and fries

Lunch Date

Today I had a lunch date with my husband and we went to a cafe at our local Westfields. Normally our weekdays are a bit like this-“Bye, see you tomorrow” because he works nights and I work during the day. Haha! So it was nice to be able to sit down, enjoy a meal and talk.

Salmon bruschetta for me.

salmon bruschetta-some favourites post

Fish and chips for Steve.

fish and chips-some favourites post

Coffees for the two of us!


That’s it for today friends, some favourites from the week. I have really enjoyed my two days off from work and now it’s time for the weekend! I’m hosting Cousin Connect tomorrow night then I’m catching up with more family on Sunday for lunch. We I want to get our Christmas tree up and get my decorating vibe happening – It’s not happening yet (sigh).

I hope you have an amazing weekend and I look forward to being back here on Monday.

Happy Friday!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Favourites”

  1. That fish and chips makes me so ready for England! The coffees look fantastic, too. I remember those shoes well. Have you watched Beckham on Netflix? The fashions were really fun to see. I love that bag – so funny. Apparently it is a trend to buy an L.L. Bean boat tote and embroider funny things on them.

  2. I have never heard the word jigging before. lol I would always say bunking or skiving school.
    It sounds like a great shopping trip. I had a pair of shoes like that in the early 2000’s and found them so comfortable, I must have been mad! I could never wear them now. Boring is best! That bag made me chuckle. hehehe x

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