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Hello Monday

Hi friends I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I’m back today with Holly and Sarah for Hello Monday sharing a bit about what I got up to over the weekend.

Friday Night

Friday evenings are my favourite. They are such a sweet reward for a long week. But before I got down to enjoying my favourite night of the week. I got cracking on a bit of housework so that I didn’t have to think about it over the weekend. Then I finished my Friday favourites post and plonked myself on the sofa to watch some TV…. ah bliss!

I watched a bit of Virgin River then I flicked through a few channels and streaming services. I’m still working through my Cozy Solo Movie Nights list and so far I have watched five out of ten of the movies The rest will have to wait because I don’t have them on any of the streaming services we subscribe to.

Steve got home from work pretty late and after he showered and changed he joined me on the sofa for some very late TV viewing. I remembered that Sarah from Toronto Sam had recommended ‘Beckham’ which is on Netflix so we started watching it. We enjoyed the first episode so much that we ended up watching another and if you haven’t watched it then you definitely should. Not just for the eye candy but also because his life is so interesting. David Beckham comes across as a very genuine and down-to-earth guy and Victoria is equally likeable.

Even though he is super famous and always locks eyes with me from his cologne poster when I am waiting at the checkout line in Chemist Warehouse, Hurstville….swoon. I didn’t know any details about his exceptional soccer skills and journey to fame. The documentary provided a fascinating insight into his life and it was a very interesting watch indeed!


I went with Steve and Sam to vote in the referendum and then Steve dropped me off at the hair salon. It has been ages since I had visited the salon for a trim. The length really bothered me on Friday afternoon and I was lucky to get an appointment for Saturday as that is their busiest day. Does that happen to you where you feel fine about your hair and then as soon as it starts to bother you, you want it cut that very minute? Haha happens to me all the time.

This time I let the hairdresser trim my fringe, normally I do it myself. I don’t trust anyone to trim my fringe because I think I must have childhood fringe trauma. When I was a kid my dear mum used to cut my fringe herself. But she used to keep on cutting until it was straight. This meant that I always ended up with a super short fringe. I was a chubby kid with a short fringe and I looked no bueno!

After my haircut, it was time for my appointment to see the optometrist for an eye check. I never used to get anxious about eye checks but now they give me anxiety. I guess it’s because I know that my vision has changed. My family also has a history of glaucoma and macular degeneration…..shudder!! But so far so good and after my check the optometrist said that I don’t have signs of either of those…..yet. When she ended with a yet I broke out in a cold sweat!

I have always needed glasses for distance and now I need reading glasses as well. So I picked a couple of pairs of frames that looked decent on me. A pair of sunglasses for distance and regular frames for reading glasses. There were so many frames to choose from!


I wandered around the shops for a bit and then walked home and had a late lunch. Ham, cheese and salad roll with mayo. Yum!

sandwich I ate over the weekend


I didn’t get up to much on Sunday apart from going to church. When I got home we finished watching the last two episodes of ‘Beckham’.

Lots of cuddles with this cutie in the evening.

cuddling the kitten over the weekend

I just spent most of the afternoon and evening relaxing on the sofa. I even went to bed early because I was so tired from staying up so late.

Sushi and Mochi Update

Well, these two can’t even tolerate looking at each other and it doesn’t look like they are on the road to friendship. I have been reassured that they will eventually come around and get used to each other. I sure do hope so because it’s hard work keeping them apart. At the moment Mochi the kitten is the feisty one! She may be small but she’s scary when she hisses at poor Sushi.

And that’s about all that I got up to over the weekend. How was yours? I hope it was a good one. ?

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Beckham! How could you not?! I was also like “oh, he’s quite good at soccer!”, hahah. I don’t think I had ever actually seen him kick a ball before, and I had no clue about that World Cup red card.

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