May-What’s Up Wednesday

Hi friends and welcome to this month’s edition of What’s Up Wednesday! It’s great to be here today linking up with Shay and Sheaffer to share a little of what we have been up to in May.


Monday night we had what I call Mexican chicken. I didn’t follow a recipe but I threw in a few ingredients with Mexican flavours. I started with some juicy chicken that I marinated in zesty lime, garlic, cumin, paprika, salt and pepper. Then I added colourful capsicums, tomato wedges and red onion. Threw in a handful of chopped coriander and served it with rice. Bingo! Dinner was ready!


Tuesday night I made my mum’s version of a Spanish tortilla. I was so proud of myself for flipping it over in one piece! Go me!!

Spanish tortilla

I’ve been home from looking after Steve as he recovers from surgery so I have been also making lunches as well. Usually, everyone fends for themselves and will have leftovers, or sandwiches. Steve often makes himself an omelette before he starts work in the late afternoon.

Scrambled eggs with avocado


Pumpkin soup

pumpkin soup

Cesar salad with poached chicken

cesar salad

Tonight for dinner we’re having Teriyaki Salmon, Asian salad and rice.

Thursday- Chilli con carne

Friday- Chicken schnitzel, baked vegetables and lots of gravy

Saturday- It’s Cousin Connect and this time we are going out for dinner.


To be honest, I haven’t had a chance to reminisce about anything. I have been so laser-focused on getting through this month with assessment tasks for my course and Steve’s surgery. But now that all that is behind us, I’ll be reminiscing all the good stuff for sure!


I have all of this week off from work, and being the homebody that I am, I have loved being at home! Even if I have been working hard taking care of Steve. Haha! There is so much to do when you’re caring for someone. Between making sure he’s comfortable, helping him do his recovery exercises, assisting him when he walks and making sure he’s safe — although, God knows what I would do if he fell on me! He’s a bug guy!! As well as preparing meals, and keeping up with the household chores, my days have been pretty full. Thankfully, he’s a good patient. As I said to my friend the other day when she texted me to see how I was doing. I haven’t felt the need to swipe his leg…..yet!


It rained so much at the beginning of this month but we still went along to the Farmer’s market the first weekend of May. I love going to the market and I’m glad they run it all year round and even in the rain.

Farmers market

We celebrated May the 4th with my Star Wars-loving cousins and saw The Empire Strikes Back and Return Of the Jedi all on the same day.

May the 4th

We had a break in between movies and had lunch at a dumping place. It was another dreary and rainy day so this dumpling soup sure hit the spot!

May what's up Wednesday-dumpling soup

We went to see my cousin perform at the Winter Gala.

May what's up Wednesday-Winter Gala

Sam came home from Japan after spending a week there with two friends. He had a wonderful time and brought home a pile of snacks to share with the family. We’ve munched our way through a few packets and there are some very interesting flavours!

fun favourites-Japanese snacks

Steve and I had a lovely time in the city. We had some drinks at a pub and watched some talented people dancing to a live swing band.

May what's up Wednesday - pub

We had dinner at a cute and cozy Japanese restaurant.

May what's up Wednesday - Japanese rice bowl

I explored a little bit of Kings Cross as I waited for Steve to get out of surgery last Friday. It’s such an interesting place!

May - The Alamein fountain


I’m not dreading anything and I couldn’t be happier. Everything that I was dreading has already happened. Yay!


I think I’m just excited about not dreading anything!


I am still watching the Swedish comedy/drama series Bonus Family. I love it and if you watched it, I’m sure you’d love it too! We finished the latest season of Survivor and I was happy with who won. But I won’t say who in case you’re watching. I accidentally found out who the winner was before I saw the last episode, thanks to my Google Home feed Grrrr! I’m also watching the latest season of Masterchef Australia, it’s such a good show!


I’m listening to Radiohead because Sam is listening to Radiohead and that’s all I hear lately.


I love my Lululemon bag!

May what's up Wednesday - my Lululemon bag

I’ve pulled out the coats!

May what's up wednesday- wearing a coat


It’s Cousin Connect this Saturday and this time we are going to eat burgers at a food truck! Then we are all coming back to our place for dessert. I’m not sure what to do for dessert yet, but I’m considering maybe putting together a small dessert bar.


I have some fun dinner plans on two consecutive Friday nights and I’m very excited. The places we are going to have DJs so you know where I will be after dinner!

And that wraps up May. It sure went by in a flash and I can hardly believe that we are now halfway through the year! I’m happy to say goodbye and thank you to May, it was a challenging month but we made it through and now I can breathe a sigh of relief!

Thanks so much for being here today and I hope you have an amazing day. I look forward to being back here on Friday to share some favourites!

See ya!

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9 thoughts on “May-What’s Up Wednesday”

  1. All the food looks so yummy! I am definitely going to have to keep that Mexican chicken idea in mind. Sounds like Steve is doing well post surgery. Yay for not dreading anything.

  2. Ok – your meals look delish! That first Mexican chicken – yum! And, the tortilla – great job! That is my fave food from Spain. Have you made pan con tomate? You can also top it with a slice of ham. I bet your cousin connect people would like it!
    Hope you are managing being caretaker! It’s a lot of work!

  3. Glad to hear your husband is doing well. Your cousins might love a make your own Sundae bar with different ice cream and toppings and no cooking for you required!

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